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    dumb question? how stripped is h510 vs b560?

    does h510 support sustained turbo boost through tdp modification? how else is h510 gimped?
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    ssd partitions and longevity?

    in default Windows install, you make a good size partition for system and apps and documents. I dunno how ssds technically work. But if this partition gets heavily used, is the nand gonna get worn out faster in just this partition? I thought ssds spread out all the data writing over all the...
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    do you have a 4k tv / monitor that you've used for thousands of hours?

    do name brand TVs last a long time when used as pc monitors? we all know leds dim over time. LEDs have ridiculous lifespan claims of 50000+ hours. But do you even have a TV with even half this many hours? my first TCL 4k tv blew an led in about 6000 hours, just over a year of use. my second...
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    ATX12V v2.0 compatible for new ryzen system? I have this old psu in my old amd athlon64. standard 24pin connector. can I still reuse this for a cheapo $250 zen3 R3 apu system? planning to build a b550 + R3 5000g
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    killawatt owners, what's the idle power consumption of a new ryzen system?

    for a basic system with just a ryzen APU, one hard drive, what is the approx power consumption during idle? I'm wondering how big of a difference there is compared to an average newer 45w tdp laptop with the screen turned off.
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    Mom's PC... buy b450 + 3400G now? or wait for 5000g?

    I haven't built a pc since 2009. This is super low budget for mom, and I'm guessing I can't squeeze out much OC from a ryzen 5 3400g with stock cooling. Wish I could buy the 4400g. Stupid AMD The only thing she really needs is a quiet pc with 4k60 video to plug into a 4k TV in the future. But a...
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    unable to recover as many deleted files on ssd vs hdd

    I just ran Recuva on a wd blue ssd, and I was not able to recover any deleted files beyond a few days ago. Files I deleted prior to last week didn't even show up in the recovery log. unlike old hdd's, where tons of deleted files and fragments would show up. is this just how ssds are? if i...
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    2 different versions of wd blue 3D 2.5" ssd drives. One is significantly slower. Beware.

    There's a gimped version of the wd blue 3d ssd being sold at bestbuy and walmart with shit random 4k speeds. On the outside, they look identical. Both advertised as 3D nand. 2 model numbers: wds500g2b0a and wdbnce5000pnc The latter is sold at bestbuy and walmart, and you should avoid this...
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    relationship between cpu (and mobo?) and ssd 4k speed

    It's a real crapshoot. How do you even explain it? I ordered 2 new computers recently, just to test ssd speed differences, particularly random 4k speed. pc1 is lenovo ryzen 5 3500u pc2 is HP i3-9100 quadcore with h370 chipset. pc3 is my old asus i7-6700hq laptop. tested all with the same 2...
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    need help figuring out why some of my ssd metrics are terrible.

    This is my setup: This is one of my drives: If you look at the results, most people get 4K R/W ~40/120 MB/s. However, several people got shitty 4K speeds like I did, at <...
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    just bought WD Blue sata ssd. Are sandisk nands reliable?

    does sandisk actually make their own nands, or is toshiba still making them? I had some bestbuy gift cards I got for a 20% discount, and was deciding between 860 evo and wd blue but bestbuy jacked up their prices these last few days. I was going to get a 500gb 'renewed' 860 evo for $65, but...
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    Restart hang with nvme ssd in Windows 10?

    Just wondering if anyone has had issues restarting Windows when running off nvme drive. 970 evo plus 1tb + Windows 1909 doesn't let me restart fully. Windows shuts down, bios boots, and then windows just doesn't load. ctrl alt del will force reboot at bios, and windows will finally load...
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    troubleshoot: windows 10 clean install 1909 on nvme drive 970 evo plus. Can power on/off, but not restart

    annoying behavior with this 970 evo plus nvme ssd. I clean installed windows 1909 on the ssd, and the restart function does not boot to desktop. It seems like it doesn't even load windows after the reboot command is run. Bios load finishes, but there are no spinning dots indicating that...
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    Ryzen 9 4900hs reviews are out. AMD finally caught up to Intel IPC

    But I wonder what performance gains Intel would have had if it managed to go down to 7nm.
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    are there any fast 250gb sata ssd's? should I be concerned about the huge speed drop after cache is full?

