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    Am I interpreting this framerate test correctly? If black rectangles are moving across the screen, should I ever see any "overlaps"?

    Hello all, I have a JU6500 40" Samsung from several years ago, and while it was so cutting edge at the time and cost me over 800$, I've always been a little wary of the actual quality of the panel. I got it more for the screen real estate than the quality, but now that I'm eyeing a better panel...
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    Did GPU bubbles of before "pop" in some way?

    I imagine if miners are buying up GPUs and then they take a bath in the markets, they'll be looking to offload their GPUs quickly for cash instead? Same with scalpers; is there a chance they start going BELOW MSRP? I'm just wondering what happened last time.
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    3 New Acers: Acer Predator XB273U NX, the Acer Nitro XV282K KV, and the Predator XB323QK NV. I know folks have been waiting for solid entries into the 32" 4k HFR HDR arena...
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    Is Noctua overkill if not overclocking 5900X?

    I've been using an AIO for my 4770k for 7 years, but could be interested in an air cooling solution for my incoming 5900x Is a Noctua overkill? I forget what it was about PBO or something where coolers could improve stock performance. edit: possible alts 212 Evo or cryorig h7?
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    Recommended audio hardware for a cluttered, 10x14' room with a 100" screen on one end and a small loveseat in a corner?

    In NYC, space is at a premium, so i was originally going to go with a soundbar, but at the behest of many a technophile I am now considering at least a 3.1 system, though, 5.1 could be on the table, which is what I'm asking about now. The pictures below should explain most of the setup. Would...
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    At this point considering the Puget or Origin premium simply because they seem to have stock; is a builder worth it?

    Was looking for Ryzen 5, RTX 30X0s, and at this point only the builders have them in stock. Naturally there's a labor/warranty premium from these guys, (I compared part by part to their cost, and it's about 2300 to do it myself and 3100 for them to do it). Are there any comparisons of the...
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    Can bad SATA cables be responsible for bandwidth slowdown, disconnects while showing 100% in Task Manager? How does the 100% even work?

    My system is from 2014 btw; AFAIK my PSU is enough? It's 650W, 4770k, 32GB ram, GTX970, 2 SSDs, 4 HDDs. At any given time at least one of the HDDs will be disconnected. I thought maybe it was a bad SATA cable, so I swapped some around and then the ones that were working swapped, but then it...