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    ATX Yonah Motherboards

    Simple question really. If I want an ATX motherboard with a Core Duo, is my only choice that one AOpen one that is $250ish?
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    Overclocking Issues

    I thought the wire mod was for changing the vcore? You can unlock lower multipliers with this too?
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    Overclocking Issues

    I've managed to overclock my board (Asus A7v333) and processor (AXP 2200+ T'bred) to 1898 MHz (13x146) before stably and could go beyond possibly, but I want to extract more FSB first, only problem is my lowest multiplier is 13. Is that the lowest one can get on this board? I am running the...
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    Overclocking Asus A7v333

    I've managed to overclock my board and processor (AXP 2200+ T'bred) to 1898 MHz (13x146) before stably and could go beyond possibly, but I want to extract more FSB first, only problem is my lowest multiplier is 13. Is that the lowest one can get on this board? I am running the latest BIOS (1017)...
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    Upgrade from Athlon XP

    Thanks for all your input guys. I guess I am going to go with the DFI board along with the TwinMOS RAM. This'll certainly save me some money over the Corsair that I was going to go with. Oh well, more money for other things I guess!
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    Upgrade from Athlon XP

    Excellent, thanks for all your input on the issue, I think I'm going to go with DFI for this one. Now, onto my second question about RAM, what would be my best choice? Should I stick with low latency/low clock speed or the other way around? Which would be best for overclocking?
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    Upgrade from Athlon XP

    So I would not be losing anything by using the DFI board over the MSI one? And were you referring to the MSI board being quirky with the Venice core?
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    Upgrade from Athlon XP

    Argh! I forgot to look at the pic, looks like you're right. Something else I'm concerned about with this board is the clearance around the processor. I'm going to use a Zalman 7000AlCu cooler, will that have enough room on that board?
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    Upgrade from Athlon XP

    I looked at that board, but it doesn't look like it supports parallel ATA. I'm not updating my hard drive at the moment, so I will need PATA at least for a little while. Expandability to SATA is perfectly ok though, just that I need at least 1 PATA input.
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    Upgrade from Athlon XP

    I'm going to finally upgrade my system from an Athlon XP 2200+ Thoroughbred to an A64. I've pretty much decided on the 3200 Venice as well as the MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum. I am confused however on what RAM to get. Would going for low latency/low clock speed be better than a higher latency with a...
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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 with RSX

    Has anyone here thought about swapping out the satellites on the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's with Klipsch RSX-4's or the like? Do you think it may be worth it to do so?
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    Fragbox 2 PSU and Mobo

    I'm heading off to college in a few months and I'm planning on building a SFF system around the Fragbox chassis, mainly because of the greater expandability it offers. Are there any other PSU's other than the one Falcon recommends for it? Also, I'm currently looking at the MSI RS480M2-IL, but...
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    new headphones

    Argh, in my multitasking while I was typing my last reply, I forgot to mention that the Audio Technica A500's are also in consideration, so it's down to those three cans as of now.
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    new headphones

    Actually, I think I am going to steer away from the afforementioned earphones and stick with the headphones, so I guess that its down to the Grado/Alessandro set or the HD-497's. What advantage do the Sennheisers (if any) have over the Grado/Alessandro pair and vice versa?
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    new headphones

    How comfortable are the ER-6i's to wear for extended periods?
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    new headphones

    What are the differences between the Grado SR-80's and the Alessandro MS-1's?
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    new headphones

    My sources are my PC with an Audigy 2ZS (Winamp 5 is my media player) and my Creative Zen Xtra
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    new headphones

    I currently have a pair of Sony MDR-V300 Studio Monitors, but I am now looking for an upgrade. I've basically narrowed my choices to the Grado SR-80's, Shure E2c's, and the Etymotic ER-6's (My price range is about $100-$130). Which of these will provide the best clarity and accuracy (I don't...
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    audigy2 zs or m-audio

    What makes the AV-710 so much better for music than the Audigy 2ZS? And if it is better, why does it cost about 4 times less than the ZS?
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    Shure vs. Etymotic

    There's a lot of talk here about the Etymotic ER-4's. What does the ER-6 sound like? And can anyone compare them to the Shure E3c's?
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    A good 939 Mobo

    Anyone know anything about the Abit Fatal1ty AN8 board? From the specs and given how good the Fatal1ty-AA8XE was, it seems to be a kick-ass board. Any comments?
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    Whats the best media player?

    I don't understand the Foobar craze. Is there anywhere I can find out more about tweaking it? From what I can understand, most people like it because of its good file management system, but the only tweaks I've seen audio-wise have been sampling rate and associated file types.
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    Post what speakers you use!!!

    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1's Star Wars Limited Edition. They were on sale when I bought them for even cheaper than the normal 2.1's. Don't know why, they are in perfect condition, not a ding or scratch anywhere and they sound terrific.
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    P3 Tualatin RAM

    Do you have any ideas of good DDR chipsets for the Tualatin? Newegg only has ones with SDRAM available.
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    P3 Tualatin RAM

    Does anyone know of any chipsets for the P3 Tualatin that allow you to use RDRAM? Does the processor suffer a performance hit from using the slower SDRAM (I haven't seen any RDRAM chipsets yet for the Tualatin)?
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    Slot 1 Upgrade

    I am planning to upgrade my brother's old pc (Dell XPS B800r) by putting in a new processor. I've found various solution from Slotkets to the PowerLeap PL-iP3/T. Does anyone know the processor limitations of the motherboard used in this pc (I don't have the chipset offhand, I shall try and get...
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    Dif between 939 and 754?

    754 is generally more of a budget/mainstream interface, and it will be phased out slowly. For upgradeability, stick with 939.
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    Planning on making an FX55 SLI computer next month, but have questions?

    I agree, you can almost never go wrong with Corsair RAM. When I first set up my system, I had just some generic RAM I believe. Then my system started to act up, and I was able to deduce that it was the RAM that was causing it to do that. So I picked up a stick of Corsair XMS RAM, and it made all...
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    AMD Mobile and Opteron processors

    Thanks for the info. Now my main question is whether I should bother to upgrade my current system (AXP 2200+ Tbred, Asus A7v333, 512 MB Corsair XMS, GeForce 4 TI 4200) with some newer parts, mainly a new processor, another 512 MB stick, and maybe another GPU, or just hold out and wait and build...
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    AMD Mobile and Opteron processors

    Out of curiosity, does anyone have any experience using Athlon XP-M or Athlon 64-M processors on desktops? Also, in general, would a dual Opteron system (probably 244's or 246's) outperform a single FX 53 or 55 in terms of gaming and just general usage as well? I am planning to build a...