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    Nvidia GeForce 388.00 driver

    Got released today. What’s your experience so far? My 1080 doesn’t downclock for some reason, so I’m reverting to previous one. Seems like an issue for others too.
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    Switched from 1080 Xtreme to 1080 FTW2 - games started to crash

    Hey fellas, seeking some advice with the recent issue I've started to experience after switching from one 1080 to another. I got rid of my 1080 Xtreme gaming around a month ago, which worked flawlessly for me sine launch in June 16, in favor of 1080 FTW2 mostly due to the size as I moved to a...
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    In-game Vsync (Use 3d application setting) doesn't work?

    Guys, I've been having this issue for quite a long time. In NVCP if I set Vsync to Use 3d application setting, none of the game's in-game vsync work. No matter if I turn it on or off. It always behaves like off. Only if I set Vsync to on in global settings - vsync starts to work. I don't like...
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    1080 FTW2 running hot in Define C

    Hey guys, hoping to get some assessment or advice, especially from anybody with similar setup. Here's the pic of my setup: I've recently moved my system to non-windowed Define C (from R5) and got an EVGA 1080 FTW2 (instead of my triple-fan 2.5 slot Xtreme Gaming)...
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    Fan Configuration in R5 with A80 AIO

    Hey guys, hope to get your advice on the airflow here, especially the fans arrangement. Not sure if I did it right. I have Define R5 with two GP-14 case fans on the intake and one same GP-14 case as exhaust. Basically stock config with added fan in the front. I had my Cryorig A80 mounted to the...
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    6700k delidding - Totally worth it! (My experience)

    So, just wanted to encourage whoever is in doubts here regarding the cpu delidding and afraid of damaging their CPUs in process. With tools like Rockit 88 - it's totally safe and worth it! I officially proclaim Intel a lazyass cheapskate company with the way they limit OC potential and temps on...
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    Carry on for Node 202 and 24" Monitor

    Guys, in the upcoming months I will have to travel a lot between DC and Denver. Basically, every week for maybe up to 6 months. I'm gonna go crazy without PC,, buut I don't like laptops, because of their limitations and no upgrade path. However, I have a nice g-sync 24 inch monitor I'm not...
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    Zotac 1070 AMP! $285 in Microcenter!_Edition_8GB_GDDR5_Video_Card_w-_IceStorm_Cooling Great deal, even with tax.
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    GIGABYTE 15.6" P55Wv6 $1099 i7 6700HQ, 1060 6GB, 16 GB + FS

    Hey guys, Some nice laptops from Gigabyte got quite a few hundred off. Both machines are: GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB (VR Ready) Intel Core i7 6700HQ (2.60 GHz) 16 GB Memory 1 TB HDD 256 GB SSD 1080p IPS 60Hz screen The difference is only 15.6 or 17.3 screen size. It''s lowest 1060 6 gb with i7...
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    Resolved. Please delete

    Resolved. Please close and delete the topic. Sorry!
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    Nvidia GeForce 375.57 WHQL driver released

    Gameready: Battlefield 1, Civilization VI, Titanfall 2 Gameready VR: Eagle Flight, Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope New Features: "Enhanced the performance and quality of the motion vectors provided by the Motion-Estimation-Only mode of the video encoder, specifically in stereo VR use cases."...
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    Weird stuff with G-sync, Vsync, ULMD and refresh rate after latest Win10 update (368.81)

    Hey guys, I have some weirs stuff with 368.81 driver after latest Win10 update (I don't know if that's the reason). I'm using game profiles in control panel and strangely enough they seem to be not working right. Here are few examples: 1) For CS:GO in cp I turn off vsync, set highest available...
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    Win 10 audio issue after latest update

    Ok, so I've updated to the latest version and now have an annoying issue with the audio output. After this stupid update, my audio output defaults to the monitor (via hdmi as shown in the sound manager, though I use DP) instead of speakers and headset after reboot! Did anybody have the same...
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    Gigabyte 1080 Extreme

    So, I've just snagged this first batch premium package from Newegg. Coming by Wednesday. Will post a quick review once it's here. Selling G1 1070 for MSRP (which arrives on Tuesday lol) to valve1138 instead of just sending it back. My searching for a card is over for a few years.
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    Adaptive mode on z170 with 6700K

    Hey guys. I've got an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming mobo and 6700k currently 4.5@1.35v (It looks I've lost the lottery and it doesn't want to work on 4.6 with that voltage). The voltage is currently set up in manual mode, however I've seen a few time that adaptive mode is recommended. So i've tried...
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    DSR messes up desktop icons after exiting game

    Hey guys, does anyone knows how to get rid of this problem? When I use DSR and the exit the game all my icons arrangements are messed up and I have to manually drag and drop them to where they belong. Any workaround? Using Win 10 and 361.43 if that makes any difference.
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    Secondary bios reflash (970 SSC acx 2.0+)

    Hello guys, I need some help with bios flash. I've recently tried to flash some different bios on my 970 and it did go that well. Obviously, I worked not with the main but the secondary bios, which I switched to before trying anything. However my attempt was not successful and my display was not...
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    Bigger performance hit from mfaa than msaa

    Hey guys, so I got the 970 recently and tried to play with settings a bit in GTA V. I've heard a lot that having ingame msaa x2 + control center enabled mfaa gives you msaa x4 picture with nearly no performance hit. Well somehow ingame benchmark doesn't agree with this for me! The performance...
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    G2460PG worth it for a year or two?

    Hello guys, I've currently built a new PC (6700k, 16GB 2666, 500 GB SSD and other good stuff), but my main problem is gpu/monitor choice. I'm really choosing between 970/G2460PG combo or going all the way with Xb271hu/PG279Q/980ti. I'm more leaning towards first option as I wan't to spend...