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    What's the current best value for mid speed 120/140mm case fans

    my stash of old/spare 120mm fans just got wiped out today (discovered in addition to the noisy fan, the other two OEM fans in one of my cases had also died, as had one of my salvaged spares). Most of my systems still run on them, so I'd like to have a spare or two on hand for the next time one...
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    NZXT H1 case recalled due to fire hazard

    About 33k cases in the US and Canada are being recalled because the PCIe riser bracket can short causing overheating or a fire (11 incidents globally). Fortunately for NZXT and anyone who owns an affected case they were able to address the issue with a repair kit, not having to replace the case...
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    Bug in SUDO allows any user to get root privileges TL;DR If you run a *nix OS you need to patch ASAP.
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    Is there any source for CaseLabs case parts

    After switching back to an aircooled GPU (no waterblocks for an EVGA 3070 yet), I noticed my CPU is running ~25C cooler than it did before with the coolant lines never getting above room temperature instead of getting warmish to the touch after running long enough to heat soak. Since the lower...
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    Breaking the Google Audio reCAPTCHA with Google's own Speech to Text API

    We have met the enemy, and he is us.
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    Razer is launching a prepaid credit card 1337 people in the beta, because of course they'd cap it at that. 🙄🙄 I find it most amusing that it's a prepaid card, not a normal credit card; because prepaid cards are normally only for people whose credit is too bad to get a post-paid account; so you'll be...
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    AMD RX5300 belatedly appears

    It's a slightly cut down RX5500: Same number of shader cores at a slightly lower clock speed (343mhz lower base, 200 mhz lower boost); but only 3 memory controllers and thus only 3GB of GDDR6 instead of 4. TDP comes in at 100W, down from 130W. Tom's speculates it might be OEM only; which...
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    Linus tours NVIDIA's GSYNC Monitor Test Lab

    If you've ever wondered what NVidia looks for to certify a monitor, here's a peak behind the curtain.
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    Looking for a 4 port HDMI/DP + USB KVM

    I'm indifferent between HDMI and DP, both will work. This is to replace my current VGA model, which I use to control a few secondary boxes with hand me down GPUs. An 1180/2080 for my gaming machine (not on the KVM) is in my near future, that will pass the 1080 it's currently running onto one...
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    ASUS created a bezel hiding adapter for multi-monitor setups Assuming the contrast distortions shown in the press picture are just done to make it more visible in the render and not actual artifacts this looks really promising. I really want to see actual...
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    How much will I miss out on with a standard display vs the upcoming HDR ones

    I've been holding off on replacing my current 30" 2560x1600 display because I don't want to give up a significant amount of vertical height by going with a 27" model, and 32" 4k screens are expensive enough that whatever I bought would probably be my main screen for at least 4 years. Until...
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    Loop failure - help me figure out what went wrong

    My ~18-20 month loop failed earlier today with a hole forming in the Tygon tubing. It happened while I was sitting next to the machine but in a break from gaming, so I was able to here the noise from water spurting from the break in the tubing and shut it down before the pump ran dry or water...
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    Is there a 32/33" 5k panel on the horizon

    I'm hoping to jump on the high DPI bandwagon sometime in the next year or so. I'd really like to go to 5k instead of 4k so that I have a 2:1 fallback option available that is similar to what my current 2560x1600 display offers. I'd be putting the new screen next to my existing displays...
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    How viable are AMDs iGPUs for gaming at 720p

    I've been asked by a teenaged console gamer about the possibility of replacing his elderly homework PC (single core vista era relic) and aging console (XB360) with a gaming PC. To keep costs down he's planning to continue using an existing 1366x768 monitor, so he doesn't need a high powered...
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    How long is the USB3 micro-B plug supposed to be

    I recently bought a USB3 hub that uses the older micro-b style plug to connect itself to my PC. The cable that came with it was on the short side so I ordered a longer one to replace it. The new cable kept dropping my connection; while troubleshooting the problem I discovered that its plug was...
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    Is the adhesive foam MCP35X be strong enough to counter tube torque?

    I have my loop roughly half assembled. Currently my pump isn't stuck down (mostly because I want to stick a container under it during filling as spill control); but the two tubes attached to it are twisting it rather hard at an angle. This has me wondering if the adhesive on the foam is strong...
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    EK Supremacy EVO waterblock backplate gasket not lying flat

    According to EKs compatibility list the waterblock should be compatible with my MSI Z97 MPower MAX AC motherboard. But when I went to install it the backplate gasket overlaps with several wire protrusions from the front of the board causing it to lift up on one side instead of laying flat. Can...
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    Can I cut anti-vibration fan pegs off just past the edge of the fan

    The Phantek fans I bought for my new build came with really long rubber anti-vibration pegs to use instead of screws for mounting. The fan mounts in my case attach the fans from the side of the fan on inside of the case not the one facing the outside. As a result te pegs extend well past where...
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    Putting together a quiet 560 loop

    I'm building my loop with now with the goal of being able to support a 4790K CPU and eventually 2 GPUs (whatever is best in a year or two when I buy a 4k panel); although in the short term I'll only have one in the loop. Initially a year old GTX770 since it's still doing well enough and I don't...
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    Is a 3x140 rad enough cooling for CPU + 2 GPUs

    I'm starting to plan my Haswell build. While I'm only going to have a single 770 in it initially; I am assuming I'll need to go dual GPU (GTX880's or equivalent) when I'm able to upgrade to a 4k monitor. Splicing a second water block into the loop will be easy enough; but adding more radiator...
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    Monolithic GPU vram/mosfet heat sinks

