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    Ryzen 2600 defective?

    I had a new ryzen 2600 and asrock b450m board that would boot loop every 30 seconds with no video signal. Never beeped. I swapped graphics cards and power supplies with no success .I removed all ram sticks and it would still boot loop. The only thing that made any difference was if I unplugged...
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    Asrock B450M PRO4 boot loop

    Just put together my first build in years. Of course it doesn't go as planned. Boot loops every 30 seconds. Sounds like a jet engine with the corsair maglev fans at 100%. No video signal. No beeps. ASRock B450M pro4 microatx Ryzen 2600 2x8gb 3000mhz ram Rtx 2080 Seasonic 650w platinum So I've...
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    Wifi adapter what would be the ideal speed?

    I have an asus router that does ac1750. I'm trying to find a good usb wifi adapter for my pc. What would be the real world max I can expect? My best result has been a laptop with a socketed intel 9560 that got 50MB/s to my NAS over SMBv3, which is all I really care about accessing.
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    AMD or Intel for sff gaming build thermals?

    Trying to find the best CPU for a sff gaming build with limited thermal headroom. I want it as cool and quiet as possible and don't plan to overclock. I am also only interested in 4k60fps. I know I can get by with a low end 4-core CPU and still have performance to spare, but a high clocked...
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    Cheapest cpu to pair with rtx 2070 or rtx 2080 for 4k60

    The most important component for gaming is the graphics card and the second is the cpu. But since 4k60 is heavily gpu bottlenecked and the cpu is usually sitting there not doing much, what is the cheapest cpu you can buy that can still handle the load for "most" games at 4k60? (ignoring the...
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    Such thing as budget 4k 60fps?

    I had a laptop with a gtx 1080 and also an egpu with a gtx 1080 at one point Neither could do 4k smoothly even on medium. Now I'm looking into a dedicated pc instead. I've bern hearing what a big performance jump the rtx cards are and that we can finally get true 4k gaming at 60fps. I was...
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    shorted fan header with multimeter and it won't work anymore

    I was checking the voltages on a fan header on the mainboard of an egpu enclosure. I accidentally shorted it by touching the multimeter ends together. There was a little spark and the enclosure shut down. I turned it back on and everything seems okay, including the video card, but the fan header...
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    Quieter fan for flex power supply

    I'm trying to find a quiet replacement fan for a 450w flex power supply inside an egpu. It's 40x20mm at 12v. The fan header is voltage regulated and idles at 5v and goes up to 7v. The problem is I've tried two fans now (one is a scythe) and both cannot start at 5v. I can make them start spinning...
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    Can I use nas with already formatted disks?

    I have a qnap nas and put two drives in already full of stuff from my windows machine. Can I just use them as is?
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    FS: Mint Canon EOS M100 with 15-45mm kit lens and f/2 22mm pancake

    Mint condition canon EOS m100 with 15-45mm kit lens and f/2 22mm pancake. Used for only a few days and charged the battery only twice. Everything was bought new. There are no dings, scratches, scuffs, etc. Asking $550 shipped. Paypal and US only. Feedback: eBay Feedback Profile, HeatWare...
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    Re-using old drives for storage

    So I have some older hard drives I want to wipe, test for any errors, and properly format to be used for basic storage. Can I get a quick rundown of what all I should be doing? I want to make sure the drives are in good working order.
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    FS: MSI GE63VR Raider-075 15.6" 120hz Gaming Laptop GTX 1070 i7-7700HQ 16GB

    SOLD MSI GE63VR Raider-075 15.6" 120hz Gaming Laptop GTX 1070 i7-7700HQ 16GB Price: $1500 USD shipped Condition: Used Warranty: Yes, expires: December 2018 Reason for sale: I want an ultrabook now Payment: PayPal Item location: Houston, Texas, USA Shipping: Postal service International...
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    QNIX QX3214 no info

    There are no reviews and I am finding conflicting specs. Either it's an amva panel with 4000:1 contrast or a TN panel with 1000:1. I'm hoping it's TN as I can't find a large TN anywhere.
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    U28H750 is it the same old 28" TN?

