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    G4 Questions

    How do I go about installing an OS? I don't know how to use the CD Drive. 800mhz G4 no Hard drive so I put one in and now can't figure out how to install anything Can I use a hard drive from a G3 in a G4 with OS9 on it or Tiger? All I get is the flashing folder icon... Thanks for the...
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    Acer laptop battery-help

    Does anyone know about an Acer Aspire 6920 battery? replace it with a 6 or 8 cells, best places to buy one etc. I found somethings but I don't know anything about getting a battery for an Acer laptop since I have an almost defunct Toshiba and I got the battery from Toshiba. It was the same...
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    XP Legacy Build-check please

    Old programs mainly games and Rosetta stone building this possibly now here's what I came up with minus the HDs and DVD drives I already have Would the stock sound and video be fine? I don't think I will run into any problems installing XP Home 32bit since I know I have to change...
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    Best Recording Software?

    I'm looking for something between free and possibly $10 max. must record sound while listening to it from line in good quality (not expecting steller but not sounding worse than the source) main source cassettes also might record from MDs alot better than FREE Hi-Q Recorder which is...
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    My Bedroom Apartment rather large pics

    here is some pics and I can't wait to get out of here and get some better place:D:D:D rest are linked:
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    looking for a new AMD board

    so I have: Silverstone LC10-E Corsair TX-750 AMD Athlon II X2 250 AM3 3.0Ghz Corsair Memory 4 X 2GB 2X4096-6400C5DHX DDR2 Asus DVD Rom DVD-E818A6T SATA Lite-On BD-ROM DH-4O1S08C SATA Western Digital 640GB Caviar Green SATA Western Digital 160GB Caviar IDE eVGA e-GeForce 8800GT AKIMBO...
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    redoing old build need help on PSU

    So I'm rebuilding an old computer my Brother built so I can play some games in XP I have no idea the type of PSU or the best one. As far as power I would do the highest possible but its possible not to find the same PSU for it. ASUS A7V8X-X 462(A) VIA KT400A ATX AMD...
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    Steam Problem-won't load

    So I can't get Steam to load or do anything. I did change some cloud thing from Dallas to Houston but that's it. After that I haven't been able to use Steam. Is there something I can do? I tried to uninstall but windows 7 said something about compatibility mode. Anyone have idea...
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    HTPC-Mother Board Going Bad?

    cliffs::D:D;) 1) All hard drives (3 IDE/1 SATA) and DVD-Rom drive (SATA) work in external enclosures 2) mobo detects drives after using various cables 3)bios is slow to get into (feels like 30min to an hour) 4)Stalls on logo screen does not boot into Vista on C:\> 5) 8800GT doesn't...
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    school me on e-SATA

    What's the deal with e-SATA? what's the best one? I've found: 1)e-SATA -> SATA cable, which does what really? 2) e-SATA PCI bracket that connects to the internal SATA port 3) e-SATA PCI/PCI-e Cards (if I get one of these it would be non-RAID) I want to hook up Lite-On BD-ROM...
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    Mac Mini Questions

    My PowerMac G3 is having trouble logging in and the monitor has a greenish tint. I've tried to boot from the CD drive to use the diagnostic on the installation disc but of course that is having trouble. Been thinking of upgrading to a Mac Mini for awhile mainly for a music server which kinda...
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    Volume Question

    What causes the volume to randomly lower or cut off during a movie or game without changing the volume setting? Pioneer Receiver VSX-1019AH-K Polk Audio RM670 5.1 Speakers Wii (component cable) PS3 (Video component cable, Audio TOSlink/optical) DVD (a/v cable) HTPC (Audio HDMI, Video...
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    Download Content PS3 (games/add-ons) ?

    So I bought 2 costumes for LBP and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Special Edition yet the downloading and installing goes rather quickly than normal and nothing installs. I can't see the costumes in LBP nor can I see Monkey Island 2 in the game list. Can I do anything? I've re-downloaded...
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    Best Region Free DVD Player/Writer

    Looking for a new DVD Burner since Lite-On iHAS324 has had problems since day 1 and I'm fed up with it. 1) SATA, Internal obviously:p 2) Region Free hack available [I've encountered drives where I couldn't hack so I stuck with Lite-On since I have a program] 3) Plays anything well PAL/NTSC...
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    Lexmark Z611 Printer-Help

    I can't print in black and white only using color so I can't print any type of word documents unless the background is a different color. It has been sitting for a few years though I put new ink cartridges in it. Prints the test page fine. Lexmark Z611 any ideas? thanks.
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    cover art for game cases questions

    Has anyone printed off Game covers? I've downloaded Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (GC), Wii Sports (Wii) and Zelda: Link's Crossbow Training (Wii) and can't seem to get to print correctly. Is there any special paper to use? Anybody know how to print it off for the right size of the Gamecube...
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    no video-please help

    my eVGA e-GeForce 8800GT AKIMBO PCI-E x16 card will not show up on my monitor but onboard video from my Asus M3N78 Pro works. Its been about a year or so. the fan works so its getting power but won't display. any ideas? also I've had problems with the card displaying before after shutting...
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    iPod Nano claim

    anybody got thier check? I just got mine for $22.50
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    looking for a receiver need help

    Which one is better Sony STR-DN1000 or Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K or something else? $500 is the most I will spend on one. looking for one that handles either all or almost all DTS, Dolby etc formats thanks for the help.
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    Programs in Vista 64 stopped opening files

    I can't seem to go to ctrl +o or file->open file or folder to the file. It happens in MS Office 2007 student and home plus VLC and some other programs. going to my computer then directly to the file to open it is fine but not any other way. Also checkdisk has come up twice within the last...
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    Broke Win7RC~Help PLZ

    I somehow manage to get Win7 to pop up that it needs repair. It quit working right and froze up a few times before. I was trying to install Power DVD 7 Ultra and Power DVD 7.3 BD Edition. Only Power DVD 7.3 BD Edition Installed with upgrades. Ultra couldn't get the upgrades. Anyway...
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    HELP- Password changed in Tiger

    Suddenly my password has been changed and I'm not sure what to do. Is there any software to fix it? Would re-installing be the best option? I did not changed it. Somehow it was automatically changed for me so do I have something? Help Please. ClamXav doesn't seem to show any...
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    AnyDVD HD Questions

    So I'm using the free trial at the moment and wished I'd bought it last year but i'm stupid... HD DVD Penguin docu So it says rip video dvd to hard disk which I did so now there's two folders instead of copying directly from exploring which i did before and had more files:p and what...
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    Using Media Portal.....

    Windows Vista SP 2 64 StreamedMP Is anyone using the Blu-ray HD DVD PowerDVD plugin? somehow the it won't start but clicking on it in the plugin/windows section it works. Anyone know how to fix it? i'm using Ultra 7. What's the best for videos? My Videos or My TV Series? at the moment...
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    Power Mac G3-can't do anything

    Blue and White PowerMac G3 Zip CD 6GBHD ATI Rage I installed 2 updates from Apple, Security and Java for Tiger and the logo stayed there not logging on or anything so i thought I would finally switch to the bigger hard drive and reinstall everything. I don't get anything only a gray...
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    Hauppauge WinTV 1800 Model 1128-Some Help PLZ

    Hauppauge WinTV 1800 model 1128 in MC Vista Home Pre SP2 Setup: Comcast Cable-wall(coax)->Emerson VHS VCR(coax or a/v)-> card (any input) Some channels work and some don't even when I rescan. For Coax i can't get all channels in Media Center. Analog-only to double digits and not...