    I want to upgrade my dad's laptop hdd to ssd, but don't want to spend much since he doesn't need more than 250gb. but looking at reviews, 250gb sata ssds all look like they suck ass compared to 500gb and 1tb. in real world usage, is the 250gb ssd handicap noticeable? Are boot times and app...
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    1tb 970 evo plus nvme ssd a bit slower than advertised.

    Is there anything I can do to speed it up? I just plugged it in, ran some crystal tests, and it's a few hundred MB/s slower than advertised 3500/3200 I would have liked it to be closer in speed. My actual sequential transfer is 3000/2800. and showing a massive speed penalty in other tests...
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    Are aftermarket batteries generally shitty?

    My 2 year old asus laptop has a badly swollen li-po battery, and half the cells don't work. laptops these days have crap thermals and cause the built-in batteries to fail faster. I'm wondering if I should get a new-ish used original Asus battery for $30, or wait a few years and buy a no...
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    damn. my TCL 43s405 just died after 14 months. Backlight failing.

    Half of the backlight went dim. It was fine last night just before going to sleep. I wake up and turn it on, and half the screen is dim. I've used this as a pc monitor for about 16-18 hours per day, so 8000 hours at most. I read that lcd backlights should last 80k-100k hours. So this is just...
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    2018 TCL 43s515 43" 4k TV with dolby vision for $350.

    new model just came out, priced at $350. with dolby vision. Gonna see if it scorches my eyeballs with the brightness. Update: Not worth the price. It's pretty much identical in features and quality to the 43s405, give or take. But for ~$100 more. It is also not bright enough for real Dolby...
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    TCL 43s405 owners. Need your feedback.

    If you are using the 43s405 as a desktop monitor, and are sitting arm's length from the screen, please download the video below, and tell me if you see fine vertical line noise when playing the video full screen. Pause the video frequently to see the difference. I want to...
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    TCL 49s405 mini-review: A budget 48.5" 4k TV with great color, but unsuitable as PC monitor

    I wanted to see if I could have the real estate of 4x 24" monitors within a cheap budget. This TV has been on sale for $342 or less. So I got one to play with for a few weeks before I have to return it to the store. Even though this TCL supports 4k 60hz chroma 4:4:4 on all 3 hdmi ports, it...
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    cheap big screens have a checkerboard effect

    TCL and Insignia with larger screen sizes have a checkerboard effect which results from fucked up subpixel lighting pattern. For example, this netflix logo. Notice how the 55" TV has a moire effect because every other pixel is dimmer. Has anyone been able to tweak picture settings to get rid...
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    43" TV as pc monitor-- TCL 43s405 vs. Samsung UN43MU6300. AMA

    Just got both TV's this week. Bought the TCL from Target, Samsung from walmart. TCL $330, SAMSUNG $430. Tested with with all enhancements disabled. First big fact..... The Samsung 43 has an IPS/PLS panel made by BOE HV430QUB-N4A. RGB subpixel. mu6300 review...
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    why did TV's go BGR subpixel ?

    all monitors I have seen have the RGB layout. Anyone know why lcd TV's went BGR since forever? One small annoyance is that when you extend your desktop to a TV in Windows, the subpixel layout causes ugly text in one or the other display. You can't tweak cleartype for each display. Cleartype...
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    TCL s405 series. Can't enable chroma 4:4:4 even in 1080p

    Just got this tv, and I am unable to enable chroma 4:4:4 even in PC mode at 1080p. The classic "quick brown fox" chroma image shows 4:2:0 or less. The last 2 lines are garbled. Is there a trick to this? When I played with the Samsungs, they just worked. Edit: solved problem by downloading...