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    The tragedy of systemd, an interesting perspective

    Here's an interesting talk from a Linux conference in Australia that I stumbled across. Rather long, but some interesting points in here. Thought you all might want to give it a watch.
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    Steam in-home streaming issue

    So, here's a weird one. I broke my steam link out the other night as I haven't used it in probably over a year, and wanted to see how well it works on Linux. The good news is that it works great outside of one small issue. Controller inputs aren't passed to the host machine, kinda. Before I get...
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    So I decided to give KDE/Plasma a try. My thoughts and a critique of GNOME...

    So, I've been a GTK based desktop user since I first switched to Linux almost two years ago. I started out with Cinnamon, which while nice it's compositor had some frustrating issues with the proprietary NVIDIA drivers. Basically, in order to run the desktop without tearing I had to Force...
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    Your linuxy humor for the day

    I saw this yesterday, and about died laughing. Just had to share. Link to original tweet.
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    Linux Kernel developers might be a little mad at Intel over Meltdown

    Here's an excerpt from the Linux Kernel Mailing List about what they were going to rename the KAISER patches for Meltdown. They settled on Kernel Page Table Isolation, but I think I prefer the others personally. Funniest thing I've seen all day.
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    Classic shell is abandoned, but there's hope

    I don't personally use classic shell, but for those of you that enjoy using classic shell, the developer has ceased development citing multiple issues, one of which being the fact that Windows 10 is having major feature updates so frequently that it keeps breaking classic shell. The nice thing...
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    Nice collection of Gnome extensions

    So, as we all are probably aware, the GNOME extensions site leaves much to be desired in terms of navigation and finding what you're looking for. So, I thought I'd share this article I saw on itsfoss listing 20 cool GNOME extensions. Some are more useful than others, and I wholeheartedly...
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    What's your favorite DE?

    I'm curious to see what everyone is using as their chosen DE these days. I know I may step on some toes here, but I grouped tiling and window manager desktops into one category so as to not have too many poll options.
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    The journey in moving on....from Windows. Let's talk servers and TV

    So, sorry for the clickbaity title, but it felt fairly appropriate given that it's the journey I've been undertaking here lately, and I just couldn't resist. As I've recently had the motivation to move on from using Windows, I've been steadily shifting over as much of my computing devices to...
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    So, the downsides of rolling...

    First off, this is not me griping and complaining. I knew the potential for breakage when I chose to run something arch based. This is just a heads up to everyone, so everyone cool their jets. Especially the linux detractors. Ok, so if you, like me, use autofs to handle automounting your cifs...
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    Linux is awful...apparently

    So, here's a dumpster fire of an article, that I wouldn't normally post a link to, but what was surprising about it to me is the source. The article is on makeuseof, which I've typically seen to contain pro Linux and open source content. So, I'm sharing this to get everyone else's thoughts...
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    So Linux is 26 years old now

    I know this is late, but a friend of mine sent this to me today, and I just had to share it.
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    Breathing new life into an old laptop

    So, I'm the tech manager of the local paranormal investigation group in my area, and one thing we needed was a laptop to perform administrative tasks, as well as other various activities. We are a member funded group, and don't have much in the way of resources to dedicate to new equipment...
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    Please stop the news posts

    Can we please stop flooding this forum with news posts? I see all of this news reading phoronix, fossbytes, etc. I don't need to see it here burying actual conversations among [H] users. Please stop. I may be alone in this, but considering the low reply count on the majority of these news posts...
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    Feral Interactive: What are your thoughts?

    So, I just tried the newly released port of HITMAN for Linux by Feral, and I have to say that I think I'm officially done with Feral. I appreciate that they exist, but I've yet to play a single Feral port that hasn't performed at about half the level of performance I see on Windows. Now, I just...