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    Board dying or CPU?

    Specs: 6700k MSI Z170A Gaming MSI GTX1080 Gskill DDR4 3200 PCP&C 1200w PSU Hello, was just trying to play a game today and my PC power cycled itself in the middle of it. Checked, getting a bunch of WHEA-Logger event logs for various stuff. Mostly "Cache Consistancy" but I think that's just...
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    Freezing issue with 1800x

    Hello, running into an odd issue with this machine, was wondering if anyone else has seen something similar. Here's the setup 1800x ROG Strix x370F Gaming 16gb Corsair DDR4 (from Asus compatibility list) Gigabyte GTX1080 EK 280 watercooling kit EVGA 850w PSU Samsung 960 Evo 256gb m.2 I...
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    Free Lian Li PC V2000 build

    Alright, well i've been running a Coolermaster Centurion 590 for years, and it's served pretty well. Earlier this year I did some upgrades to my rig, and it has this setup in it: i7 6700k@4.6 Gskill 16gb DDR4 MSI Z170A Gaming MSI GTX1080 PC P&C Silencer 1200w 2x 240mm Radiators Swiftech blocks...
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    DX11 stress testing

    So I've been having a ton of problems with CoD Ghosts crashing. I know some of the instability is related to the game, however I think that I narrowed part of it down to being my gpu, as i disabled the overclock completely and was able to play for much longer. I started testing in OCCT using...
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    3dmark settings for max score

    Hey all, been out of the tweaking scene for a bit when it comes to OCing/benching and stuff, and i recently sat down and spent a few weeks tweaking my rig, which is the following: Phenom II 955 BE C2 stepping@3.7ghz 2.6ghz NB clock 1.5v vcore 1.25v NB 4gb Gskill ddr3 1600@7-8-7-24 1t 1.6v MSI...
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    odd blinking issue

    Hey, long time no post. I had some power instability issues in my rig due to my psu having 4 12v rails, so I swapped over to a different psu to try to sort it out. Specs below: Phenom II 945 BE 4gb Gskill DDR3 1600 MSI 790FX Gd70 Sapphire 6850 1gb 1tb caviar black TT toughpower 850w...