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    9900k or 3800x

    Yeah, im sorry for posting this but im at work but leaving early today to get my parts from microcenter. With the price drops of the 9900k ($440)locally it makes it hard to choose my new build. amd vs intel. Im like 80% on the side of amd this time around. Competition is great for us 9900k...
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    Go with 3800x or wait for 3900x to resupply

    Was thinking of the 3800x(it's in stock locally) and putting that $100 towards an M2 drive. (the $97 1tb one from microcenter) If the 3900x was in stock I would probably just buy it just because. I dunno but not an easy choice. $100 for 50% more cores is the other side of the argument. I can...
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    3000 Series max clocks

    Watched this video and found it interesting. Thought I would share. Screenshot of the clocks for quick ref. but he did have 10 cpu's to work with Video ->> Thoughts? so now im torn. 3800x is where im leaning as a side note saw Microcenter had lowered I9-9900k to $439
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    Newegg has the new stuff live now

    Just noticed Newegg has everything listed. didnt see the 3800 though I was considering this combo but I always go asus. so im torn..I like what this board has.. lil more than I thought it would be though. was hoping under...
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    Abit Motherboard

    Was cleaning out my old PC that sits at work. Saw the motherboard and it brought back some memories. Abit IP35pro Never had an issue with that computer. btw think I removed 2lbs dust from inside the case. lol Thought id share im sure others remember Abit or still have em in use.
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    I5-3570k upgrade finally?

    I am thinking of upgrading my 6yr old cpu. With a 9th gen cpu I7-9700k or the I9-9900k Probably just stay with the I7-9700k I got a lot of mileage out of my current cpu. The clock speed difference alone seems worth it. plus new chipset features thoughts? $399 vs $549 (saw the review where...