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    3D printing a motherboard cover.

    Does anyone here know what 3d printer will make a board cover. My son wants the fallout for cover for his motherboard that nzxt makes, but not buying a cheap ass nzxt board to make it happen. Or, if someone here can do it, then let me know how much?
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    Well, after giving up on the xp x64 endeavor I'm back with another problem. I want to get my xbox one controller working on xp. It will install through Bluetooth, and it even shows up in the controller panel. It shows the layout of the controller, but then it disappears and says there is a...
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    Windows xp 64bit on z97 board

    I am trying to install xp x64 bit on my z97 board. The x86 will install fine, just as long as I put it on ide, but the x64 has kicked my butt. I have used nlite and packaged just about every chipset driver that I know of, but it's a no go. Has anyone gotten the x64 bit to work on a z97 board...
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    Bitfenix prodigy m case 99.47 shipped. Or 20.00 dollars off at Tiger Direct

    I bought the orange bitfenix prodigy m case off tiger direct for 99.47 This is not really the deal, but try and beat that price any where.The deal is. If you spend over 100 dollars at tiger-direct, and sign up for visa quick check out. You will get 20 dollars instant off on a purchase of 100...
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    Sapphire Warranty