    Since Swiftech's gone AMD only for their most recent generation of products does anyone else sell a similar product for nVidia cards? As a screw on solution it seems a lot easier to install and less likely to go wrong than tape/epoxying on individual ramsinks; but I don't want to be restricted...
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    Bleeding/leak testing with an MCP35X

    Having finally dealt with the gunk problem in my CPU block I went to connect everything up in my new loop and begin bleed/leak testing it. After doing the bend and twist routine to work most of the large air pockets into the res and get everything filled I connected the pump and a few 120mm...
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    What happens when you go too long between swapping out your tubing (pics + questions)

    Shortly before Christmas my WC system sprang a leak and ran itself dry while I was at work. I've been busy with other stuff over the last few weeks; so aside from swapping my HDs to a spare box and trying to dry out my 5870 to revive it (failed), the only thing I did until today was to order a...
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    XFX 4650 for $20 AR and promo code

    This is one step above the normal dirt cheap emergency card. It's still hobbled by DDR2 memory like all cheapie cards, but with 320 SPs should allow you to play something more graphically intense than minesweeper if your main card ever fails. $55 - $25 rebate - $10 promo code: EMCYTZT378 =...
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    Warm: Dell streak $99 with purchase of any computer $699 or up

    5" screen, android 2.2, and unless I'm missing it no requirement for an ATT contract. I assume this means Dell's planning to launch a new version soon, but if you're planning to get a dell anyway this is a nice sweetener...
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    XFX RMA service rocks

    My 5870's fan died yesterday, and annouced the fact by overheating, causing a windows crash, and then initially failing to post although it did do so after I let it passively cool to ambient and remained stable long enough to boot windows at which point I shut down again and swapped it out for a...
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    Memory cooler reviews

    Has anyone done comparison reviews of various 3rd party ram coolers? I've tried googling but all I can find are sites reviewing a single cooler and comparing it to nothing. These numbers are useless for comparison purposes though since they're using completely different systems.
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    LGA 2011/BullDozer ram requirements

    I'm hitting swap on my current x58 system hard enough that I need to upgrade from 6 to 12GB of ram. I don't want to sink more money into 2GB dimms though. At the same time though since I'm planning to build a new system this summer/fall with whichever of Intel or AMD's flagship platforms turns...
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    Typical pump failure mode

    My current MCP-350 pump is almost 5 years old, which is close to the rated 50,000h (5.6 year) MTBF. I'd like to delay replacing it until I built my new loop this summer (LGA2011, or Bulldozer), but if the failure is likely to damage my system (leak, or CPU frying before thermal shutdown) an...
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    Replacement laptop fan

    I have a first generation MSI wind netbook. The fan in it was crap and has required oiling every month or two since I bought it. Unfortunately after 2 years, my fan has worn out completely and is no longer functional. I looked on ebay, and found several different companies selling replacement...
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    Digital tuner card with high gain antenna?

    Basic situation, I'm renting in a valley and my analog reception with Hauppauge and ATI tuner cards and the bundled wire antenna in the past was consistently full of static. Because I'm renting putting up a big ugly rooftop antenna isn't an option. Are there any tuner/antenna pairs that...
  32. D free shipping over $99 offer and excessive overpackaging

    I'm posting here instead of in [H]otDeals because the offer is dead now, and because I'm mostly lolling about how badly they shafted themselves by not voiding my purchase. Last weekend I went to to get a cheap laptop HD ($30ish vs $50ish anywhere else); they had a free shipping over...
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    Factory refurb hard drives

    How well do these compare in terms of reliability vs new drives? has a bunch of laptop sized drives, mostly from Seagate, for sale. I'm considering using on to resurrect an older celeron laptop, and am thinking about using one to keep costs down. The smaller capacity isn't an issue...
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    EVGA evolve program - mostly pointless? I got an email about this today, they're offering $60-70 credit plus a 10% of P55 board coupon to anyone who sends them a working evga 780i motherboard. I assume they're doing this because they're running low on replacement parts for RMAs, but is this actually a...
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    Problem with 5870 and DP-DVI adapter

    I just got a Saphire DP-DVI singlelink active adapter. but can't get it to work in windows. The monitor does power on during parts of the boot process so the adapter itself appears to be good, however if I have it attached when the windows login screen appears my system just constantly flashes...
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    10.9 drivers install problem

    I can't install the latest drivers on my XFX 5870. The installer opens a log file but it appears utterly useless. Catalyst™ Install Manager Installation Report 09/29/10 21:41:55 Hardware information Name ATI Radeon Graphics Processor Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Device ID...
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    Problems getting an ATI and nVidia GPU to behave properly in the same system

    I have a 5870 and an 8500 in my W7-64 system and am using the latter primarily for running a 3rd monitor. I do distributed computing using the BOINC platform and getting drivers installed and configured so that the 5870 was detected and able to do work was a PITA although I eventually succeeded...
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    Is it posible to damage a mobo by trying to boot with half installed DIMMs

    I'm in the process of standing my old PC down from my main rig to a CPU only computing box. As part of doing so I pulled my GTX260 cards out and replaced them with a low power card. The case it's in is very tight and it was neccesary to swing the cards towards the DIMMs in order to pull them...
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    Maximum simultanious monitors on Lattitude E6400

    I have an E6400 with a Quadro 160M GPU at work. The docking station has 3 video outs, 3x DVI, 1x DP. Can it drive all three at once, or only 2 of them?
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    HP 2065 off lease $120 + S&H 1600x1200 IPS

    This is normally a $400ish monitor. It's IPS so you have excellent viewing angles and color quality; and being a premium model comes with a fully adjustable stand instead of the tilt only stand standard on cheap TN screens at this price. Only a 1 year warranty stock; but you can upgrade to 3...