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    How many fans are needed?

    So I'm in the process of buying a new PC (Parts being difficult to get and all), and I want to buy some case fans. In this search I've come across several questions that I've had difficulties finding an answer to. So I turn to you guys, who have always been super helpful in the past. I'll be...
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    Advice on new PC speakers

    Hello everyone, Me and the wife are looking for a new pair of PC speakers, and could use some advice. First off, this is what we're considering: My wife has her eyes set on the Edifier R1280T. She's had bookshelf speakers before, and really liked it. I'm considering either the Logitech Z333...
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    New build, need input/advice (Long ish post)

    Hello everyone, Me and the wife need a couple of new PC's. To that end, I've been researching what components is hot right now. Before we pull any triggers though, I wanted some advice and input on the parts I've chosen, and the system as a whole. I've come up with this list. (PCpartpicker)...
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    Where do you guys keep up on new tech?

    Hey everyone. I'm looking into buying a couple of new PC's for me and the wife. And instead of just outright asking for builds in here, I wanted to do some research myself first, maybe even put together a couple of builds before asking for advice and input. So my question is where do you guys...
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    Customizable desk options?

    Hello, I've been hunting for a new desk, and I would honestly like something that's a bit minded towards "gaming", in the sense I'd like some in build cable management, somewhere to put my tower for instance, and/or other gimmicks. I stumpled upon the EvoDesk. Now while expensive, it's...
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    Need some guidance in streaming 4k movies

    First off, I'm not sure this is in the forum, or if it belongs in "General Software", please feel free to move it if so, and apologies in advance. I recently bought a couple of harddrives for my NAS, after a very long time not really having any space to store movies or other files on. Thinking...
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    PC crashes after exiting specific game

    Hello! I have a problem with my PC freezing and crashing 5-10 seconds after I quit Grim Dawn. It doesn't happen every time, and it's not purely Grim Dawn. I can't remember right now which games, but I've had this issue with maybe 1-2 other games as well. Phantom Doctrine maybe, but I'm not...
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    New mail server or Outlook?

    Hello! At my current job, we have the need to have a single mail account, with several users accessing it at the same time. Our requirement is mainly that if person A opens an email and answers it, then person B on another PC can see that the email in question has been answered, possibly even...
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    Need insight on wireless speakers

    Hello! So I've had my speakers for the good part of 15 years I'm thinking. It's a 5.1 system, but I've always only used it as 2.1 due to not really having the best place for a 5.1 setup. Wires running across the floor isn't really amazing. I'm moving soon, so my plan is to get a better gaming...
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    What's wrong with this phone? Region locked?

    Hi. I will try and make a long story short. I live in Denmark, and I have a russian girlfriend. My girlfriend wanted a new phone, and due to bad luck buying phones in Russia, she figured she'd try and buy a phone in Denmark. We googled back and forth to make sure it would actually work in...
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    Buying a phone in Denmark, using it in Russia

    Heya! My russian girlfriend has considered buying a phone here in Denmark. But we're not sure if it's usable in Russia or not. Both the store we bought it in and Samsung said it SHOULD work, but neither could give me a definitive answer. The guy from Samsung told me to check what bands the...
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    QNAP NAS uploading grinds to a halt

    Hello, A lot of this is way over my head, but I'll try to describe my setup and any information I think you could need. Before I went on a 3 week vacation, I had no problems uploading to the NAS. I can't remember at what speeds it was, but I have almost 500GB of files on it, so I can safely...
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    Would a NAS be a good option for me?

    Hey there! I've been considering getting a NAS for a while now. But granted I have a very low income, it's a lot of money for me, so I wanted some input before I pull the trigger. I have looked a bit around in different stores and websites to try to get a feel at what I want. The primary use...
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    Apple TV and display extension keep disconnecting

    Nevermind. Please delete this.
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    Stupid idea to get a UPS? If not, what would cover me?

    Hey guys and gals! I've been considering for a while now to get a UPS, to protect my hardware from any unforseen power outages and whatnot. The thing is though, it's been many many years since I can even remember having any sort of power outage problems, whatever the cause. I live in Denmark...
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    Need some advice/thoughts on what monitor to buy

    Hello! Okay, so I've been trying to understand a bit about this jungle that is monitors. I have searched around on this forum, I've googled and looked through various other forums and tech guides/buyers guides etc etc etc. What am I looking for in a monitor? Honestly probably not that much. I...
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    Advice on new budget tablet

    Hello! I'm looking to replace my old Ipad 1. The absolutely only thing I'm using it for right now, is watching Youtube when I'm not at my PC. I don't do any gaming on it, what so ever. The only reason I'm looking to replace my old tablet, is because it is really getting on in age. It's build...
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    Windows Meida Creation tool questions

    Hello! I have my old PC with a Windows 10 Pro on it, upgraded from a Windows 7 Ultimate edition. I want to do a fresh install of Windows 10 pro. Now to do this, I want to make a USB flash drive with the installation files on it. I've been looking for somewhere to download Windows 10 Pro...
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    Quick question about Win10 installation

    Hello A few weeks ago, I bought a new PC, and with that a new Windows 10 Home Retail Flash drive. It's a completely new PC, which means my old PC is completely intact. I had Windows 7 Ultimate OEM on it, and I upgraded to Windows 10 using some upgrade tool. Now, my question is this: Can I use...
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    Advice on laptop purchase

    Hello! I am going to buy a new laptop for my dad, and as I have absolutely no clue about laptops, I thought I would ask here, even though the requirements for this laptop are few. My dad does nothing but browse the web, write some documents, work with pictures, and some light photo editing...
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    Do I need a new PC/upgrade?

