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    howto: viewing images on ipad from a Win10 computer ons mae local network

    I like to view images I have stored on my Win10 computer. Both or on the same home network.
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    Dell XPS sale & software configuration question

    I am thinking about getting a new Dell XPS to replace an older XPS. Sale question: There is a Dell sale this weekend. However, I am not 100% sure if this only applies to certain models or whether 10% applies to all? Software config question: It appears that for certain models, especially the...
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    Looking for good stereo desktop PC speakers

    I have been nursing an old Gateway Boston 2.1 speaker system. I like to upgrade to a simple stereo desktop speaker set. My requirements: - wired input (no Bluetooth necessary - realize most will come with it) - above average sound - auto standby - or low standby power when no sound detected. -...
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    Opinion on Dell XPS Desktops

    I like to upgrade my Dell XPS 9100 to a new one. My desktop is not used for gaming, just a general home PC for editing, office work. However, I like to get a currnet high-end PC as I keep the PC's for a long time. Does anyone have some insights on the current XPS desktop line and configurations?
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    Upgrading Radeon HD6570 in older system

    I have a Windows Media Center PC that Like to nurse along a bit longer. I am using a Radeon HS6570. There is a know problem with ATI when fast forwarding TV that it can lock up. Apparently, nvidia doesn't have the issue. I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard...
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    Looking for 8-port POE switch with integrated power supply

    I need to upgrade my 8 port switch to power two POE AP's. I don't wnat to use the injectors. My needs: 8 ports POE (I think my AP's have 7.5W max; might want to plug-in a camera down to road) Wishes: I like the clean installation of not needing a power supply. I always like to ground...
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    Good USB Wifi for Dell 660S tower (USB 3.0)

    I have a Dell 660S mini tower that I had to move outside of a wired range. It's internal WiFi is not very fast at new location. I am thinking about getting an external USB WiFi adapter. Can anyone recommend a good USB adapter?
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    Looking for buying advice for comapct (Tenkeyless ?) keyboard

    Hi, I need a keyboard that is a bit shorter for a keyboard tray application that I obtained for ergonomics. I found that a regular keyboard is too wide. There is a lot of dead space that I never use (number block). Ideally, I prefer wired keyboards. Doing a search on Amazon I found a couple of...
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    "Smallest" APC UPS with True Sine Wave

    Hi, I don't need a large capacity UPS. I am thinking around 750 VA might be sufficient. However, I do want a UPS with true sine output. Is it BR1000MS? I think the BR700G is not a true sine.
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    Keyboard Tray suggestions (under desk mounted)

    I convinced myself that I want to try out an under desk mounted keyboard tray. Just wondering if anyone here is using one and researched the different models. One main difference appears to whether the keyboard and mouse pad rest on the same surface or the mouse is a separate (attached) pad...
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    Need help with Dock (port replicator) for HP ZBook 15 G4

    Hi, I just got a HP ZBook 15 G4. Realizing there are no more docking stations for this laptop I am looking at ta port replicator dock. I believe this document describes the options: Am I concluding correctly that that I could use either...
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    Best email provider for privacy

    I would like to update my email. Currently, I am using mostly I also have a domain forwarder that forwards to comcast. This forwarder is good for a lifetime address. What email providers are known for good privacy, availability, and possibly security?
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    What (corporate) latpop to pick? HP 650G4 or ZBook 15 G4?

    My company has purchasing agreements, and therefore, if I want a 15" laptop I have the two choices: HP 650G4 (i5-7300U - 8GB) ZBook 15 G4 (i7-7820HQ - 16GB) Ok, I realize that this is somewhat a strange question as I am comparing tow different types of laptops. The ZBook appears to be better...
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    27" Office Monitor Viewsonic VP2768 or Dell UltraSharp U2717D?

    Looking for some input on what office monitor to choose. I am looking for a 27" 2560 x 1440 60hz. The viewsonic seems to have good factory color accuracy. But beyond that will I notice a difference?
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    27" monitor with DVI port - Asus?

    I believe the answer to my other thread is going to be no: The other solution might be to find a 27" monitor with DVI. Of course DVI ports are rare. I think Dell stopped offering...
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    Converting DVI duallink to HDMI or Display port possible? (@2560x 1440 pixels)

    I want to upgrade my monitor form 24" to 27". Therefore, my resolution will change form 1920 x 1080 to 2560x 1440 pixels. Newer monitors do not (or rarely) have a DVI connector. I am using a KVM setup that I woudl like to keep if at all possible. My KVM and cables are capable 2560 × 1600 (all...
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    Looking for TV as a "presentation display" advice for office

    Hi, I am currently using an older projector in the office to display content (mostly presentations). I want to change to a TV display. At least 49", probably a bit larger. What brands/models work good for this use case? I imagine I don't need to buy the most expensive model?
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    Best wireless headset for home ofice

    I am looking for some advice for a good wireless headset for a home office setup. At work I am using a Jabra which is really good, but pricey. I like dual ear, obviously a mic. Prefer "classic: style, don't like in ear options.
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    Looking to upgrade 24" display - what size, format, curved?

    I am using a Samsung 2443 as my main display. I would like to upgrade to something better an also larger. Looking for some experiences to see what is practical. Size, format, and also whether or not curved works I use my display for work, research, browsing, ... no gaming. I like good quality
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    VGA docking station to DVI KVM and display adapter?

    I have a setup with one PC and one laptop (docking station). KVM uses DVI. I changed my laptop from a Lenovo to HP. The new HP docking station has only VGA output. Can I convert the VGA out to DVI? I believe the monitor can do both. The current DVI plug is a DVI-D Single link. Out of luck? Or...
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    Cloning help: How to clone OS and programs from larger disk to smaller SSD?

