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    Best NAS, 6 bays Mon, 8 bays preferred (3.5")

    Hi, What's currently the best NAS vendor? My requirements are: 6 bays min, 8 bays preferred (depending on width) Google integration (Docs, Pictures etc.) My front-end is Nvidia Shield TV so streaming to that Am I totally out of touch with pricing as well? Over £800 for a diskless QNAP 6...
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    Mini/Micro ATX Cube Case for NAS

    Hi, Currently have a huge tower and want to downsize. Does anything exist that is more like a bought NAS in that its a cube/rectangle? Really rather DIY so looking for something that has 6 5.25" drive bays for 4-in-3 hot swap cages, but need them side by side rather than upwards. I have space...
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    2nd hand stuff for home lab for latest ESXi (6.7 U3)

    Hi, I need to set something up at home to play with. I have HBAs and disks already so just need board, CPU and RAM; on the RAM won't ever need more than 128GB and don't care in what sizing (4GB, 8GB dimms etc.) just whatever overall combo is cheapest. It must be supported by the latest version...
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    Tower Case with 2x 92mm fan mounts and 9 or 10 front, exposed 5.25" bays

    Hy home server case is falling apart - the IO cables have all basically come apart from the panel. It's currently an Akasa Infinity case (which is probably a bit big anyway). What options are there out there now - all the decent ones I've seen are EOL (Zalman MS1000-HS2 for example). I have 3X...
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    Sound deadening case feet

    Hi, My home NAS (home build, not off the shelf) is in the loft, which is boarded but not carpeted. I get a lot of vibrational noise from this setup and want to minimize it. I have the Akasa Infinity case which has those swing out feet, which to me personally serve no functional purpose so...
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    WHEA Uncorrectable Error

    Hi, This is a server... got a strange one. Clean install of Windows results in this error, as soon as it's finished the old-school progress bar (loading files...) it just about shows the Windows flag for about 2 seconds. It's strange because I have a controller in slot 1 (Gen 2.0 x16 running...
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    Heatshrink for fan wires

    Hi, What diameter heatshrink is best for the individual fan wires? I need to solder a custom motherboard header connector. Thanks
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    High-speed 4-pin PWM 120mm case fan

    Hi, The motherboard from an HP ML110 G7 server has hard-coded some sort of fan RPM requirement and if it doesn't meet it, it reports an error then powers off. I don't know and can't find what the minimum RPM is. The original 80mm fan (Delta PFB0812GHE) is rated at 6100 RPM, which at full speed...
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    LGA1155 backplate

    Hi, Took motherboard out of old case which actually had the heatsink fixings as standoffs on the case. New case doesn't have these nor holes in the right place to use standoffs. So no way of actually securing the heatsink, which is screw based rather than quick release. My existing backplate...
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    HPE ML110 G7

    Hi, Does anyone know if this motherboard has normal pin-outs to the front power button, leds etc.? Thanks
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    Install OS to SD Card

    Hi, My current home NAS motherboard died. The config was RAID 1 for Windows and all data disks in HBA mode for use with Storage Spaces. I'm soon to be getting an HP ML110 G7 motherboard which has integrated SD Card slot and internal USB port, so just wondered if I could install Windows to that...
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    Motherboard had it?

    Hi, As title really. Everything powers on, including fans, but get no post or display. It's a server board (Tyan Tomcat n3400b). When it was working it used to beep 3 times quickly on post to indicate all ok. It doesn't do that now. I've tried CMOS jumper, change battery, change PSU, take out...
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    Server 2016 - Storage Spaces (not Direct)

    I'm testing Server 2016 at work. What a headache! With a 15 disk pool (created in GUI) made up of 13 HDD's (1 marked as hot spare) and 2 SSDs... 1) The GUI doesn't allow you to create a tiered virtual disk with maximum set for both tiers because it's too big for the pool 2) The GUI doesn't...
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    Tyan n3400b - MCP55

    Hey, I am trying to install Windows Server 2016 with a RAID 1 volume but it is not detected. I've downloaded and loaded the driver using the 'Load Driver' option but it still doesn't show. If I try using drvload.exe to manually load the driver, it returns error 0x80070103. I'm thinking I...
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    Toshiba P300 series

    Hey, Does anyone know if this is actually a "NAS" drive? I currently have 14X Hitachi 7K3000 2TB in 2X ZFS RAIDZ2 pools and some disks have started to fail (6 years old now!). This is the closest match to the Hitachi's I could find. Thanks.
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    eSATA Port Multiplier PCIe

    Hey, I'm looking at getting something like this: 8 Bay 3.5 inch HDD USB 3.0 external Enclosure Tower Box with JBOD from icybox IB-3680SU3 It has 1 eSATA interface. I need a PCIe eSATA card that can support 8 drives. NAS is normal my field so not really sure what's out there in terms of...
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    MSI GT 730 OC GDDR5 Low Profile

