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    Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G eBay legit?

    Anyone know if this is legit?
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    Best CPU PassMark/$

    Thought this might be fun. Who can put together the highest CPU PassMark per dollar system? Has to be parts that are available, say at least 10+ available on eBay. We could include entire systems but for now, I’ll just start out with a CPU/motherboard combo copied from a recent LTT video...
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    3700x upgrade for 4K?

    For a gaming only machine, would you upgrade from a 3700x to 5000 series? Would be at 4k resolution.
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    Anyone know what the smallest case with a 5.25 inch bay is? Even cooler if you know a small case with 2 of them.
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    Broken LG 27UD58?

    Out of nowhere, my LG 27UD58 appears to have died. I get a flickering screen as soon as I turn it on regardless of input or even without anything connected. Sometimes I can get the on screen menu to come up but as soon as I close out of it, it's back to the flickering. Any ideas? I couldn't find...
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    FreeNAS storage reorganization and expansion plan

    I currently have the following system: SuperMicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM 9207-4i4e CSE 846 chassis BPN-SAS2-846EL1 backplane 2x80GB SSD mirror boot 24x8TB Chenbro RM31616 as JBOD RES2SV240 Storage is currently configured as follows: 2x 1 pool with 12x RAIDZ3 vdev Tank1 is using...
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    “Refurbished” SAS drives on eBay

    I know I know, refurbished hard drives?! But I was considering picking up a few of these for a 6-drive RAIDZ2. Usually HGST drives run for many years. Anyone have any experiences with these drives or similar? Easystore deals have been scarce lately.
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    Advice on planned OCing/cooling

    Planning to finish the following system this weekend, do you guys think it is feasible? Case: Fractal Nano PSU: EVGA SFX with Silverstone bracket MB: Gigabyte Z390 CPU: 9600K RAM: 16GB b-die 3200MHz C14 GPU: MSI Ventus 2080 RTX OC I’m hoping for a 5.2GHz overclock on the CPU. For cooling I...
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    Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7 GHz Six-Core LGA 1151 Processor $175
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    X570 motherboard that allows you to disable individual SATA ports

    My Gigabyte C246-WU4 allows you to disable individual SATA ports, does anyone know of a X570 board that has this feature?
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    EVGA 550W GM with Ryzen 3600 and RTX 2080 Ventus?

    SFX PSUs seem to be sold out everywhere, could I get by with this? No overclocking.
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    Taming the beast (24-disk file server)

    This is a short post to gauge interest in my ongoing project to quietly cool a 24-disk Supermicro SC846. Posting this from mobile, will clean up and add details later. Basically I want to move my file server into the network closet but need a way to exhaust the heat and keep it cool. I’ve...
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    Optane 900p Secure Erase

    I have a Optane 900p 280GB I'm trying to secure erase using the Intel Toolbox. It detects the drive but gives me a kinda generic error about trouble communicating with the drive when I run the secure erase function. I've tried on a Coffee Lake system, Haswell, and even an old Core 2 Duo with...
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    “Best” 1440p gsync monitor

    I’m looking for a 1440p gsync monitor. Need to purchase in the next week or so. Got a 10% coupon at Newegg would prefer to buy there. GPU is a RTX 2080. Recommendations?
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    Disable Option ROM on Gigabyte board?

    I have a Gigabyte C246-WU4. This is a C246 board which for those that don’t know is the Xeon/Workstation equivalent of a Z390. After I installed my X550T2 NIC, I get the Intel Boot Agent every time I restart, which is very annoying. I think this is like a bootable BIOS on the network card or...
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    Dual desktops, one PC?

    I am planning to consolidate my gaming PC and workstation into one computer. I would like to keep separate monitors and keyboard/mice as I already have 2 sets and like what I have. The 2 monitors are a few feet apart so this would not be a typical dual display. Plus I am running slightly...
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    SSD iSCSI zvol on FreeNAS

    Thinking about moving my primary local storage on my main Windows workstation from a internal SSD to a iSCSI zvol on my FreeNAS. I would do this for the ZFS benefits of data integrity. My main concern is performance but this is only for static files, not programs or apps. However the network...
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    Netgear XS505M SFP+ port not working?

    I have a Netgear XS505M switch and have been using it for a few months via the RJ-45 copper ports only. Today I connected it to my Unifi 24 port switch via the SFP+ port and this cable. I get no lights on either switch and no connection. I tried a second cable of the same brand that is working...
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    Genuine Intel NICs?

    I purchased a couple of Intel 10Gb NICs second hand and would like to know if these are genuine Intel cards. I know there are a lot of fakes out there. If anyone is familiar with these, please take a look and give me your input. Thanks.
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    RAID 6/Z2: how many disks?

