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    USB 3 hard drives very sensitive to cable disturbance

    I've found that the slightest touch on the USB 3 cable is enough to make a USB 3 hard drive plugged into a USB 3 port drop out. it comes back almost immediately but it's not good if there is an operation in progress at the time. Is this a normal thing or is it something about the hardware I have.
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    fairly small desktop (not tower) system. Would consider buying or building.

    I live in the UK. My mum wants a new computer and she would prefer a desktop to a tower. Her current machine has a SSD (retrofitted by me, partly to improve performance) and I wouldn't want to give her a downgrade on that. The main reason for replacing the computer is stability, it crashes...
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    monitors with two USB upstream ports

    I was given an older monitor which has two USB upstream ports and switches between them when you switch inputs. It then has two USB downstream ports for the keyboard and mouse. This means the monitor itself can be used as a kvm switch. I would like some more monitors like this (I know I...
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    dealing with multiple networks in win7

    Sometimes I have machine's with two network connections one to a private network of trusted devices and one to a network that is accessible from the internet. The private network does not have a default gateway set since I want all traffic to the internet to go via the public network. On XP...
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    newegg reviewer claims 48GB on x58
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    Replacing video card in a vostro 420

    My brother and I are considering a new graphics card for his vostro 420. The current card is a radeon HD 3xxx series (don't remember the exact model but passmark gave it a rating around 150. I want to replace the card for two reasons. 1: In roller coaster tycoon 3 I get severe performance...
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    Trust 370W PSUs

    Anyone know how well these actually perform and/or know of any good reviews of them? I have one in a machine at my parents house (bought as any emergency replacement) but I can't seem to find any proper reviews of their PSUs. I ask because they are a brand that are both well known and provide...
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    Idea for PSU reviews, how about testing at 240V

    It would be useful for us british readers (and maybe for some americans too, IIRC your wiring system does allow for 240V circuits and with the power requirements of some modern PSUs it may not be a bad idea) to know if the PSUs continue to perform well as you move to the high end of their...