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    PC Desk Dodge Charger 1970 Theme [Build Log]

    Niiiiiice, that orange tho! Looks sick with that black! Be sure to put in a submission to rig of the month when you are done!!!!
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    PC Desk Dodge Charger 1970 Theme [Build Log]

    Progressing well! I like the work on the speaker enclosure!
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    PC Desk Dodge Charger 1970 Theme [Build Log]

    BADASS!!! This will be a fun project to follow! Love me some charger!
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    Mind bending problem - Random restarts

    What do windows event logs show during the time of the reboot?
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I am right with you, I loved Doom 2016, Eternal has new mechanics that I did not enjoy as much. The visuals are outstanding though!
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    Happy 15th birthday F.E.A.R.

    That is a nice touch but it needs ID Tech7 or Unreal engine type of visual remake, all modern graphics tech. That way it goes from a Doom 3 look to Doom/ Doom Eternal type of upgrade.
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    Happy 15th birthday F.E.A.R.

    F.E.A.R. needs an high rez update. Do not touch any gameplay mechanic just modern visuals! It deserves the modern visual touch!
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    3080 on the way - should I upgrade this memory?

    I would not get CL18 3600 it would probably perform similar to the 3000 at CL15. Thank you,
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Voodoo 3 2000, then a voodoo3 3000.
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    BSOD in W7 + Event Log + minidump
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    3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 AGP Video Card missing MLCC capacitor

    I would send a PM to erek, there is no doubt they would be able to assist.
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    Laptop Mining Rig

    My tone is basically this. If you want to learn do it, you don't have to mine 24/7, mine for a little bit to understand the concept. You won't burn a laptop if you limit cpu speed or do it short tern. 99% of what you will learn is the setup, the rest just does it's thing. This is where I say...
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    Laptop Mining Rig

    What I read is you want to use your laptop for crypto mining with little need to make money off it. The only reason why I could see you doing this is to learn about how it is done. Otherwise not sure why you want to continue to pursue, buying computer parts or a ASIC miner just to mine sounds...
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    Upgrading system. How to transfer current Win 10 Pro key to it?
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    Is VR even worth it?

    It is the abnormality of visual movement with no body movement. Out of the 4 of us in my family I am the only one impacted.
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    Old Noob Looking for DeathMatch FPS

    Quake Champions would be my vote for a great fix.
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    How much power do you need these days?

    You need enough power to be [H].
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    Is VR even worth it?

    Playing Skyrim and Fallout 4 in VR is great experience. VR is not for everyone but you have to be open to the idea behind it. If you know of a friend who has it with many games to sample you can get a good field of whether or not you'll like it. That is what I did and ours is used weekly for...
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    FF VII: Remake. New news/teaser trailer

    Freakin cool! The latest intro trailer looked fantastic. Classic or new mode fighting is okay with me, a bummer there would have to be a wait for it to be on other systems.
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    Really p***ed at TP-Link for misleading documentation about bridging

    I agree with the usage of a cheap powerline adapter will resolve all the headaches and eliminate time spent on troubleshooting. Do not need much data transfer for a printer.
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    Wattage calculators say I'm at 450watts so would a 550 PSU be plenty then ?

    Efficiency drops the closer the PSU is to max output. I think the 80+ rating is a good idea even though the RM550X is 80+ Gold, I would stay within 70% to 80% of PSU max theoretical output. The further you are from max theoretical output the better the PSU performs and the more stable your...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Geforce 256 x800 pro 1080ti
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    still need a separate sound card?

    While I did not read all the responses. In midrange to high end motherboards have discrete circuitry and swapable components that allow onboard to rival some dedicated sound cards. Now if you are looking for sound production or use high end headphones or similar then dedicated DAC amps/preamps...
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    A man walks up to you with a 1080Ti and a 5700XT and says, "Free. Choose one."

    Heck yeah! Gotta prepare them for the big boy gaming boxes! My kids have pretty decent rig.
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    A man walks up to you with a 1080Ti and a 5700XT and says, "Free. Choose one."

    5700XT seems appealing for what it is. I'd put it in the kids gaming box!
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    Ford Mustang Mach E Leak: Mustang goes Electric

    That is one sexy mustang!
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    Windows 10 1909

    The update appeared to be really small as the download was quick as well as the install was quick as well. I'm good with that!
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    Doom creator John Romero on what's wrong with modern shooter games

    Destiny 2 is a perfect example of too many guns. Once I find a gun that suits me well it becomes under powered and it takes forever to find another one like it.
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    Windows 10 Lag/Lockup (System Interrupts)

    I have found that Intel rapid storage drivers can cause similar behavior. Uninstall it if you have it.
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    16gb upgrade on old Asus M4A785-M Download the Memory / Device Support file and review your memory type. Not all memory types support 4 dimm slots on this mobo. 4 Dimm : • A*: Supports one module inserted in any slot as Single-channel memory configuration • B*: Supports...
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    Comcast, beware: New city-run broadband offers 1Gbps for $60 a month

    Def not a first in Colorado. Very awesome to see more and more cities adopt this. Been a NextLight charter member since 2016
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    Effect of bent socket pins on functionality and stability.

    Mine are not too bad, it is best if I do not wear my glasses or contact lenses when I do this procedure or similar.
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    Effect of bent socket pins on functionality and stability.

    I have adjusted bent pins on a server motherboards over the years including one of my one and things have been running great for years. Those pins are very thing and would be prone to breaking or tearing if not careful. I used a couple of tweezers to careful adjust the pins to sit almost...
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    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I have not been able to get into this game like everyone in my family has. Although it is a ton of fun to watch and help with the shrines and divine beasts. I may have 3 hours total while my wife and kids have spent a lot of time on it. It looks like a very in-depth fantastic game.
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    Overclocking the Switch

    That is awesome. Quite the overclock for a mobile gaming system I use to play classic NES games on.....
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    If your GPU has high TEMP!

    Fully understood, I may do this as a project soon just reapply TIM on CPU and GPU.
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    If your GPU has high TEMP!

    I can see how this can easily be overlooked. I have never removed the heatsink to apply TIM of any of my graphics cards over the years. A great reminder!
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    Would you buy open box?

    For me as a rule of thumb if it has moving parts I am less likely to buy open box. If it is like a monitor, receiver or components with no moving parts I will do open box, this includes buying mobo's, memory and such off forums or other. If it has moving parts packaging, age, shipping or other...