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    [Epic Store] The Stanley Parable & Watch Dogs 1 (Free Till 3/26)
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    [Epic Store] Offworld Trading Company & GoNNER (Free Till 3/12)
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    [Epic Store] InnerSpace (Free Till 03/05)
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    [Epic Store] Kingdom Come Deliverance & Aztez (Free Till 2/20) [Personal Note] Aztez has (about half of) the music done by Lorn who puts out some amazing stuff and based on that alone it's totally worth the play. (You...
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    [Epic Store] Carcassonne & Ticket To Ride (Free Till 2/13) and
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    [Epic Store] Farming Sim 19 (Free Till 2/06)
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    [Epic Store] The Bridge (Free Till 1/30)
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    [Epic Store] Horace (Free Till 1/23)
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    [Humble] Headsnatchers (Limited copies or 1/11)
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    [Epic Store] Sundered: Eldritch Edition (Free till 1/16)
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    [Epic Store] Darksiders 1 (Warmastered) & Darksiders 2 (Deathinitive) [Free Till 1/9]
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    [Epic Store] Steep (Free till 1/9) Expired:
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    [Epic Store] The Escapists (Free Till 12/19)
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    [Epic Store] Jotun: Valhalla Edition (Free Till 12/12)
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    [Epic Store] Bad North (Free Till Nov 29) Edit: This is the "Jotunn" edition rather than the base version if that matters to you
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    [Epic Store] The Messenger (Free Till Nov 21st) * Picnic Panic DLC is also free if you scroll down the page slightly. (Thanks kirbyrj for pointing this out)
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    [Epic Store] Nuclear Throne & Ruiner (Free Till Nov 14th)

    Nuclear Throne Ruiner
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    [Epic Store] Minit (Free Till Oct. 10)
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    Conarium [EPIC Store] Free Till Sept 19
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    Celeste / Inside [EPIC Store] Free Till Sept 5
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    Fez [EPIC Store] Free Till 8/29
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    For Honor (Standard Edition) [Ubisoft] Free Till 8/28
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    Hyper Light Drifter / Mutant Year Zero: RTE [EPIC Store] Free Till Aug 22
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    GNOG [EPIC Store] Free Till Aug 15
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    For Honor & Alan Wake [EPIC Store] Free Till Aug 9
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    Limbo [Epic Store] Free Till July 25
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    Last Day Of June [EPIC Store] Free Till July 4
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    Rebel Galaxy [EPIC Store] Free Till June 27
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    Enter The Gungeon [EPIC Store] Free Till June 20 Don't ask just get it, it's a freaking great game.
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    Kingdom New Lands [EPIC Store] Free Till Jun 13
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    City Of Brass [EPIC Store] Free Till June 6
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    World Of Goo (Epic store)

    Free for the month of May It just received a patch to run correctly in HD as well as in 16:9, patch notes here -
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    [Warm] Refurb Corsair RGB Keyboards: K65 ($75) K70 ($83) K95($90)

    Corsair black friday deals went live earlier, while there are a few decent things here and there the RGB refurbs aren't that shabby (though not [H]ot). BE AWARE THAT STOCK IS BEING ADDED THROUGHOUT THE DAY SO IF ITS OOS CHECK BACK LATER. K95 MX Brown -...
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    [FS/FT] XFX 6870

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    WTB 2600, 2600k, or 2700k for 160-180

    New project came up and I'm in need of an i7 and unfortunately nothing is available locally. Timeline is within the next 3 weeks, budget is up to 180 though I'm looking for spend $170 or so for a 2600k if its a non-K I'd like to spend less and such. Payment type is of your preference...
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    WTB: SB\IB i5 for less than $140

    Found what I was looking for! Close\Delete\Let Die