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    New, secondary drive disappears after wakeup from sleep mode

    That really doesn't solve the issue now, does it? I just don't need my to run my PC when not using it for a period of time.......simple enough. I used to run the water the whole time I was brushing my teeth as well........... That said. I put the drive in my HTPC and it wakes out of sleep no...
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    New, secondary drive disappears after wakeup from sleep mode

    No. A rescan in Disk Management or Search for New Hardware doesn't work either.
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    New, secondary drive disappears after wakeup from sleep mode

    So I've swapped from my Hitachi 2TB hard drive to 6TB Toshiba. Drive is gone as soon as I wake it up from sleep(Windows 10) and returns every time I reboot. I'm on a replacement after returning the first one, and this one does the same thing, so it's not likely a bad drive. Swapped out SATA...
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    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    I found that loading my BIOS backup profile from a thumb drive worked, but not the saved one on the mobo, though they were both the same. Went from 1407 to 2407 an hour ago on an X570-F, so we'll see how stability goes.
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    Panasonic VIERA Infinite-Black 50 Inch 1080p THX Plasma HDTV - $949 w/ Free Shipping

    True, for most not a concern, but it's a shame oblivious comsumers can allow companies to keep putting out a compromised product with no repercussions. :( And I'm sure you know you can't just "tune" the black levels back, calibration disk or not. I hope mine don't become too noticeable over time.
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    Sandy Bridge CPU's not available from e-tailers

    Wow. I stated "I exchanged to an i7 950/X58 setup that booted right up and was running within 3 hours". That sentence includes from the exchange, travel time home, unpacking everything and all the little interuprtions in between. It also doesn't imply it took 2h59m59s. I shouldn't expect great...
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    Sandy Bridge CPU's not available from e-tailers

    Funny how my "skilz" gots betters wit my new mobo and proc. :rolleyes: Do you really think Micro Center would tolerate someone doing that many exchanges without legitimately proving fault? Please don't answer, that's retorical.
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    Sandy Bridge CPU's not available from e-tailers

    Yes, it is shit for many. I went through 6, yes 6!, motherboards(Asus, Gigabyte and MSI), 3 sets of RAM and 2 2500K's(one died in a day) in 5 days trying to get a stable system that could complete a full OS install. I knew everyone's name working returns at Microcenter by the end of that fiasco...
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    SSD For OS?

    Nonsense. I've had 5 pairs of drives in RAID0 over the years and access time may have slowed .1 ms on some of the lesser on-board RAID chips compared to the single drive at worst. And since access times are unchanged, and STR has basically doubles as well with HDD's, how do SSD's scale better?
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    Q6600 to i7-860 - Worth the $600, or better spent elsewhere?

    Upgrade the slowest part of your system IMO. HHD to SSD.
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    1 velociraptor vs 2 velociraptor's in raid 0

    Here are my 80 giggers: And my pair in RAID0, 32K stripe:
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    Speed difference between Velociraptor 150gb and 300gb

    I can show mine: And my pair in RAID0:
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    ssd's are they reliable?

    If you're [Hard] :rolleyes:, go for it. Otherwise, do a search on it's developing problems to see if it's risk you want to take with your money.
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    150GB VelociRaptor Raid 0 Boot Drive (Forget SSD!!!)

    Since you're "pretty sure", I'll concede you must be right, based on the lack of evidence on my part. *Goes to read in the forums some more about all the successful SSD lines.........I'll be back in a couple of months to see what I can find.
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    150GB VelociRaptor Raid 0 Boot Drive (Forget SSD!!!)

    I don't think the subject of this thread has anything to do with SSD benchmark d!ickswingers showing us something we already know. Sorry there is still a majority in the enthusiast market that doesn't want to play Russion roulette with their data(whether it's days, weeks, months) and overspend...
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    150GB VelociRaptor Raid 0 Boot Drive (Forget SSD!!!)

    That's a nice picture. Wish I had the money to blow on undeveloped products myself. It's a good thing you don't need data that actually stays intact for a couple of months to run a benchmark.........
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    150GB VelociRaptor Raid 0 Boot Drive (Forget SSD!!!)

    I just put a pair together 80GB VRaptors and I'm getting 6.4ms access times and 220MB/s average reads on a full capacity RAID0 array. Paid $190 for the pair which wan't bad at all IMO. SSD's are still in beta testing using the retail public..........
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    36 raptor and HD tune....should this be right?

