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  1. DogsofJune

    Ryzen 5 5600X

    I have been seeing that as well. It was the same price as a 3700X, but then bam. My MC has 25+ 5600X's in stock so I don't quite get the hike as well.
  2. DogsofJune

    Path of Exile

    I'm looking forward to POE 2. I remember playing POE when it just had a couple of acts. Look at it now. I have been playing this game off and on since late 2013.... I still suck at it.
  3. DogsofJune

    Best high quality wallpaper sites..1440p and above

    I used to hit up, but then that was 15 years ago. Maybe I will gander at a few of the above suggested sites
  4. DogsofJune

    IceGirant ProSiphon Results Are In!!

    Yeesh, I'll stick with water. What a monstrosity. Nice that it works on the TR tho.
  5. DogsofJune

    Full size LAN cases

    I was at mine this morning and didn't see it, but then I wasn't looking for it either. As much as I like the In Win Chopin with the 2400G setup, I think I would be happier with it in the Li Lian and a dedicated gpu. I like portable and something that can game.
  6. DogsofJune

    Full size LAN cases

    And here I was eyeballing this NZXT, I kinda dig the handle on that Li Lian. Thanks for that find. Hope you find what you are looking for
  7. DogsofJune

    Richard Garriott makes deepest dive

    That's cool, thanks for posting that
  8. DogsofJune

    [MICROCENTER] I9 10900KF $329.99 Store pick up only

    Looks like they dropped the price on a 3700x too. It was $299. I have had my eye on one of those for a bit.
  9. DogsofJune

    [MICROCENTER] I9 10900KF $329.99 Store pick up only

    Gas, taxes, shipping. Out the door in KC the 10900KF is $363.32. Then that person has to find a place to ship it to where ever. At least the processor isn't in a stupid shaped box, but figure box and packing that the USP Store or Fedex will dick you with. If it's still a deal to ya, I'm sure...
  10. DogsofJune

    [MICROCENTER] I9 10900KF $329.99 Store pick up only

    Yup, 25+ in stock at the KC store. Who needs one?
  11. DogsofJune

    Retro time, beige time, VooDoo2 SLI time!!!!

    Nice, I miss my Voodoo 2's. Still have the Diamond Tnt 2 though. I need to do a retro build some day.
  12. DogsofJune

    Is it just me or AMD bugs?

    That's almost all a TR needs, proper cooling should be added. They are 180 watt processors. As for the OP, wtf is buggy? What are we comparing the TR to? What's it doing that it doesn't seem right? What mobo we dealing with here?
  13. DogsofJune

    AMD AGESA ComboV2

    Running the newest BIOS on the same board, still running a 2700x. Only issues was loss of d.o.c.p. profiles. Had to set ram manually. No biggie after I discovered default ram voltage was 1.20.
  14. DogsofJune

    RTX 3070 Microcenter Overland Park KS +25 in stock

    Yup, the largest city in Kansas is Wichita, and I'd agree that Overland Park is a suburb to KC. Johnson county is a fairly wealthy area. I can see why Microcenter would set up shop where the money is. That MC is always busy.
  15. DogsofJune

    RTX 3070 Microcenter Overland Park KS +25 in stock

    Maybe you should learn more about Kansas City
  16. DogsofJune

    Diablo 4 - The Real Official Thread

    We will see if it looks the same five years from now when it might actually release.
  17. DogsofJune

    Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

    Yeah, I get pulled in every once in awhile and find that it still sucks. I found it repetitious and not very rewarding. There are better games out there.
  18. DogsofJune

    Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

    Wolcen is still a game I'm sorry I purchased.
  19. DogsofJune

    New AMD Ryzen™ Chipset Driver (

    I'll check it out I guess
  20. DogsofJune

    Path of Exile

    I'm still not a fan of the ritual stuff. I got better drops with the last league. This just drags everything out. It's monotonous. More so than D3 grinding.
  21. DogsofJune

    RTX 3070 Microcenter Overland Park KS +25 in stock

    I have been keeping an eye on that Microcenter. It'll be a bit still before I'll be upgrading. I will be driving up Metcalf here pretty soon for a new monitor though
  22. DogsofJune

    [Steam] Little Nightmares (free till Jan 17)

    Thanks for looking out anyway OP
  23. DogsofJune

    [Steam] Little Nightmares (free till Jan 17)

    Nope, nary a thing received
  24. DogsofJune

    pi-hole config gotcha

    I need to set one of these up one day
  25. DogsofJune

    AMD B550 BIOS quick question / AGESA safe for Zen 2?

    To add to more, not all B450's suffer this. My Asus B450-F is running the newest BIOS that supports 5000 series CPUs and still has a 2700x. Only issue was the loss of D.O.C.P profiles. I had to manually tweak to get the ram at 3200.
  26. DogsofJune

    What is fastest Ryzen CPU I can use with MSI 370x Gaming Pllus?

    On the manufactures website Also, according to the website, what cpu's are compatible 3900XT and the 3950X is listed, dunno if practical or what the vrms are like.
  27. DogsofJune

    Path of Exile

    Huh, there is no gamma slider. Dunno why I remembered that it did. I guess you do it via Nvidia/AMD control panels. It is dark, but I just found equipment that boosted light radius and ran with it
  28. DogsofJune

    Path of Exile

    They used to have issues with rubber banding, but that was quite awhile ago. I thought there was gamma control. I'd have to look again. It is a dark game
  29. DogsofJune

    EA’s hold over Star Wars games ends with Ubisoft’s open-world announcement

    Saber Skyrim..... It was good till I took a saber to the knee.
  30. DogsofJune

    [Steam] Little Nightmares (free till Jan 17)

    Haven't received a code yet.
  31. DogsofJune

    Path of Exile

    I have been playing. It's ok. I'm not a fan of the ritual encounters so far, but the character is still new. Maybe it'll get better as it progresses
  32. DogsofJune

    [Steam] Little Nightmares (free till Jan 17)

    Steam backlog needs another...
  33. DogsofJune

    Elder Scrolls VI

    Oh, they can make a decent game, it just depends on the 50+gig day one patch that fixes two items of the three page list of things to fix, or just one. Skyrim was enjoyable and the modding support added to that. Fallout NV had some issues right out the gate, but fun when it settled down
  34. DogsofJune

    How to spot a horrible review from a top YT'r

    I don't consider him.... Keep it simple
  35. DogsofJune

    Elder Scrolls VI

    Hopefully this comes to light one day and isn't half done. Also, I hope the mod community stays strong with this release. I'm still waiting on Baldurs Gate 3 to be finished and will keep my money till it is.
  36. DogsofJune

    Iptorrent Invites