    I have a 1TB drive and got a 120GB Samsung SSD. I woudl like to clone the OS+Programs onto the SSD and keep the other drive for data. The Samsung data migration tool doesn't seem to like this use case. How can I go about this?
  22. M no longer accepting emails (since June 2017)

    I am using my hotmail account for several years to allow a home automation software to send alerts. I have configured outbound emails for on port 587. This has been working great for years. It has stopped working since June. Nothing else has changed. I double checked...
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    Looking for equivalent nvidia for AMD 6570 1GB (HIS brand silent)

    I have a AMD 6570 1GB (HIS brand silent). I need to replace it due to h.264 encoding issues with Comcast on my MCE. Probably a driver issue. But AMD does not longer update the drivers for 6570. It seems that folks have generally more success with nVidia. What would be an equivalent (or...
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    HDMI to VGA adatper with HDCP support - needed?

    I am using an AMD graphics card in a MS MediaCenter setup. A projector connected through HDMI and a secondary control display to a VGA monitor. Generally, everything is working well for years. That includes watching TV with Ceton tuners and watching blueray. However, here and there I have some...
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    Can't get Amazon Tap configured

    I can't get the Amazon Tap configured. Does anyone know what ports Amazon tap (and ipad with app) needs to get a tap configured? It doesn't appear that my tap makes it to pulling an IP address.
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    Need help with adding SATA connectors & PCI compability

    I am migrating from an older server setup to a Lenovo TS140. The TS140 has 5 SATA ports. I have used 4 so far (optical disc, SSD, HDD1, HDD2). As part of my migration I also want to port two drive bays for removable drives. Therefore, I need 2 more SATA connectors. My old setup did not support...
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    Free burner SW that allwos to create bootbale ISO?

    I am looking for a free SW that allows to burn bootable ISO disc. Would ActiveISO work?
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    Windows Server 2012 Evaluation upgrade to purchased key

    Do I need to reinstall a Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials when switching from evaluation copy to "purchased"? Or can I simply enter the new key?
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    Buying OS on ebay experiences?

    Buying OS (especially server) seems to be very tempting on ebay. Vendors claim it is legit. Does anyone here have experience going this route?
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    Looking for smaller 2.5" drive for CCTV recording

    In addition to the SSD for my OS I will need a 2.5" regular drive for CCTV recording. Since I record only by exception, 250GB is enough. However, I realize bigger might be cheaper. Low noise is a plus. Can anyone recommend a model. WDC blue, black, red?
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    Smallest size capacity for OS with hardly any programs?

    I am building a new server for CCTV recording and some file server/backup duty. I would like to load the OS on a SSD and use a second 2.5" drive as the recording drive. What capacity do I need for an OS? I am thinking Win 2012 server or WIn 10.
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    Lenovo Thinkserver Ts140 - supports hotswap?

    I am considering getting a Lenovo Thinkserver Ts140 as I want to keep hotswap bays in the front. THe TS140 is one of the last remaining mini servers that still has expand-ability in the front bezel (5 1/4 and 3 1/2). However, I am not sure whether the TS140 supports hotswap...
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    What is the equivalent server CPU to a i5 4590?

    For a CCTV application I am told that I need a i5 4590 CPU. However, I prefer the Dell Poweredge design, which comes mostly with Xeon's. The Dell Online Store: Build Your System What would be an equivalent CPU in the server/Xeon line?
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    Looking for recommendation for round SATA cables in various lengths

    I got some OKGEAR OK10A3RK12 to replace my long flat SATA cable. My objective was to get rounded cable in 12" length. Unfortunately, the Okgear plug is too wide and is hard to push in next to the power plug. Can someone recommend a different brand/product?
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    Best SATA driver for Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P?

    I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P mobo witth WIn7 64. I am trying to figure out the best SATA driver with AHCI support for this Mobo. Currently, I have an Intel driver from 2009. I downloaded it from Gigabyte's web site. There is no newer driver from Gigabyte. Should I rather use the Win7...
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    Recomendation for a 250GB - 300GB drive for always on PC

    I believe that the main drive (OS/programs) in a Media Center PC is about to fail. There is a second drive for recordings. I would like to take the opportunity to upgrade to SSD. My current drive is 300GB. Frankly, 250GB probably would be enough. What kind of brands/product lines are viewed to...
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    Looking for memeory upgrade help for Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P board

    I have a PC used as a MS Media Center. I would like to upgrade from 4GB to 8GB to reduce disc caching. Currently, about 65% of physical memory is used. The motherboard, Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P: GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Currently, I have 2 x...
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    Best (secure, fast,..) DNS?

    I ma setting up my new ZyXEL UTM. I thought it would be a good time to review the DNS source. I believe so far I used my Comcast DNS. I using Comcast generally a good idea? What is generally viewed as a fast and secure DNS?
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    Looking for (wired) router/firewall recommendation

    Hi, I am looking for some help selecting a standalone wired router appliance. I would like a device that offers above average security, that is not easily hijacked, and offers support such as updates when needed. I like not to exceed $400. Initially, I thought that like the idea of...
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    Looking for 24" 16:10 display advice - Samsung or Dell

    Hi, I am looking for some help selecting a 24" display upgrade. My requirements: - Samsung or Dell - 16:10 format - DVI plug - Vesa mountable - non-shiny display screen Usage: - mostly office work, no gaming. However, I do like an above average display quality. Any input is welcome.