    There are over a dozen 28" TN monitors that have been using the same innolux panel for the past three years. Now samsung has yet another one...or does it? The headlining feature is quantum dot technology to increase color gamut. This video makes it look really nice. But I'm more interested in...
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    Low glow 28-32" IPS monitor?

    I just got an asus mx34vq which is a VA curved ultrawide and was thoroughly disappointed. Viewing angles were terrible. The contrast shift made everything look hazy and desaturated. I had to move back at least 3.5 feet just for everything to look somewhat normal, and even further if I wanted the...
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    FS: (SOLD) Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen i5-7300U OLED Touch 16GB 1TB NVMe Laptop

    SOLD Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen i5-7300U OLED Touch 16GB 1TB NVMe Laptop Price: $1800 $1700 USD shipped Condition: Used Warranty: Yes, expires: June 2018 Reason for sale: Need beefy gaming laptop for ultrawide Payment: PayPal Item location: Houston, TX, United States Shipping...
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    FS: (SOLD) HP Spectre x360 15t 2 in 1 Laptop 4k i7-8550U MX150 16GB 512GB NVMe

    SOLD HP Spectre x360 15t 2 in 1 Laptop 4k i7-8550U MX150 16GB 512GB NVMe Price: $1400 USD shipped Condition: Used Warranty: Yes, expires: September 2018 Reason for sale: Want something to run a 1440p ultrawide Payment: PayPal Item location: Houston, Texas, United States Shipping...
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    Best speakers on a monitor

    I don't need anazingballs speakers or a gigantuan subwoofer but would like bluetooth speaker quality or better on a monitor. (If it includes an actual Bluetooth connection that's a plus). Looking for 30ish inches wide or curved doesn't matter. Must be VA though. I heard the 43ud79 was pretty...
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    Highest contrast VA monitor 30-32"

    Looking for the highest contrast monitor from 30 to 32". I've seen some Samsung ones claim 5000:1 but dunno if it's optimistic. I think there are 6000:1 or more in tv land dunno if it's trickled down yet. Ideally oled but alas nothing yet. No ultra wide. Prefer flat or the smallest curve possible.
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    FS: Gigabyte P37xv6 17.3" 4k 6700HQ GTX 1070 Gaming Laptop

    Literally only had for a couple days. Charged maybe twice. Perfect condition. Thin and light. Has amazing 4k display by Sharp, the same panel on the EVGA SC17 and top end Alienware 17. Metal build and construction. Comes with gaming backpack still sealed. Asking $1500 $1350 shipped. Feedback...
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    Poor wifi and lag on PS4 pro

    My router is downstairs but both my phone and laptop get great signal and can max out my internet speed and have pings in the teens. My PS4 pro, on the other hand, fluctuates speeds and latencies wildly and multiplayer is just all sorts of godawful. I use to have no issue but I'm not sure why...
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    FS: MSI GS73VR Stealth Pro 17.3" 120hz i7-6700HQ 16GB RAM 1TB SSD GTX 1060

    Great thin, light, and powerful laptop. Only about a month old. Sat mostly on my desk tethered to an external monitor. In perfect condition. Bought from XoticPC and had them repaste it with IC Diamond thermal goop. No overheating issues. Silent under non-gaming load. Also had them swap the...
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    FS: Watch Dogs 2 game code For Honor or Ghost Recon WIldlands game code

    $20 GAME: Be the Hero Bundle from NVIDIA. For Honor OR Ghost Recon: Wildlands Must have GTX 1060, 1070, or 1080 desktop or notebook GPU. Only one redemption per card. $20 GAME: Watchdogs 2 (Samsung promotion) I got some games with my notebook purchase that I don't play. Will email code once...
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    FS: HP Spectre x360 Convertible Laptop 13t OLED Touch i7-6500U 8GB 256GB QHD

