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    Anyone do this?

    My PC is set up in a room that backs onto the garage, the garage is secure, as secure as the house, it's very very cold in there during winter and cooler than the house on the hottest summer days, so I was thinking about drilling a hole through the walls and setting my PC up in there, running...
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    New GPU's that are 'inverted layout' compatible

    FT02 owner here and I'm looking to replace my PC's guts but really want to keep using this case. For those that don't know the motherboard orientation has been rotated so that the 'back' of PC (I/O shield/cables etc) is at the top, this means the GPU is standing upright which some heat pipe...
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    HELP! Fans running amok

    Just switched my PC from one case to another, everything is the same except the case and fans, for some reason my fans are all running either at (or close to) full speed. This was not an issue in the previous case with the other fans. I've tried lowering the speeds and setting manual curves in...
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    Various cooling related items

    Triple 5.25 inch drive bay 120mm radiator/fan mount 240/280 mm adjustable radiator mount Custom 120 mm fan grill Adjustable 240 mm radiator mount Kingwin FPX-008 4 Channel fan controller
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    540 mm fan Bracket for Silverstone FT02 and RV02

    Just finished work on a preliminary design for a triple 180mm fan mount to replace the stock bracket assembly in the Silverstone FT02, diagrams below. Edit: The purpose of this bracket... 1 - To simplify the fan mounting system, reducing from 9 separate parts including filters to just 2 parts...