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    Angular help

    I have seen this question on multiple forums and stack overflow but I have done everything that each solution has said and it is still giving me the same error. So I hope someone see's something that I might have missed. I am trying to get a date picker to work on a pop up dialogue. But I keep...
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    Angular Table Question

    I am fairly new to angular and I created a webpage where I have a dropdown arrow, textbox for input value and a table. The table has a select column. Now based off which dropdown value the user picks. It will decide if the select column of the table uses a radio button or if it uses checkboxes...
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    I was given this to use in my code for the x
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    ok I will try this
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    It is click able but for me I don't have to control the functionality behind it. I am just working the UI for visuals
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    Sorry, I didn't think about that. This is a screenshot. I am trying to figure out how to get the X on the same line is the "Over Time...." and on the right hand side of it. I am still learning HTML/CSS.
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    So I have popup I created for a button. I want to have the text "xXyY" and a X closing symbol right on the side of it. Both at the top of the pop up box with a horizontal line under it. I was able to put a horizontal line under it and the "xXyY" and X above it but I can't get them side by side.
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    Looking for some quality Hard drives to update my laptop

    So my current laptop has two NVME Slots as well as a bay for a 2.5” Drive (HDD or SSD). Note that one NVME slot has the wireless card in it. 1 of the NVME Slots are used at 1TB. Can you guys post some quality Drives (Links), that I can look at. I can buy to add to my laptop within $200 per...
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    what are some good online retailers for buying a laptop?

    I have 3 questions. 1. I am looking for more credit able online sources for buying laptops (I now of stuff like walmart and best buy, but they don't seem to have a lot of good options). I know about Amazon and Newegg. These are the main two that I shop from. Anymore good ones? I live in the...
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    Asus Laptop Question

    Thank a lot this was helpful!
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    Asus Laptop Question

    I have been looking to buy a good gaming laptop and I have decided on an ASUS laptop. I do have a few questions though, hopefully someone here can answer them. I might be confusing myself lol. 1: Is there a difference between ASUS Scar 2 and ASUS ROG Strix Scar 2? 2: There seem to be a lot of...
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    Java JPanal Layout Question?

    I am trying to figure out how to do 2 things. I want to have 2 layouts. Layout 1: JLabel1 JTextField1 JTextField2 JLabel2 JTextField3 JLabel3 JTextField4 JTextField5 JLabel4 JTextField6 JLabel5 Jbutton Layout 2: JLabel1 JTextField1 JTextField2...
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    Java .JSP Question

    I started a new job and I am learning a lot about Java(still fairly new to it) and web development. We are using Spring Boot, IntelliJ, etc. I am trying to get a much better understanding of JSP. This is the response I got from stack overflow. JSP is a Java view technology running on the...
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    Java Tools and Services

    Thanks, this helped me get off to a good start for my new job
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    Tips and Ideas For Buying a Gaming/Content Creation Laptop

    Looking to buy a new laptop. The last one I bought was 4.5 years ago. I learned a lot back then and got a great gaming laptop for $2500. I want a new one now though. And I have honestly forgotten a lot that I learned. What I would like (not sure if this is possible with my budget): -6 cores...
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    Java Tools and Services

    I been coding a lot in C# for past internships. I have never had an work experience using Java. I know in C# I use .Net and for my past two companies I have used IIS. Is there a popular framework or IDE for Java? Is there something like IIS for Java?
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    Does anyone use Adobe Premiere Elements??

    I am using Premiere Elements 2020. In some cases when I record a narrative it records in 44Kz and in other cases it records in 48kz. I use a snowball mic. Any ideas why it switches between the two and more importantly. How can I control that switch?
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    Laptop WiFi Issues

    So it is easy to install a WiFi Card? Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 I use a CenturyLink 802.11n and 802.11 ac wireless router
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    Laptop WiFi Issues

    For some reason my laptop WiFi will randomly disconnect and not see any WiFi networks at all. I have to dis able the WiFi and Enable it again to start it back up. I Ran a check to see if I needed updated drivers and my Laptop says they are already up to date. I just updated Windows in general...
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    Video Editing Software

    I am not sure if I need to start another thread for this but I will try here first. Does anyone know how to add controller button notation from the PlayStation or x box to your videos. Using a video editing software? So if I am explaining something to someone, I might want show the 4...
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    Video Editing Software

    Thank you everyone for you help
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    Video Editing Software

    ok thanks
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    Video Editing Software