    Only used for a few weeks. Never left my desk. Impeccable condition. No scratches or dings or blemishes. Very mint. Comes with all original accessories and original box and case sleeve. This is the one with the beautiful OLED display that you can't find anymore on any other laptop aside from...
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    Glossy screen gaming laptop

    It seems these don't exist anymore? (please no lectures on how much better matte is) I was thinking maybe I could get an evga sc17 and rub off the coating on the glass?
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    FS: Dell XPS 15 9560 15.6" FHD i7-7700HQ 16GB RAM 512GB SSD GTX 1050 Fingerprint

    Basically brand new. Only opened and used for a few hours then boxed it back up after restoring factory image. Will transfer dell warranty upon sale. $1600 shipped. You can check my ebay feedback by searching silverwolf0123. I have a habit of buying things and selling them a day later. XPS 15...
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    What laptops have igzo panels?

    I know the dell xps 13 and 15, razor blade, and probably Apple MacBook have them. Who else?
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    FS: Alienware 13 R3 with 1050 TI, dell usb c adapter, linksys wrt1900acs, buffalo 3tb drivestation

    Don't know the rules for both the ebay and fsft forum. I posted the alienware 13 in the ebay forum as well so if I'm not allowed to have it on both please tell me. ----------------------------------------- Alienware 13 R3 with 1050 TI ***SOLD*** Custom ordered Alienware 13 R3 with absolutely...
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    How to determine LCD model for my notebook

    So I just got a yoga 710 15 that had little to no IPS glow and I was pretty amazed because I've used devices from iPad Pro/Surface Pro tablets to the best LCD equipped smartphones and they all had glow and all my previous laptops/desktop monitors have had glow so I had resigned to it being an...
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    Do USB-C docks have enough bandwidth for HDMI/Displayport monitors and everything else?

    I am planning on getting an HP spectre x360 laptop that has no video out ports and just two usb-c ports. HP only sells dongles that convert to one port like HDMI or displayport and do nothing else, unlike the multiport dock/adapter Apple has. So in search of an aftermarket dock, I head over to...
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    Attaching external drives to my network.

    I have replaced my home computer setup with a Microsoft surface pro 4 and swimsuit what to do with my old computer and hard drives. I have lots of media files i want to stream from my hard drives onto my surface pro and over the Internet using my phone. First thing i thought about was using...
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    Trying to diagnose lag in gaming

    I'm trying to use or megapath to see my packet loss, but the packet loss portion always fails. It tells me it is either my java version or my firewall. I have the latest java, disabled windows firewall, disabled antivirus, set java to medium which is the lowest security setting...
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    Little computer stand or shelf

    So right now my ITX case is where my large tower use to be, but it's like half the height so I have to prop it up on the box it came in so I can easily use USB ports or push the power button. Not very flattering. I'm looking to find some sort of stand or shelf that I can use to put it in...
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    Any way to force a drive into sleep mode?

    I have a 3TB Toshiba 7200rpm (rebadged hitachi) drive that is kind of loud. It's a backup drive so I never use it unless I am playing a specific file every so often. The power savings on it will force it to turn off frequently, but then whenever I open certain applications it will freeze until...
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    GW2760HS vs EW2740L

    I already ordered the EW2740L but was wondering if there was any differences between these two besides aesthetics. I've heard here and there the EW has more aggressive AMA and the backlight might have a lower minimum? Is the EW better in any way when it comes to image quality? Or is the price...
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    Good keyboard and mouse to replace my cheapo one

    I am getting sick of my cheapo MK260 keyboard and mouse. The keys are are getting stuck often and don't depress at the right time so I get my letters swapped frequently. There's also wiggle in the keys, which I don't like. I tried testing out some keyboards at the store, but they all felt pretty...
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    Ipad air vs desktop monitor

    What kind of ips panel does the ipad air have? I see no glow even at the most extreme angles at a diagonal on a black screen, whereas the PLS on my galaxy tab 2 has awful glow and whenever i try to watch movies with two people the glow washes out part of the image. What is the comparable thing...