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    Linux for Beginners type books, any suggestions?

    As mentioned, hands-on is the best. Start out with a VM and don't be afraid to break it (I like VMware Player best on Windows). A Google/Bing//DDG search will usually get you the info you need. If you really prefer the book route, there is occasionally a relevant Humble Bundle for a good deal...
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    I need networking help. Given what I have and need, which system?

    Are the current APs WiFi 5? If they're working fine for you currently, bring the Unifi APs into the new house, pick up a third matching AP if you really need to for complete coverage. Wait to upgrade until WiFi 6e is readily available in a year or two. Maybe by then there will be something that...
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    Monkey Mind Pong

    "Monkey Mind Pong" is the name of my Pixies/Flaming Lips mashup cover band.
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    Frys going out of Business

    It was just a small equipment demo theater. Like a lot of initiatives they undertook (e.g., the counter for building custom PCs that became a place to stack boxes of inventory), it was largely forgotten about not too long after it was implemented.
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    Vpn and firewall for home

    If you can get fixed IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) for minimal cost then great. But it's not needed. Dynamic DNS (DDNS) should work just as well. Most home/SMB/SOHO routers have a DDNS client built-in.
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    Logitech discontinues harmony remotes Sad to see them go. Are there any decent options for replacements from other manufacturers?
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    Best 4 TB SSD ? SATA or M2 ?

    Agreed. Unless space and power are at some kind of premium (e.g., laptop) or you feel like burning cash, just use a HDD. There's no real performance benefit with a SSD for such usage. If you really feel like spending cash on storage, consider a small NAS instead.
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    Best 4 TB SSD ? SATA or M2 ?

    What kind of data? OS/apps? Games? Media files for creation/editing and/or playback? Some kind of development work?
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    How can I find out what is waking the PC up?

    Windows? In my experience it's almost always the NIC. Turn off all its options for wake-from-sleep, power-saving, etc. FLIRC IR receivers can wake-from-sleep.
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    Looking for software to store user/pwd info

    I was on LastPass, and recently migrated to BitWarden. So far it's working well. Not obtrusive, and has clients for just about every browser/platform. Free, but does have a subscription option for some of the more advanced features.
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    Best way to route ... HW vs SW

    Umm... this sounds messy. Got a map?
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    ARM server status update / reality check

    True, NVMe is technically more capable. But I doubt the RPi SoC or similar is going to be a top choice for anyone who needs to process a ton of IOPS. I'd be concerned that the CPU wouldn't be able to keep up and load average would go through the roof. Initial dev, yeah, sure. Well yeah, that's...
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    ARM server status update / reality check

    Because it's silly for Bradocom to waste time and effort on getting NVMe up on the single PCIe 2.0 lane for I/O speeds that are slower than SATA3? I'm not sure why RPi are bothering. The PCIe connectivity is only available from RPi 4 Compute Modules, on the 4B it's dedicated to the USB ports...
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    What's the proper way to close a hung program in Linux?

    Across my laptop, desktop, and assorted VM guests and LXC containers, I can't remember the last time I had an issue with upgrading. Windows 10 on my desktop, on the other hand, always seems to have an issue with every other major upgrade.
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    why is dual NVMe adapter so expensive?

    The card is very basic. All it's really doing is mapping the electrical lines from the PCIe slot to the individual SSDs. It's providing no RAID functionality of its own. Any NVMe SSDs connected to it will show as themselves to the system. Any NVMe SSD that physically fits should work. SATA...
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    Do you change your default modem password?

    Yes, change the modem password. No, it does not affect the ISP's ability to load firmware updates or settings/profile files required to interface with their network, nor perform any remote diagnostics. The ISP has it's own interface to the modem separate from the user's web admin GUI.
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    Ethernet cable questions and more!

    I'd agree it's probably Cat5. No good way to really tell without a Fluke or like tester that'll cost many thousands of dollars. It may be a Cat5 or batter cable, but maybe it's not actually wired for ethernet? Verify that it's 568A or 568B. Anyways, cables are cheap and it's rarely worth...
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    Google replacing Google pay with less functional, entirely different app with same name, old service dead on April 5 (in US)

    I'll never use such a thing. No way in hell I'm presenting my unlocked phone to a cop. Or giving the state potential access via an app to personal data present on the phone.
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    What is an Ethernet cable? Here's how to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi and get a speedier connection

    Pffft, buncha nerd hype. It'll never take off. Walled-garden online services offered by major department stores and tax-preparation services, that's the future.
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    Use ddWRT or OpenWRT for increased security?

    Maybe? If the Asus is reasonably recent, it's probably still being updated and may be just as up-to-date as the dd/OpenWRT or other open-source/3rd-party options, such as OPNsense. Still, using one of the WRT distros does help guarantee against things like backdoors and continued development...
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    How Bad is Comcast in 2021?

    FWIW, this has not been my experience. TV/Internet/Voice bundle w/2-year promo pricing. The cost is as-advertised when we upgraded to the current plan, no line-items on the bill for cable modem rental or other surcharges for having my own modem.
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    How Bad is Comcast in 2021?

