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    2080ti and free cyberpunk 2077. cant find my game now

    So like alot of people I purchased 2080ti brand new with the free cyberpunk 2077 game that would come with on release of the game> i remember taking all the steps to redeem the game but now I cant find it on any of the game platforms steam epic origin any one know what game platform...
  2. J

    Building a dual eatx wall mounted case

    So ive picked up an aorus x399 eatx mobo with a Threadripper 2970WX cpu and 64gbs ram. I all ready own the auros x299 gaming 7 eatx mobo with an i9 9820x. have 1 evga gtx 2080ti gpus and an xfx radeon 5700xt and enough hdds to store enough movies and music to last me 10 lifetimes. So I want to...
  3. J

    Best gpu I can run within my itx build?

    So im stuck at a stand still on my itx build wanna know what the best bang for my buck gpu is my specs are as follows I7-6700 non K 16gb corsair vengence pc 2400 1tb evo plus m.2 ssd 2x4tb storage drives Asus H170I Pro itx mobo FSP Dagger 500watt full modular psu My choices so far have been a...
  4. J

    Thermaltake tower 900 ssd trays

    Hey trying to finish up my Tower 900 case but am in need of 2 more of the ssd trays that mount on each side of the case any ideas on were to get them. Made a ticket on TT page but its been 2 weeks of no responses
  5. J

    Corsair 1000D

    Who else is getting one. Just ordered mine even though Ive got a tower 900 sitting here that I need to build in.
  6. J

    fan troubles gtx950

    So i purchased 2 Asus Strix gtx 950 from a forum member everything went great got here in 1 piece shipping was on time and fast. I installed 1 card and kids was as happy as can be but the other card for some reason fans sound like there at 100% but the software from asus says fans 0% even if i...
  7. J

    3 machines and a server in my house.

    Ok so in my house we have 3 custom machines specs as follow all win 10 pro 1x6850k 1x6800k and 1x6700k all on water 4x e5-2698 v3 so all together 80 cores worth on intel power 1x titan xp 2x gtx 1070s 1x gtx 1060 6gb 4x r9 380s machines run 24 hours a day and being winter i could use the...
  8. J

    Intel retail edge winter deal.

    So what's everyone thoughts on the up coming winter sale are we gonna see a x299 chip or another x99 CPU and what about a coffee lake CPU?
  9. J

    Intel RMA upgrade

    So I have to rma my beloved 6850k thing up and died on me a few weeks ago. I know when ive rma'ed some evga gpus ive gotten a newer version of my gpu because they ddint have mine in stock any more. Has any one ever gotten a free rma upgrade from intel?
  10. J

    X99 dual m.2 slots

    Why can't I find a Mobo for the lga 2011v3 socket with 2 m.2 slots but there's a ton of z270 boards
  11. J

    complete pentium g3220 sff desktops
  12. J

    Corsairs air almost done

    So ive had this case for about 2 years now but the hardware inside I was never really happy with. Well after a gift from a good friend who belongs to the intel retail edge my upgrade was on its way. Specs are as follows Intel i7 6850k @ 4.7ghz 32gb Corsair Vengeance pc24000 with the white leds...
  13. J

    Do we have any corsair Reps

    Looking to see if we have any Corsair reps on hardforums looking to see if they have any kind of fan bundle you can put together redoing 2 corsair air cases and looking to buy fans in 2 and 3 packs if possible to save a lil bit. Again if this is available some were i just cant seem to find 2 and...
  14. J

    blinking leds on evga hybrid cooler

    Hey all i am running 2 gtx 1070 ftw hybrid card in my rig i recenly changed the radiator fans to Corsaif sp120 white leds fans but the fans led all look to have this blinking effect any ideas how to stop it can i plug the fans into my psu instead of the 3 pin cable off the block?
  15. J

    new monitor suggestions based on my current pc build.

    So i did a major upgrade over the winter with intels retail edge winter deal. Picked up a 6850k Msi Krait mobo 32gb ddr4 corsair vengence led 2x evga ftw gtx 1070 hybrid gpus 256gb m.2 ssd off course i have more storage thats just a boot drive. Now yheres my question do I go 2k or 4k only...
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    Oculus DK1 help please

    Picked tghis upo for my son on craigslist he want to try out vr but i dindt wanna spend 500+ to try it out so figured this would at least give him a chance to check it out and see if he likes it. My issue is i cant find any of the software for the dk1 the website only has software for the dk2 if...
  17. J

    help me decide between these 2 gtx 1070 cards

    I currently Run 2 evga titan 6gb originals titans. im upgrading to a pair of 1070s. Im not interested in a single 1080 i have 2 have dual gpus if for nothing more than the way it looks in my case. Ive narrowed it down to 2 veriosns of evga's 1070 series looking for a little input one wich one to...
  18. J

    4930k to a 6850k

    Not sure of any real performance increase with my latest upgrade but for under 200 bucks for the cpu and trading my current mobo for an msi x99 krait mobo im gonna make good use of the 128gb max ram and the m.2 slot .
  19. J

    Intel winter deal 2016

    Ok so this is my first time being apart of the winter deal i have friends who used to get on it but is there really only 2 items going up for this sale didnt they uised to have hdds and mobos that went up also?
  20. J

    Gtx 1060 3gb to much for a Q6600 ?