    Hey, I just got this card solely for HTPC use, and the fan is terrible. At mid-30's percentage wise (speed) you can hear it over most video playback. Is there any way I can limit the fan speed? I've tried MSI Afterburner and when setting it to manual mode at 30% it's much better, but...
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    MS SBS 2011 kit

    Hey, Looking to build a couple of SBS servers for clients, but am undecided regarding the MB/CPU/RAM combination. Everything else is nailed on. Want ECC definately. Usage will be upto 5 people so nothing extreme. AMD or Intel. Don't want to go silly on price - have about £350 in mind...
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    Calling all chipset experts

    Hiya, My board (Tyan n300b) has an MCP 55 chipset for the sata controller. I would like to use these ports for my ZFS server but it doesn't seem to like hotswap... I pull a drive and put it back in, but it does not re-appear until after a reboot. However, when I was running Windows Server...
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    ZFS Shares

    I'm not sure this strictly ZFS' fault. Basically, I have an OI server with 'guestok=true' on my shares. These work fine from my workgroup computers - click on Network in Windows Explorer, my server appears, go into that and all my shares are there. However, my work laptop is domain joined...
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    AM2 Opteron

    Anybody know of an ECC based AM2 board, with 3x PCI-E x8 slots, that actually all run at x8. Don't need to be Gen 2.0 slots. In the UK, and preferably server types boards with low-memory VGA port, no audio etc. Cheers.
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    DEGRADED zpool

    Hiya, I've had a FAULTED disk in a multi-mirror zpool and a spare has been used automatically, but the mirror is still DEGRADED, I think because the FAULTED disk is still 'there'; mirror-3 DEGRADED 0 0 0 spare-0 DEGRADED 576 0 0...
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    smartmontools on Solaris 11

    Hiya, Sorry if this is in the wrong sub forum, but I could think of anywhere better. Anyway, I downloaded and extracted the latest tarball, and ./configure seems to go OK, but when I run make and make install I get a shed load of errors, and in the latter command a fatal one. Capture...
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    Quick ZFS Question - Writing

    Hiya, I have 6 mirrors in my data pool made up of 7200RPM 2t drives, with each disk in each mirror split across 2 controllers. When monitoring 'zpool iostat -v poolname 2' during an intensive write (1.3t from a USB drive connected to a PC, copying over the 1 gig LAN), 5 of the iterations...
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    ZFS Transport Errors

    Hiya, What do they mean. I have 1 disk that was reporting high-ish Trn errors (65) but data was reading/writing as fast as it has done in the past. Then ran a scrub of my pool this morning and it moaned that there were too many errors so it was resilvering to a spare disk. Iostat shows...
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    Solaris 11 Full - smb

    Hiya, I have the notes I used to build my Solaris 11 Express NAS box, but some of the commands/services seem to be missing in Solaris 11 Full; root@server01:~# svcadm enable -r smb/server svcadm: Pattern 'smb/server' doesn't match any instances root@server01:~# sharemgr show -vp bash...
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    LSI 3081-ER

    Hiya, I have 2 of these cars in my NAS and I was wondering if anyone knew if it's possible to reset the scan order of the disks. Say for example disk A was in port 1 and disk G was in port 7 when I first built the machine, the scan order for these disks was 0 and 6 respectively. If I then...
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    ZFS - Disk 'IDs'

    Hiya, I've had 2 failed disks in my array (no data loss), so I thought i'd take this oppertunity to backup all data, destroy the pools, remove Solaris 11 Express and re-install from scratch with full Solaris 11. My IDs as reported by 'iostat -en' are, with all slots populated...
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    ZFS Checksum errors

    Hiya, Noticed that the last couple of weekly scrubs on my data pool (3x 5 drive raid-z2) has bee taking a lot longer than usual - normally around 45 minutes for 1.5t worth of stored data, but now half a day! Then the most recent one (run's every Monday morning) has shown this...
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    USB with ZFS

    Hiya, Is it possible to provision a single USB drive to ZFS without making it a vdev. I want to use USB for critical backup (mainly photos and home videos, everything else can be re-ripped) and would want it to be 'portable' between ZFS and Windows, so if my ZFS box completely dies I can plug...
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    Monitoring ZFS

    Hiya, I'm about 2 months into my ZFS build (S11E) now and performance is so much better than WHS! However, one of the nice things about WHS was the client console - giving you alerts when things go wrong. I'm not overly bothered about have a local console with ZFS, but being able to run...
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    ZFS - Indexing

    Hiya, I have finally completed my 30T (raw unfortunately!) S11E ZFS build and when trying to add shares to Win7 libraries I get the dreaded 'This network location cannot be added because it is not indexed' error message. Now I know about this and know about 'solutions', all of which I am...
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    ZFS build

    Hiya, I am planning a 15 disk ZFS build (15 is max chassis capacity). I will be using 2TB disks and have decided on the Hitachi 5900rpm SATA III disks (HDS5C3020ALA632), to be used with the new LSI Logic 9201-16i 16 port PCIe HBA. Nothing has been purchased yet and I have in the back of my...