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    Open "case" ideas.

    You want light to "take with you" and yet you are watercooling with multiple large radiators? This sounds like buying a big truck to save on gas
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    PrimeGrid Recognition Thread

    PPS Sieve turned double Silver (200m)
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    Mem Clock Thermal Throttle 3080 FTW (Should I repad?)

    I guess the reading in GPUZ is the "junction" temp on the memory and ICX is reading the Die temp or TCASE
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    Mem Clock Thermal Throttle 3080 FTW (Should I repad?)

    IDK... I would trust EVGA's reading of their own sensors over a third party program that may or may not be reading things correctly. Other vendors don't have this level of sensors
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    Mem Clock Thermal Throttle 3080 FTW (Should I repad?)

    When you get into precision you click the "ICX" button . only works on the ICX cards with the extra sensors like the FTW cards
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    Noctua NH-D15 RAM height for second fan?

    ^^ I put a 120mm fan in the front of my D15S as it solves the height issue. I didn't really notice much of a difference in cooling so option 1 is totally cool.
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    Mem Clock Thermal Throttle 3080 FTW (Should I repad?)

    I have the same card and my memory temps at least according to precision don't even get over 70c. I run 63% power +900 mem -300 core and i average around 94 mh/s at those settings. I am pretty sure the main part of this cooler shares duty with both the core and the ram so if you are running...
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    Hit a WCG (World Community Grid) milestone? Post it here:

    Managed to finally get a 50y badge for MCM:
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    10 Million Point Challenge

    Me again! Asteroids makes #18.
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: April 2021

    Could use some more Bacon
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    NVIDIA 3000-series Resizable BAR support is out.

    My response on the hash rate was in reference to the baseless online rumor that nvidia was going to hardware lock mining in the bios update.
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    NVIDIA 3000-series Resizable BAR support is out.

    Not yet! I was locked to 1.1 SOC voltage before so not sure if i want to push that higher but I certainly plan to get my previous clocks back as both my ram and cpu seemed to handle it fine
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    NVIDIA 3000-series Resizable BAR support is out.

    system memory. I had been running 3800 mhz and 1900 FCLK and it was stable for days at 100% load, no issues rebooting etc. After applying this update and restarting it shit the bed instantly I noticed the version of my bios was F33e which was no longer even on the board list and was F33g...
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    NVIDIA 3000-series Resizable BAR support is out.

    no change in my hashrate on EVGA 3080 FTW3 What I am wondering is if this is gonna speed up any of the distributed computing work i do.... wasn't this an enterprise feature before it became a gaming thing?
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    NVIDIA 3000-series Resizable BAR support is out.

    so i just tried this and after updating through precision i had to reboot. Then my bios failed to load its previously working memory setting ..... now it won't do what it did before even after reset reload of my previous profile :( why did i do this
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    Some Anandtech Users Quit Formula BOINC

    You know if you can't enjoy what you are doing it's time to do something different. I thought the situation deserved some levity.
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    Some Anandtech Users Quit Formula BOINC

    I had originally thought to sit this years FB out for various reasons, but then i got kind of nostalgic and decided to participate at least to a certain extent. I didn't really look too deep at the specifics of the cheating accusations but it does seem troubling to me that someone who has...
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    Vote: DC'er of the Month: March 2021

    OK you sir have delivered!
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    Vote: DC'er of the Month: March 2021

    Yeah whats up W.Feather last time your excuse is no one reminded you there was a vote thread. Hint hint
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    Pictures of your DC rigs

    Just for fun I upgraded my microATX case by moving my 3950x into it with a new MSI B550 Mortar motherboard. Case is a Thermaltake Versa H18 which claims support for 280mm radiator AIO, but I knew things were not going to fit properly with the Artic Liquid Freezer 2 280 that i picked up...
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    Hot? Shell Shocker @ newegg. XPG 2TB NVME Gen 4 on sale for $229.99

    I have had to many Adata flash products / SSD's fail to consider them again.
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    1 Million point challenge

    Sidock@home for my 29th 1M
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    Clean up and retrofit my 2012 full-tower case with USB-C or get a new mid-tower case?

