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    User Title

    Can I have the title "Shenanigans" please?
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    Connecting via VPN

    Why is it I'm taking to a capcha page when connecting with my VPN?
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    Having a dirty LAN and a secure LAN

    I have a pfsense box that currently has several blacklists, and also running Perk on several phones. However, since their ads are blocked, I don't get credit for running the app. Is there a way to whitelist them?
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    Not receiving emails

    I am not receiving email notifications.
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    Email notifications

    I am not receiving any emails.
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    Bad Areca 1120?

    I have an Areca 1120, which when connected to the motherboard, the computer does not even POST. It powers on for a few seconds, then power cycles. When I disconnect it, the computer boots up fine. Anyone know if my Areca is bad?
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    Need a standard 2U PSU

    I just purchased a Norco RPC-2008, which said it takes a standard 2U PSU, but after trying to get the Supermicro PWS-652-2H installed, I realized it doesn't fit. What PSU will work with this case?
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    Norco RPC-2008

    I recently purchased the Norco RPC-2008, but cannot figure out how to mount a hard drive on top of the hot swap drive like in their picture. I do not have an enclosure like they do there. It is just two flat pieces of metal.
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    E-mail notifications

    I have not seen any emails come through today.
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    Double posting

    It seems when I make a post and click submit, it goes through but it gives me the double post timeout page, but it doesn't show it posted when you scroll down.
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    Email notifications

    I haven't seen an email notification since 4:40PM CST yesterday.
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    Num lock

    One of my users is requesting the Num Lock stay on when it is at the user log on (XP). The computer is a T7500 and I can enable the Num Lock in the BIOS and then in the registry, but for some reason, when the computer is at the log on screen, it isn't enabled. Is there a way to enable this?
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    NAS for seedbox?

    I've been contemplating getting rid of my current seedbox in favor of a NAS such as one of these: However, I do not know how well it would perform.
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    Logitech Z-5500 sound issues

    I've tested the speakers through the control center and all the speakers play a sound individually. I then tested them through Windows 7 sound panel and all the speakers play the sound individually. Now, the issue I'm having is when I it set to Stereo, PLII Movie, PLII Music, only FL plays...
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    Server 2003 share issues

    So I can see shares from my server to my computers but not from my computers to my server. Any ideas?
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    Wanting to build my own storage server

    I've been out of this for a little while, but I want to build a 24x2TB drives with the Areca 1880ix-24 or 1280ML. Now what I'm unsure about is which drives to pick. Would the Seagate AS series work fine or would I have to go with the NS? I would like the WD RE drives, but they are a bit...
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    Flash Player

    I have a user who has Flash Player 10 and when he launches a site, it pops under the screen and is white (doesn't play the site). How do I fix this?
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    Office XP issue

    One of my users is having an issue with Office XP crashing when opening it. The error she is getting is, "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications." The laptop she is using is a Dell D630 with XP SP3 and all the updates. My...
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    Sysprep issue

    So after I Sysprep (set to Factory) a computer with XP, then use UBCD to make a ghost image, then put that image on another computer, I always get C:\Windows to pop up. So for a temporary fix for now, I go to Start, Run, Regedit, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion...
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    E-mail notifications

    I am not receiving any e-mail notifications to my subscribed threads.
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    Weird Network issue

    I have a Netgear GS108 with 6 computers connected and a Linksys GRT54GL. On occasion, two of my computers will cause the switch to stop operating. The link lights will all flash on and off together. Like I said, this only happens occasionally. I'm guessing it is a NIC, but why would this...
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    Work Symantec Issue

    Symantec crashed on one of my users (DWHWIZRD.EXE, 0x65efdb96). Everything I've read says to remove the AV client and reinstall it or to upgrade it. Well, I have done the first and the latter is not an option.
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    How to get a link to pop up as Save As?

    So my website needs to have the ability to have a clicked linked pop up to a Save As dialog box. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    Printing issue in Oracle

    When one of my users prints in Oracle, the page is moved over to the left so part of the print job is cut off. Every other user I have that uses Oracle doesn't have this problem. It started about a week ago. I have deleted his printer and re-added it; went to the server, stopped and started...
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    Computer cannot get on the internet

    I have a desktop that is Windows XP SP2 and using wireless. As of a Wednesday, it no longer can view web pages. I've flushed the DNS, did an IP stack fix, virus scan with Nod32, and scanned with Spybot. I am able to ping web sites, do trace routes, and view my network shares. I've tried...
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    Widescreen laptop only showing 4:3

    I have a laptop, when undocked is showing 4:3, so it has the black bars on the sides of the screen. I have updated to the latest video driver via Intel's auto-install. The laptop is running on XP SP2. Now when the laptop is docked, the 22" display shows it as widescreen.
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