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    Prime 95 + XP-M driving me insane

    I have a XP-M 2500+, and it will run 3200+ at 1.65v, perfectly stable. But then if I try for anything more, prime95 will fail the torture test. No matter what. Even if I try 2v it will still fail at 2400MHz. The thing that bothers me about it, is with 2v, I can get to windows at at least...
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    Xp-m 2500+ @ 2500, should I try for more?

    Just installed my Mobile barton 2500+, it's the stepping that starts with an "I", I forget what all of it is. I was worried at first when it took 1.7v to get to 2.4GHz, but now I have it running at 2.5GHz with 1.8v ( moves around, It's actually somewhere between 1.78v and 1.86v at any given time...
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    how to make a .iso from a CD-ROM

    I dont know why, but I searched through a bunch of forums and about 15 pages of google and was unable to find any results for this... how do you make an ISO image from an existing CD-ROM? ( this is not related to piracy, it's for a linux CD my freind gave me )
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    About to try a nice mobile setup

    I'm currently running an NF7-S 2.0 and an 1800+, with a zalman CNPS-6000-Cu, but it will only do 2.1GHz ( 210x10 ) @ 1.9v. The new setup I'm thinking of is: thermalright SP-97 heatsink two or three 80w peltiers in a series AMD Mobile Athlon XP 2400+ big electric car fan + home made...
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    thermalright heatsinks and Abit NF7-S v.2.0

    I have an NF7-S revision 2.0 and I just got a thermalright SLK-947-U, then I looked at thermalrights site and they say that the v2.0 of my mobo is not compatible with the SLK-947U, but it is compatible with the SP-97, the SLK900A, and the SLK-800U. Is this really incompatible, with what I...
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    Learn from others water cooling mistakes...

    I'm about to be putting together my first water-cooled PC, and I figure that before all the crap comes next weekend, I should do some reasearch. One of the best ways of avoiding problems is to learn from the mistakes of others. The setup will be: Dangerden AMD64 RBX Athlon 64 3400+...
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    eheim 1048 and 1/2" tubing

    I'm planning on setting up a Eheim 1048 and all 1/2" stuff. Eheim lists the pump as having all 1/2" fittings, but dangerden lists it as having 1/2" OD fittings, which might imply that it is for a 1/2" ID hose, or may mean something else. Will this pump require an adaptor for 1/2" tubing?
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    planning on purchase for OC, good idea?

    I'm planning on building a new A64 system: Athlon 64 3400+ ABit KV8-Max3 Kingston HyperX Series DDR500 ( do I need this high of RAM?) Eheim 1048 DangerDen RBX A64 Dangerden z-chip dangerden blackice pro ( all fittings and tubing will be 1/2" ID ) Enermax noisetaker 470W Is this...
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    New Athlon XP's?

    I dunno how much this ACTUALLY means, but at AMD's processor roadmap they listed two new Athlon XP's which ( I guess 'might' ) come out.,,30_118_608,00.html they listed a aXP called "paris" which would be 130 nm SOI, and another...
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    What are the "Thortons"?

    now, is it just me, or does that seem bassackwards? I mean, here you have a small cheap to produce core like the t-bred, and you replace it with a larger more expensive core like the barton, and cut half of it off and under clock the FSB. This would only make sense if they were doing like...