    Yeah, those look like a good option (also saw the STH thread). Very reasonable MSRP too. Any luck finding one? I can't find either anywhere, and Intel's page say's it's still being produced. Some metal strapping, zip-ties, duct tape... Hang that sucker right up.
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    Fry's Electronics permanently closing Feb 24, 2021

    Santa Clara, not Cupertino, FWIW. The site is now a Wal-Mart grocery store. There's still Central Computers, which seems to be doing OK. At least well enough that they opened a new Sunnyvale store (coincidentally, not too far from the original Sunnyvale Fry's location) after the first burnt...
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    How Bad is Comcast in 2021?

    Yeah, it's an unfortunate combo of most people not caring so much about upload (i.e., download numbers sell), and that cable infrastructure that was never really designed for bi-directional symmetrical bandwidth (though the latter is almost just an excuse now). NBase-T (2.5/5 Gb/s) were not...
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    How Bad is Comcast in 2021?

    For all their probable faults in customer service, pricing, etc. IME Comcast has been very good on the technical side of things. For my 1 Gb/s service, it's ~35-40 Mb/s up. Sad, but still far better than the ~10-12 Mb/s lower-tier plans provide. (I'd gladly trade half my download for >100 Mb/s...
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    Fry's Electronics permanently closing Feb 24, 2021

    For a long time (I've been going there since the very early '90s) Fry's would simply throw opened returns back on the shelves. Actually tagging them as such didn't some until much later.
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    How to securely share a broadband connection?

    Don't do it, unless you really want to become your own mini-ISP with all of the responsibilities, liabilities, and costs that entails. And given your opening sentence, not to be condesending, you may not have the expertise to do it correctly. How do you ensure that one user doesn't hog the...
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    Fry's Electronics permanently closing Feb 24, 2021

    One rumor is that, for the properties they actually owned, they were looking to pull a Sears. They were milking the retail company for everything they could and funneling that money into a separate property company as rent/etc.
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    How to reinstate Apple MacBook Pro 13" A1278 (late 2011)?

    Given the vintage of the Mac in question I'm pretty sure TDM would work only over the Firewire or Thunderbolt 2 port, and not USB. Getting it connected up to a new Mac's TB-3/USB port would probably require a mess of (probably pricey) adapters. It'd probably be simpler to just pop the HDD out of...
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    Wired Vlan Capable Router Recommendation

    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite is a decent, relatively inexpensive choice. It's good for up to 1 Gb/s. There is also the 4 and other higher-end models that you might consider if you think you might want to run some additional services, such as VPN. Only issue with Ubiquiti is to be cautious with new...
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    pi-hole config gotcha

    Basically, yeah. No matter how you set up your DNS, there's the potential that at least some activity will be tracked. The likelihood that the root servers are doing so seems pretty small, but as mentioned above the unencrypted nature of recursive lookups means the ISP could sniff or even...
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    How to reinstate Apple MacBook Pro 13" A1278 (late 2011)?

    Sounds like a write-off to me. I can't imagine putting any money into a system that old, as most any fix would probably cost more than the system is worth. (~16 months ago I had to put down an early-2011 13" MBP because the SATA controller failed.) I'd tell your friend to buy a new system (the...
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    Linux Mint Wifi Problems

    Wow, this thread has gone wildly off-track, hasn't it...
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    pi-hole config gotcha

    Well, a router/firewall can really only block a site by IP address (layer-3). In order to deal with a list of blocked sites it would have to do a reverse-lookup on every single packet for a match. That would be a huge suck on the router's resources (assuming it had the RAM/storage to hold the...
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    Anyone Have Experience With Ergotron LX Wall Mount Monitor Arm? Concerned with it on one stud.

    Assuming you lined it up properly to the stud and drilled proper pilot holes for the lag bolts, it's fine. About the only issue I can foresee is constant movement of the arm maybe breaking down the drywall under it a bit, but that's easily resolved by retightening the lag bolts. Putting up a...
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    pi-hole config gotcha

    The only reason I can imagine Android overriding the DHCP-provided DNS is if you've manually configured the private DNS option (which is system-wide). Even then, it wouldn't hit the gateway for DNS resolution. I've owned many Androids ever since the G1 running every release and have never had...
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    New mini build, need suggestions

    ??? i5-10400: 2.9 / 4.3 GHz (base/turbo) i5-10600k 4.1 / 4.8 GHz That is a fairly substantial difference, especially at base clock. Maybe less meaningful for a basic Internet terminal/office computer, but for even light gaming it could be significant (e.g., ever have to wait for the Civ AI to...
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    pi-hole config gotcha

    Not off-hand, but a quick search on Pi-Hole + Stubby or Unbound brings up a lot of links. A search on Pi-Hole + DoT (DNS over TLS) or DoH (DNS over HTTPS) should also bring up a fair bit of info. The concept is basically the same as in the video: Install Unbound or Stubby (both should be in...
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    New mini build, need suggestions

    If the budget allows, I'd recommend upping the CPU to at least one of the i5-10600 units. Much faster at both base and turbo clocks. You might be able to save some by using lower-clocked RAM. Both CPUs are specced for DDR4-2666, and I don't believe the mainboard/chipset selected allow for...
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    pi-hole config gotcha

    Oh, also: If you set up a local recursive resolver (Unbound, etc.), your ISP will be able to sniff every DNS query you make. There's currently no way to encrypt requests from the local resolver to arbitrary Internet authoritative resolvers. There is a proposal for Authoritative DNS-over-TLS...