    For those using a RAID 6 or Z2 pool, how many disks are you using per pool? I set up mine as 6 which is more on the conservative side as this is for data that is not backed up anywhere else. However, after parity drives, ZFS overheard, formatting, and leaving some free space, I’m only getting...
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    Looking for an old possibly non existent Lian-Li part

    I’m looking for a Lian-Li front 120mm fan mount. Something like the EX-36B1 but much shorter with no hard drive mounting hardware. Does such a thing exist? Edit. Found it. BZ-502
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    Multi Core Enhancement on C246 and Xeon E

    I picked up the gigabyte C246 board and a E-2244G to play with the MCE option in the BIOS. From what I’ve read, usually MCE increases the all core turbo speed to the single core turbo, which in this case is 4.2GHz and 4.5GHz respectively. Well the bad news if anyone else was hoping to get an...
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    eBay luck ran out - fraudulent return

    After 10 years on eBay and a couple thousand sales I might be getting boned for the first time. I sold a 9900K CPU and got a return request today stating it “doesn’t work and just gives blank screen”. From what I can tell, CPUs don’t have a visible serial number so there’s nothing to stop this...
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    SATA signaling pin frequency

    I have 2 Icy Dock flexiDOCK MB524SP-B and have noticed the blue power lights are very dim or fluctuate when Samsung SSDs are used. I have noticed this on both of my units on all bays with at least 3 different Samsung models and across 2 different computers. With Intel brand SSDs and hard drives...
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    ECC memory on 8th/9th gen CPUs

    can anyone confirm ECC memory support on the 8th/9th gen i3 CPUs on the C246 platform? Ark shows yes but would like confirmation before purchasing
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    4K FreeSync monitor with speakers and adjustable stand

    Looking for a monitor with the following 4K resolution Built in speakers 1x DP, 2x HDMI FreeSync Height and swivel adjustable stand Even better if there is one that has FreeSync over HDMI and HDR but those are necessities Prefer 27-28” but can go slightly larger if necessary Any...
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    U.2 adapter

    Abyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive PCI-E to U.2 adapter? I want to connect a single P3600 to my X10SRA motherboard.
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    Replace old working PSU?

    Is there any reason to replace an old PSU that is working fine? I have a Corsair AX850 in my main computer that been running pretty much non stop since launch. I can’t even find the receipt but it’s probably pushing a decade now. I’ve never had an issue, just don’t want it to take any parts...
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    Mild overclock and keep sleep functional

    Right now I have a Z270 board and 7700k at stock settings. I’m “downgrading” to a 6700k so I have full Windows 7 functionality without hacks. I’d like to get a small overclock on the new system but I also would like to maintain the ability of the computer to sleep when not in use. Right now...
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    Disconnect 3.3v pin from PSU cable

    My latest batch of WD easystore drives have WD80EMAZ models inside. These have the 3.3v shutoff issue. Could I simply disconnect the 3.3v wire from the PSU 6pin end of the modular SATA power cable?
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    By mistake i drink a lot of "water" from an AIO, should i be worried?

    Mods sorry if this is against the rules
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    Skylake-X Windows 7?

    Can anyone confirm if Skylake-X is recognized as a supported CPU by Windows Update on Windows 7?
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    Occasional video card "crash"

    I've gotten this problem a handful of times over the last few months on my new system. It happens while I'm away from the computer and a restart fixes it. But very annoying. Bad video card or what? X10SRA E5-1650v4 32GB DDR4 K620 LG 34" 3440x1440 via display port Windows 7
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    Completed build: New no-nonsense gaming computer

    Everyone likes to see a new build right? This system is nothing special but thought I'd share anyway. Wanted a simple, dedicated gaming system with an emphasis on performance per dollar. Basically I wanted to spend money on things that really matter, i.e. GPU and CPU single thread performance...
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    Temperature monitoring and stress testing

    What are some good temperature monitoring and stress testing applications? I haven't done this stuff since Prime95 and CoreTemp days.
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    New build advice

    Looking for some input on my new build. Mostly do you think the cooling will be adequate with this plan and is the bottom fan needed? I don't want to go through the hassle of cutting a hole in my case if it's not. I would like to maintain positive pressure but that is going to be hard to do. I...
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 950 Low Power Model Availability

    Has anyone seen the EVGA GeForce GTX 950 low power models for purchase anywhere? They were announced in April and I haven't seen any stores that list them at all.
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    User CP

    Is there a function on the new forums that is the equivalent of the old User CP on Vbullitin?
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    PC case modding service?

    I'm looking for a person or company that provides PC case modding services. Specifically, I'm interested in adding a 120mm fan hole to the bottom of a Lian Li case. Any recommendations?
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    New pfSense build

    Put together a new pfSense box this week. Basically a DIY SYS-5018A-FTN4, but saved about $120 putting it together myself. Wiring was a real pain with the PSU location, but it ended up OK. Added a couple 40mm fans as the stock configuration has none besides the PSU. Couple of tips for anyone...