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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    If you go online to read some manual of gigabyte boards(for example GA-970A-UD3 or Z68MA-D2H-B3, you will see that the 4th pin of the CPU fan is PWM speed control. But sys_fan 4th pin is "reserved", meaning it has no function at all. Aside from the cpu fan, all other fan header only has voltage...
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    MSI 970A-G46 supports SLI ??

    970 chip can surely do CF. But I understand your concern since states that 970 chip does not support SLI. However, MSI says it does. I would rather believe in MSI. If it really doesn't work call up MSI for complain for false advertisement...
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    Best Card in CrossFire/SLI in PCIe x16 & x4

    My z68 motherboard running i5 2500k only have PCIe x16 and PCIe x4 lanes. I want to do crossfire/sli. I know that doing CF/SLI with x16 & x8 is "okay" since not all GPU benefit from x8 to x16. My question is in my setup, (x16 & x4) what's the best card to do CF/SLI without suffering...
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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    I had an asus Motherboard and it worked just like my Gigabyte. The gigabyte has 4 pin header and their own fan controlling software too(the owner manual confirm that the 4th pin is just there, doing nothing). However, I am afraid that asus also just has a fake 4 pin and it doesn't work. Or as...
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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    Thank you for your suggestion. I was looking too and I like the Kaze Fan controller. The Scythe Kaze Master Pro seems to be a great choice too!. But both of these only has 1A per channel. Can't daisy chain much fan if needed. I am currently running 6 in my case already :) But again, thank you.
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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    I agree!! I wish fan controlling can be implemented nicely on MB. It just seems to be like a such easy task but extremely helpful. Thanks for the heads up and I did like Abit MBs. Sad that they don't manufacture consumer MB anymore.
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    I'm feeling worried about the 78XX cards

    I just hope that I can 3way CF the 7870.
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    Would it be ridiculous to pair a 7970 with Q6600?

    Or.....wait for Ivy bridge + GTX600 series. ;)
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    28nm Patience Game

    I am almost losing the game!!
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    From 2x 570's to 1x 7970. Could NOT be happier.

    I think microstuttering is completely gone in 3way CF(6990 counts as 2 :)).
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    Upgrade to 580 or wait for 600 series?

    I really hope that's true and also the claimed 40% improvement over the competition.
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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    On my GA-Z68MA-USB3 matx board. The case fan 4 pin header can not read/control correct fan speed. I read the manual, it said the the 4th pin is reserved(it means it's not working) so even though I plug a pwm fan in, it's not controlling the speed. On my GA-880GA board, it say the case fan 4...
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    ASUS Crosshair V Formula AMD AM3+ Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Will there be a new chip set for piledriver? Or getting the 990fx should be okay.
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    Ivy Bridge high-end SFF motherboard compilation

    I actually wanna build a very small gaming pc but dont want to run mitx. It's just great to know that I can have room for upgrade if needed to. So I am really into matx.
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    BitFenix new Mini ITX Lan-Party Case

    This is so cute and of course, HOT!!!!
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    Fan rpm and volts question.

    Need to find out what volt does it spin at and what rpm. Then you can tell what rpm does it run at given volt by solving some linear equation.
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    NZXT Officially Reveals the Switch 810

    We need more white cases!!
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    Corsair Carbide 300R Case

    The price is right, but the look.........well, let's say it's subjective.
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    Asus Pad Fone

    Like the transformer? The keyboard is sold separately too?
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    Galaxy S III

    I just got my Galaxy SII. I guess when I upgrade, I will be getting the Galaxy S IV
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    AMD 3D 120hz monitor options?

    I thought any 3D monitor/tv work with AMD 3D. Maybe I could be just wrong.....
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    PSU fan rattling, need opinions

    Do a second RMA and request advance RMA: make them mail a new one first.
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    How much power will I need to run this rig?

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: You used P3 to measure??
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    i5-2500 Temperature & Coolermaster 612

    Great Temp! I use a 212+ @4.68Ghz hot at 81C when primed.
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    Thank you Gskill

    Gotta love G.Skill. Had to rma the first time in 8 years and it was a great experience for me too.
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    G skill memory question

    I had similar problem when I put 2 more 4gb ripjaw in my system. It turns out that 1 of the 4gb was bad. RMAed.
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws vs X series

    Anyone tried what is highest OC possible on the cheap ripjaws?
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    Which brand of MB maker has the best on board Fan Control

    As titled. Which brand of motherboard has the best onboard fan control? I am currectly using gigabyte MB(both intel and amd) and it's not that great.
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    Anyone else enjoy ASUS' RMA process?

    I remember it took a month for a RMA mb for me.
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    28nm Patience Game

    Once I get my hand on GTX 600, then Radeon 8000 series will be announce..........
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    NZXT Phantom Enthusiast Full Tower

    I would just buy a 5.25 usb3.0/card reader.
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    I want a 800D, however, I am using a micro atx board using onboard graphic......doh.
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    [WorkBlog] X ToWeR

    Great job!! I should be a copycat and do a Z-tower.
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    Best PSU ever! 860W SeaSonic

    Love this PSU, hate the price tag
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    Any Experience with OCZ RMA?

    Good luck! I never have an OCZ PS failed on me yet.
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    When will the low end am3 chips be stocked again?

    They do make revision of the old am3 boards to support am3. But everything else remain the same.
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    Piledriver cores will use resonant clock mesh

    Isn't the new FX-41XXs will be above the 4Ghz range?