    +1 for the datavac. Blows better than compressed air and no switching between cans when they get too cold. Mine has long sinse paid for itself.
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    Sr2 any use?

    Not so great for folding@home anymore but you can still do pretty good on some BOINC projects like World Community Grid. Even if you don't get a ton of PPD you will get lots of runtime which counts for badges (due to hight thread count on dual socket)
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    Ok, NOW the RTX 3060 eth hash limiter has been hacked.

    Yes exactly this. I mined almost non stop between the last cycle and this one and at no point was i making less than my hydro even when the prices cratered. sure at the time it was only like a buck or two a day per card profit, but when i look back at how much BTC this was at todays rates I...
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    Possible Concerns about running Phoenix Miner.

    What a bunch of jokers! glad i didn't reinstall windows or do anything drastic myself... Thanks for the update thebufenator
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    Ryzen 3900X (or 3950X) on X370.

    it was / is a brand new FSP Hydro G PRO 1000W Turns out everything survived except the mobo so i have it back up and running with a gigabyte X570 Aurus elite instead.
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: March 2021

    W.Feather is technically eligible this month based on past nominations, and "amazing nomming skillz" does fulfill the basic requirements for a nomination....
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    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: March 2021

    Can't have just 1 person or it's no fun. I nominate SparksNmagic_([H]ardOCP) (not sure of forum name?) He doesn't have the highest output but he is consistent and has a massive number of completed work units to show for it over what must have been a long time.
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    The new "died in the line of duty" thread

    The good part is that nothing else died but the motherboard so i was able to swap everything out and it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
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    The new "died in the line of duty" thread

    X370 Prime Pro did not seem to like running a 3900x.... This board has had a lot of miles on it as it's been running 24 / 7 since i bought it. upgraded the CPU from R1700 to 3900x 2 weeks ago and friday she died when my VRM blew up. Was running Rosetta@home when it died :(
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    Ryzen 3900X (or 3950X) on X370.

    small update on this thread.... Things were fine for a couple weeks but this happened after there was a brown out in the house and the following day my x370 gave up the ghost. Seems to have had a bit of a meltdown in the VRM. My other computers seem OK so i am going to blame the motherboard...
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    Possible Concerns about running Phoenix Miner.

    Yup I agree they have no proof of any wrongdoing so certainly take it for what you will and they are certainly trying to cover their asses. I mostly prefer this type of response over them waiting until its too late or many months later and saying "oops" but its certainly a lot of drastic...
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    Choosing between 2 GPUs - help on 2 basic principles needed

    Most common specs will not differ. Ram size can but its pretty rare. The components used to build the PCB such as the number and type of VRM are often vary different but this may not mean much if you are leaving the cards at stock clocks. If you were planning to overclock then you would...
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    Possible Concerns about running Phoenix Miner.

    Possibly but they are not really saying they have proven anything is hacked at this point from what I read. There has been a few scams associated with it so If you tried to find the miner recently you could certainly have picked up a hack from a source that was pretending to be affiliated with...
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    Possible Concerns about running Phoenix Miner.

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up regarding the Phoenix Miner plugin / miner. Nicehash posted this info today: Dear NiceHash users! It has come to our attention that Phoenix miner is no longer available for download...
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    Kingwin Stryker STR-500 Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Why did you put it in storage if it was so good lol.
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    Airflow PC Fans

    I agree that fan is not needed. It's like a spleen
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    AMD Brings Smart Access Memory (Resizable Bar) To Ryzen 3000 Desktop CPUs, Up To 16% Performance Boost In AAA Games

    Article says bios update needed for this. I see a bios update for my motherboard from January that mentions resizeable BAR but i think that is prob the one for the 5000 series and might have to wait a bit?