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    How to make NICs/Network use more than 1 cpu core?

    Hello! I have gotten myself into sitsuation where networking is only using 1 cpu core.. for some reason.. I have dual xeon cpu system and i had this issue with 1gbit network and now i have same issue aswell in 10 gbit network in windows 10 pro and what makes issue even bigger is that windows...
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    Question about Windows Server 2019 Storage Pool..

    Heya! Software/OS is really new but maybe some has inside to this case and knows about it.. Been googling for a bit and cant find info about this small thing.. Does storage pools still spin all hdds at the same time? Or does it have option to spin all at once or spin just one hdd at once..?
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    How picky are supermicro boards about ram?

    Heya! I have been searching for DDR3 ECC ram for Supermicro X9DR7-LN4F board and i cannot decide what to get.. How picky are these about ram and manufactorer? i am looking 128GB of ECC DDR3 1333MHz or 1600MHz ram and...
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    Anyone having ASRock EPC602D8A motherboard?

    Heya! I have been looking ages for a new server mobo, been checkin between duallys and now singles coz i might not need all that cpu power if i pair this mobo with 2680V2 If u have this mobo, is it any good? does it have negative sides? i would love to get some feedback from this mobo.. Or...
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    Whatkind of duallys do you have for 4K Plex usage? Advices?

    Hello! I am not sure is this right place/thread to ask thiskind of thing.. Mods can move this for more suitable place if needed? I am seeking for a advice for my next build and i am doing research for dually what could sustain 2 x 4K streams at once.. Whatkind of duallys do you have for...
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    Toshiba flashes 100TB QLC flash drive, might release within months. Really

    Toshiba flashes 100TB QLC flash drive, might release within months. Really Duym! $$$$$$$ What do you guys think?
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    Planning to put 2 x 24 hotswap cases together

    Hello! Case is that i already have 2 x 4224 Norcos running... i am thinkin about getting 3rd 24 slot case running to basement... and i have been thinkin about attachin it to one of those norco boxes with SF8088 cable with HP SAS Expanders.. The box where i am gonna connect that new box...
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    Full fileserver encryption/Other questions about my project..!

    Hello all.. :cool: again i have couple questions about hardware and software.. been reading different kind of topics for hours but its funny how reading topics makes new ideas and how ideas can be made... :D Now what i have planned to do.. I have been planning to make atleast 40-50 tib...