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    dell h200 reporting as int tape adapter

    Hi, i purchased a h200 off ebay and it reports as 'int tape adapter'. is this the same as the standard dell 6gbpsSAS? is there any chance of bricking it if put the 'standard' Dell 6Gbps SAS HBA firmware IT firmware on it?
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    connect pata drive to sata backplane

    so i was thinking of buying a real server with a real SAS/SATA backplane (i think it's a bunch of inverse 8482 connectors - ie a sata hard disk can connect directly to it). however, i have about 5x250GB PATA disks that i would like to use. i have these fiddly adapters that attach to the PATA...
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    recommend jbod controller for 4tb drives

    i just purchased a 4tb for 150USD :) problem is my current SAS1068E controller doesn't support >2tb drives... so i'm in the market for a 8 port sata controller board that will support my purchase. any recommendations? don't really care about performance as it's mostly cold storage and...
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    Replace just the fan on my intel 775 processor

    Hi, i would like swap out the stock heat sink and fan from my intel 775 processor. However, i wanna go cheap and just replace the fan (leaving the same heat sink). is this possible? advised?
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    sun stk raid int / adaptec 5805 firmware flashing

    i have a sun "Cougar" raid card that is on an old firmware level. i would like to upgrade it to support 3tb drives etc. however, i do not have sun hardware/software to do it from; only my lowly intel asus mobo. i tried flashing with the adaptec 5805 firmware but i get: Target controller...