    Ok I love the support I am getting on here. I truly appreciate. I apologize if my next few questions are dumb. I am trying to learn OpenShot so I can start doing some youtube content creation. I watched the first 3 OpenShot video editor tutorials by Jonathan Thomas on youtube. So I looked...
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    Video Editing Software

    Thanks for the input, that answers a lot of my qestions. I appreciate it. ok so OBS is a good screen recording software but I still need a camera. My laptop came with a camera but do you guys think I need to buy a specific camera for my laptop? One of my friends told me I would need a lot of...
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    Video Editing Software

    ok so I looked at some editing software but I am realizing I don't really understand some of the pros that some of the software is promoting. I looked up video editing basics on youtube and google but they are talking about jump cut scenes and even referencing what cameras to use. So I...
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    Video Editing Software

    O just for clarification. If I want to stream or record, then I use software like OBS? If I want to do video editing, then I use software like Davanci Resolve? Does OBS allow for any type of Video editing, like placing text in the video? What is good software to use for creating YouTube...
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    Video Editing Software

    Ok this is a great amount of info, Thanks, it definitely gives me guidance on where to start my research.
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    Video Editing Software

    I am looking to learn some video editing software to start video editing video games. Maybe get into some content creation. Anyone know of some good free video editing software. My Laptop is about 3-4 years old. I need to get a new one soon but don't have the money now. SPECS: ASUS...
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    React Install Issues

    I am trying to learn React. I watched a few youtube tutorials on how to install and setup React. I installed nodeJS and downloaded/clone git repo of create-react-app. I am not sure how to run create-react-app. The versions I have below C:\Users\UserName>node -v v10.16.0...
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    Learning REST and creating a reverse proxy with NGINX

    Thank you guys very much. I was able to finish my project.
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    Questions about Using Powershell to creating a REST Service

    We are using powershell 5.1 and Azure/AzureRM. So I created a post asking a different question about a similar topic, not sure if I should have just posted to that one. If so I am sorry. So I am working a internship first one and I need to use powershell to create a dummy service, to send to...
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    Learning REST and creating a reverse proxy with NGINX

    So I just started a internship and I have a project I need to do. Most of this is new to me so I am looking for some youtube or website tutorials and if there exist some examples of what I am trying to do. Create a tool that tracks API service status -Query and HTTP Call via rest. Receive...
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    Windows 10 Laptop Notification Noise

    So my Laptop keeps making a notification noise. It is an off and on constant beeping. Sometimes it will do it off and on for 40 mins straight then stop for 5-10 minutes and then start back up. I googled how to turn on notifications. You go into systems settings and click notification and...
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    amazon aws database connection

    So I am trying connect to my rds database on amazon aws. I am logging into my virtual machine on linux and ssh ing into aws. I googled this error and it said to make sure my RDS instance is connected with my EC2 instance. I did that. But I still keep getting this error when I run the...
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    Java and OOP Principles

    So what is pass by value and what is pass by reference in Java? By that I know you have to pass primitives by value and objects by reference correct? What else is forced to be passed by value and reference? The super class calls the constructor but I don’t understand the point of that since...
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    New PC Desktop for streaming

    My friend is looking to buy a new budget PC for around 800-900 dollars. His main purpose is to stream video games and uploading to YouTube. I wants to stream PC and PS4. So can I get some advice for that? Also any advice on good Streaming software. He is looking at Elgato for Game...
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    python multi thread logic bug

    So I have a question I have a project where I will be uses threads to work on databases. So I wrote a small snippet code just to test how the library works. Fairly new to using python and threads. So sometimes the print will print the output correct and other times it will print the output...
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    Parallel Programming with Python

    So I have an assignment posted below: I have no parallel programming experience and since this is a database class my professor didn't really teach it via coding examples. Just explained it at a high level. Can someone please provide me of some clear coding examples using parallel programming...
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    Apache Spark and Scala Project question

    I am working on my first Apache Spark/Scala project for my class. Just looking for some guidance. I have never done this before. I am working on the ST WITHIN. I am just trying to get a clear idea on what it is supposed to do and how I should attack this. And maybe some good youtube videos or...
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    Python with PostgreSQL

    Looking for some guidance/tutorials using python with postgreSQL. Have a few assignments coming up using this. I need to do stuff like Horizontal and Vertical Fragmentation, Paraller sort and joins, etc