    Hello everyone, I have for some time now considered changing out a few parts of my PC, and when I checked the date of purchase, I realised just how old my PC actually is. It's not super old, but my video card is 3½ years old, and the rest is 4½ years old. It still runs fairly smooth to be...
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    Low-cost laptop suggestions

    Hello everyone :3 My dad's laptop is getting on in age, and I am looking for a new one for him as a christmas present. The few requirements would be: 17" or above screen (can go slightly lower if huge price difference) Able to handle very light picture editing. (He takes a lot of...
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    Do I need new/more RAM?

    I don't really have any problems playing games, I was just wondering if it might be time to upgrade since I've had them for years now. This is the ram I am currently using, bought back in April 2010. And this is the motherboard I'm using, bought at the same time. Which also might need to...
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    My screen keeps flashing at random times

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure this is in the right section, it could be a monitor issue, but here goes. I have an issue with my monitor flashing at random times and intervals. It turns black for a second, like if shutting the whole thing off, but the icons on the monitor are still lighted up as...
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    Gaming glasses

    Didn't really know where to fit this in, so I put it under general for now :) Anyways, wanted to ask if anybody has had any experience with gaming glasses. Do they work? And are they worth it? If yes, any pointer as what brands and features I should go for? Thanks for the help!
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    Gaming glasses

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    Need a new very cheap laptop

    Hello everyone! My dad needs a new laptop. Basicly all it has to do is be able to go online (Wireless). Just needs to be able to check email, upload pictures, that's it. Has to be cheap though. 250 tops I believe. So it might have to be a used one. Also, any advice for not taking a laptop and...
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    A quick question about 120Hz monitor

    Hello everyone! What I'm basicly trying to figure out, is if a guy like me really needs a 120Hz monitor. I'm a fairly casual gamer. I do play a lot, but I hardly ever play against any other players. If I play multiplayer, it's with people, and not against them. I do like my games flowing...
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    What's causing this?

    Hello everyone. I've been having some problems regarding video glitches in Diablo 3 over the last couple of days. I've taken some screenshots and will provide them at the end of this thread. The card I'm using is a EVGA SuperClocked GTX 570. It idles at around 50 degrees celsius, and when...
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    Need a new good air cooling case

    I haven't done THAT much research. Last time I looked around it seemd the Antec Three Hundred was a good choice for someone on the budget. I have a better budget now, so I was thinking of giving this some serious thought now to get a better air cooling case. As I said, I haven't done that...
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    Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

    I get this error message too often to let it go unnoticed anymore. I used to get it like once every week, but now I get it 2-3 times at least every day. It happens mostly when I'm just watching a movie or browsing the web. Very rarely when I play games, but it does happen there as well. I...
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    Computer crashing, might be harddrive

    hello everyone. I'm posting here because I need help with a problem I started having today. Basicly, my computer just freezes at random. I don't even have to be using the computer (It has to be on though, doh), and starts complaining, and then gives me a BSoD. Things is, when it restarts, or...
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    Deal, or no deal?

    Right, so my friend just bought this Alienware laptop right. I told him from the start not to buy Alienware, wince it's way too expensive. But he bought one anyway. And I thought, I'd like to know if they are actually still way overpriced, or it's just me not knowing anything about laptops that...
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    NVIDIA 3D vision on S27A950D

    So, apparently I just got screwed. Since it's a god damn jungle out there in the IT world, I either bought the wrong monitor, OR have to return the NVIDIA 3D kit. I can't get it to work. And apparently, there are only like 20 monitors in the world where this is supported on. (Yes, I'm a bit...
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    New External harddrive

    Pretty simple question I bet compared to a lot of issues in here. And sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum! I need a new external harddrive. Budget is around 150-200 USD (Higher is acceptable with good reasons). Requirements: - High stability - Low noice - 250 GB or there abouts...
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    Dual monitor issue

    Okay, I'm going out of my mind here trying to figure what the hell is wrong. I have a Nvidia GTX 570, and I have 2 monitors connected. Works fine. Now, on one of the ports, I have put on a video splitter. (I want one of my displays to show the same, on 2 displays). I would be having 3...
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    Good air cooling case?

    Is there any cases better for air cooling then others? I mean is it actually worth getting a new one if I may have some heating issues? Thanks in advance.
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    #dmark score. Does this sound right?

    3dMark 11 score is: P5770. I didn't touch any of the settings, I just ran the performance test without the demo. I was browsing the 3dMark scores on the web, with my specs, and mine is VERY much in the low end. In fact, in the futuremark website, no one even bothered to upload a score as low as...
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    Anti-virus software

    Any suggestions? I'm a fairly causious guy when it comes to surfing, so I very rarely visit sites that aren't trusted or just looks the least suspicious. But That's not always enough. Right now I'm using the MSE. But I was wondering what you guys would recommend I get? I wouldn't mind paying...
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    GTX 570 cooling

    Hello. Been looking a bit around on some sites from my country (Denmark) and it doesn't seem like I can find a cooler for this card. Is there any coolers for this card, other then what it comes with as standard of course, and is it even worth it? I'll only be gaming on 1 monitor anyways, and...