    Could be, as I typically saw 56-58MB/s average STR over multiple mobo's with those drives.
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    Should I partition my WD 640gb?

    Keep the Raptor for the OS, sell the 120 unless it would make a useful backup to keep in the closet.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Wow, I feel like the guy waiting in line for a concert and I can't even see the building it's taking place in from where I'm at, lol.............
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    Getting ready to order new harddrive for new rig- recommend me-

    This would be the newer Seagate drive to get if you were so inclined. More reliable? There is no statistacal proof one manufacturer is making more reliable drives than another and a longer warranty doesn't mean it's more reliable either. The Raptor's average read access and decent throughput...
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    AMD vs. Intel

    Depends what you have, what you're going to and what you plan on doing with your PC. I don't even see a GPU listed to claim you need a better one, are you a gamer? My last Intel was a P3 933mhz and now I switched back from AMD to a C2D setup which smokes my Opty 165/NF4 setup my wife now uses.
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    will it be an upgrade

    No. Go buy a used dual core at the same speed or more for cheap..........
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    Corsair C4D RAM question...

    So you can actually boot up the first time with a new board. Nothing sucks more than having to buy a cheap stick of RAM just to get a system to boot so you can raise the mem voltage for your higher voltage sticks.
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    Best Hard Drive for Gaming?

    I say get the 150GB Raptor if you don't need the extra space that the large drives will give you. No reason to buy more than you need just to have it as it'll most likely be much cheaper when you do.
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    Question about 10,000 rpm Raptors

    The motor is electric.
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    Raptor replacement trouble?

    Whaaaaaaaa?, 10k, that's it.
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    hard drive seagate 500gb

    Well the 32MB cache will help, but it's probably going to be too small to be noticed, but there nonetheless. The biggest difference is that the .11 drive uses higher density platters so it has higher STR(sustained transfer rate), so it is faster.
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    Something Wrong? [HDTach] 500GB STRIPE

    The spikes are just the disk being accessed. Most likely a Windows service. Your storage drive doesn't have OS related files and so you don't get the spikes since it isn't being accessed while being tested. Waaaay to much worry over nothing.
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    Poor Access Time on WD5000AAKS according to HD Tune

    I've had installs where HD Tune gives flakey results and then tested with HD Tach and everything looks fine. I'd run HD Tach and see what results you get, though in general, HD Tune gives slower results than HD Tach.
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    raid0 setup on ICH9R

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    raid0 setup on ICH9R

    You need to install drivers on a floppy with XP to recognize the RAID array. Drivers should be on the mobo disk or go to Intel's site and download them. Make the floppy and do the install. Good luck.
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    Performance question regarding old vs new raptors

    I'm gonna tell you no. I've had the original 36'ers in RAID0, tried one as a single, bought a 74GD, then bought a single 36GB ADFD, then another for RAID0, then sold one ADFD and am running a single again. Two things to address. Going from a RAID0 to single won't give you much, if any...
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    Is the Raptor drive worth it?

    Your right, my mistake. I wrongly wrote seek instead of average read. Average read is seek+latency, though Seagates numbers don't jive with benchmarks, like most manufacturers. You'll find 15.1ms all over the forums, which is slow compared to 12-13ms of many other 7200rpm drives. The point was...
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    Is the Raptor drive worth it?

    ST3250410AS, yes the one that specs the same in seek as the older drives according to Seagate. As far as your other analogies, well most know that the evolution of hard drive tech is much slower and the performance gains much smaller between generations. Claiming how much of an improvement it...
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    Currently have 36gb Raptor... need an upgrade!

    Nice post. For an average user, RAID0 may give you a 10-15% boost in some things, others nothing, I've found. If you got the money, go for it and learn.
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    Is the Raptor drive worth it?

    My sig says .10, I bought it a month ago. As far as high temps, I said that the Raptor runs cooler, not that any run hot. Let's see .11, same seek times with, more STR, still slower. What testing, beyond an STR benchmark, have you done to determine how great your new drive is?
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    Best drive for OS/Apps that isn't a Raptor?

    That's from the people that are "budget minded" and just can't wait to dethrone the king of the hill, but that's where the Raptor still sits. There is no drive that has gotten faster in seeks times, which is more beneficial to the average desktop user than the recent increases in STR, which is...