    Ive got 2 machines both are core 2 quad Q6600 running aftermarket heatsinks @3.5ghz each 8gb ddr2 memory looking to freshen them up for my buddys 2 boys for xmas got the ssds new case 600watt thremaltake psu just looking at videom card choices. Was thinking Gtx 970s but was curious about using...
  21. J

    video card for a first gen i7 extreme

    SO i purchased a machine on ebay because i wanted the limited edition case it was in. So i have a mobo 24gb ram and a 980x extreme cpu . i installed it all into a normal windowed case with a new thermal take 430 watt psu. I have 1 6pin adapter to use what kind of card can I use would like to...
  22. J

    Picked up a Thermaltake level 10 Titanium today

    Shopping ebay i cam across the thermal take level 10 titanium today and had to have it. So to the tune of $540 it will be on its way to my home in a few days.. Any ideas for mods or any really nice worklogs using this case. It came with a msi x58 mobo and a 980x im putting 24gb ram into it and...
  23. J

    6950x 4 Channels DDR4 2400; one DIMM per Channel?

    Ordered my 6950x looking at a new lga 2011v3 motherboard and noticed this on the cpu spec page. So my board has 8 rams slots im only able to utilize 4 of them now? whats the point of quad channel ram?
  24. J

    Sketchup Rendering using Virtual machines?

    Ive got a customer who has a really nice rig but his sketchup rendering takes hours. He does have a dual quad core xeon server thats just used as a file server so we were thinking about taking 1 cpu and splitting it into 4 single core virtual machines with something like a decent 960ti on each...
  25. J

    Corsair 800D new upgrade ?

    OK the specs to my pc are as follows Corsair 800D windowed case Msi X79-GD45 plus motherboard Intel 6 core I7 4930k @ 4ghz 24gb gskill rip jawz ddr3 3x msi 4gb gtx 970 on order 3x full coverage blocks from Ek on order 1050 watt corsair Psu 3x120mm radiator on top 1x140mm radiator on...
  26. J

    49630k+ msi x79a-gd45 plus overclocking

    Done some searching and have yet to find any one else running this combo so figured id ask here. I was hoping to get to the 4.5-5ghz mark with an oc on my new 4930k but cant seem to get it above 4.3 stable. This is my first time trying to overclock on the x79 chipset so any suggestion or setting...
  27. J

    upgrading from 2x xfx 7950DD

    OK so its finally time to retire my 7950 DD edition. they have served me very well and am still happy with there performance in todays game but its time to upgrade. My budget is $400 + whatever I can sell my 7950's for. what would you all suggest im not a fan boy when it comes to video cards...
  28. J

    3x120mm radioator enough

    I have a corsair 800d and as of now im cooling just my cpu off a 2x120mm radiator im looking to possibly also add in my 2x xfx 7950s to the loop but replacing the 2x120mm with a 3x120mm nothings over clocked and im not bit coin mining or anyting just playing games for a few hours at a time and...
  29. J

    what upgrade should i go with to gain the most performance

    OK my current rig is a 3820 cpu msi 2011 x79-gd45 plus motherboard 24gb ddr3 ripjaw memory 2x xfx DD Ghost 7950 in x-fire Now will I get more performance in an upgrade going from the 3820 to a 4930k or would a pair of gtx 770s gain me more performance.
  30. J

    What way should i go for my next upgrade

    OK my current rig is a 3820 cpu msi 2011 x79-gd45 plus motherboard 24gb ddr3 ripjaw memory 2x xfx DD Ghost 7950 in x-fire Now will I get more performance in an upgrade going from the 3820 to a 4930k or would a pair of gtx 770s gain me more performance.
  31. J

    lenovo m92p system with display
  32. J

    ghost image from server to my pcs new hdd

    Like the title says I want to be able to do daily or weekly image backups of my 240gb os/software hard drive and be able to access If say my drive goes bad be able to reload the image onto my new replacment hdd over the network. I know its possible we used to do it at a place i worked when...
  33. J

    logitech g510 control my gpu fan speeds?

    Hey just curious to if any one know a way i can use the macro keys on thelogitech g510 keyboard to change my gpu fan speeds on the fly would like to have 1 key to set the fans to 40% one to 60% one to 80% and one key to 100%. I do have 2 7950s in crossfire so it would need to change them both at...
  34. J

    How bigs your steam folder

    with the recent purchase of the crysis bundle im pushing almost 200gb whats every one elses account size looking like?
  35. J

    new mobo and 2 new 7950's how does my score look like the titel says im looking for any good or bad advace or ridicul on my new setup score Went from an asus p8p67 pro revision 3 to a nice asus maximus 4 extreme p67 mobo and from sli gtx 560 448 core to a nice pair of 3gb xfx doudle d 7950s. never...
  36. J

    phobia 400mm radiator enough

    looking at water cooling my system when i finally get my new mobo wondering if Will be enough to cool a 2600k@5ghz 2x evga gtx 570 hd 1280mb editions I want...
  37. J

    motherboard suggestions for tri sli

    OK well i have a asus p8p67 pro rev.3 mobo and its slowly dieing so im looking to upgrade to something newer and with the ability to run 3 gtx 560ti 448 core or 3x570s. Looking for suggestion looking to stay under the $300 mark if possible. Rest of my pc cpecs are as follows. 2600k @...
  38. J

    2600k issues

    OK well after almost a year of running perfectly at 5ghz my 2600k is having issue the voltage its been on is 1.375v and its been under an h100 with 4 fans in a push pull configuration. The errors im getting are bsods. i can get into my bios and play all day long i can even load windows over and...
  39. J

    coil whine not always

    OK got an odd questions why is it only sometimes i get very annoying coil whine and other times i hear nothing for 2-3 days
  40. J

    Bf:3 really as bad as i think it is

    I dont know about any one else but PLaying bf 3 online that game is terrible in my eyes. Even when nothing is going on around you you still hear gun fire airplanes and tanks like there right next to you even when there nothing in site not even gun fire. Everyweapon i have used has a recoil like...