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    power supply advice plz -- for a custom build

    honestly id say its time for an entire system upgrade
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    I think my ancient mobo is dead. Options to get the data off the drives

    an external drive bay, thermaltake makes some where you simply plug your drive into it and pull the data via usb on another computer, should come with an ide adapter so you can plug an older IDE drive into the unit, check this before buying such a device.
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    Computer Just reboots no post.

    agreed its quite possible a bad power supply took out his system, one of the reasons why its always a good idea not to skimp on a quality PSU but hasnt listed his PSU or if he overclocks
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    Computer Just reboots no post.

    are you overclocking? what kind of case and how many fans? using an aftermarket heatsink or standard intel heatsink on your CPU??
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    Critique my specs

    While a good quality 500W PSU will be more than enough for your needs, I'm not 100% sold on a fanless PSU just yet. I recommend this better PSU deal: $140 - Seasonic X750 Gold 750W Modular PSU Excellent recommendation, plus the 750 gives you room down the road for dual cards or future high...
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    PC Build Advice needed

    I would strongly recommend a SEASONIC brand power supply or the corsair hx650 or any corsair AX series power supply as these units are also seasonic hardware. You need a good, stable power supply and thats what seasonic units offer especially in a country where the electricity isnt as stable...
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    Is the timing right to build this rig?

    a good way to avoid noise is good fans, such fans that have hydrowave bearing or fluid dynamic bearings will last alot longer and very quiet, cougar fans are very good and quiet less than 18 db at 60 to 70 cfm which gives you good airflow,
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    Is the timing right to build this rig?

    I second that go for the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H its a better quality board than anything Asrock puts out, Personally I only use Asus and Gigabyte boards, the Asrock is over priced and disappointing quality. Good choice on power supply. Above poster is right the HX650 is seasonic unit...
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    Upgrade? New build? Keep?

    SEASONIC power supply is a great choice the best hardware in a PSU imho I would go with the seasonic you wont be sorry.
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    Gaming Rig Build Comments?

    your particular microcenter does not carry the hx650 but they can get it in or order from newegg, newegg has a much larger inventory of corsair power supplies, the ax and hx series are seasonic units as well as some of the tx series v2...
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    Gaming Rig Build Comments?

    I wouldnt go with a micro atx case. At least go with a mid tower atx, more space, better cooling, better cable management, room for expansion. Coolermaster Scout 2 is very nice Ive built on that case, its 99 bucks at microcenter and cheaper at newegg. I also wouldnt go lowball on a power...
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    Best upgrade option

    you can do an i7 3770 k with a good 150 to 200 dollar asus or gigabyte motherboard and 8 gigs of ddr3 all within your budget or dam close. the 660ti is a good upgrade so is the radeon for that matter although the 660ti would be cheaper and perform on par with the 7870 but if your budget is...
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    Should I upgrade my already nice rig?

    He may be a die hard CRT guy but things have changed and lcd monitors are pretty dam good and less detrimental to the eyesight when used properly. Last time I bought a CRT was 2005 and I doubt any store carried them beyond 2007 so his crt monitor is likely six years old possibly more which...
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    Should I upgrade my already nice rig?

    your not likely to see much performance gain in upgrading what you have now. You are using a dell trinitron monitor?? an older CRT monitor I presume, maybe you should upgrade your monitor to a nice larger lcd panel as i doubt a trinitron in service this long will last much longer and become a...
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    Should I upgrade my already nice rig?

    Waiting for haswell is like folks with sandy bridge waiting for ivybridge. Haswell will not bring anything revolutionary to the table except perhaps some better prices on sandy bridge and ivy bridge and several months AFTER release before any defects or problems arise. There's no reason to...
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    mostly new build for gaming

    WHAT????? NO MENTION OF A POWER SUPPLY????? WHAT POWER SUPPLY DO YOU HAVE NOW? People are recommending high end graphics cards with no thought of a good power supply. AHEM
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    upgrade time on a budget

    go for an i7 and an asus or gigabyte motherboard
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    Opinions on new build

    Well first off congratulations!! Its a great time when you get to upgrade an entire system. Youve got some interesting items picked so here is my two cents: First off Sandy Bridge and 2011?? Why?? Thats a quad core processor that costs 299, for 229 you could have the ivybridge I7 3770K...
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    Do you keep your original boxes / styrofoam packaging?

    I always keep the boxes form my graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies and monitors and sometimes printers. As mentioned these come in handy when moving, I find them especially handy when traveling for work, If im in a hotel for a month or two its great to pack my monitor in the box it...
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    Weird pixel issue

    what do you mean dead? like a darker patch? the pixels are lit but seems darker than the rest of the panel? try adjusting your brightness and gamma, how old is the panel? ccfl or led? could be just a stuck pixel? in which case you could try massaging it gently
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    Dispaly 23-24 no-LED, IPS Advice

    if you dont want IPS due to expense, there's a lower cost EIPS solution, I would stick with non TN panels, pmva, amva, spva etc. , i have a pmva panel and really like it good angles good blacks though less color than ips its a good compromise if you can find anyone using an mva type panel.
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    Dispaly 23-24 no-LED, IPS Advice

    current led monitors do not offer a high gamut in the sgrb color space, there are a few but not many and high cost, ccfl backlight offers more colors than led hence the reason why professional monitors still use ccfl if colors arent a big deal for you then i would think an led would suffice
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    670 vs 7970

    dont be swayed by that extra ram, both cards are decent so buy which one has the best price additional ram beyond 2 gigs on graphics cards does not show any tangible improvement in any of the benchmarks I have seen so I wouldnt focus on that 3 gigs of ram and salivate over it, gigabyte cards...
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    PowerSupply Recommendation

    the hx650 is a seasonic unit, although that doesnt mean all psu's in that line necessarily are
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    PowerSupply Recommendation

    I just bought one of these last week for my secondary rig and have had no problems at all with the HX650, its a seasonic unit. Perhaps yours is defective?
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    PSU tookout some of my components!

    are you certain of this??? pc power and cooling hasnt been seasonic since ocz took over. OCZ uses a company called "great wall" which is chinese and not well known. A once great PSU company PCPowerandCooling has gone downhill since OCZ bought them.
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    Question about power requirement

    you have adequate power for your needs from your current power supply, if you are encountering random shutoffs etc. I would suspect your overclocking before I would blame the power supply. in the future when you buy a power supply it doesnt hurt to buy a little more than you need now so you...
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    Corsair TX650 From the egg

    additonal note on the HX650, it is a gold certified unit as well as being seasonic hardware.
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    Corsair TX650 From the egg

    the V2 is the better unit as its hardware is made by seasonic , I believe the v1 was made by CWT. V2 would def be the one you want, also the corsair HX650 is a seasonic unit.
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    Computer randomly turning off Seasonic X750 Gold

    hmm, you have an asrock board, sure its not that? are you overclocking? check your thermal and power settings? both in windows and bios
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    Seasonic Platinum-660 660W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    yes thank god, they have always been great and are usually the hardware behind the success of brands like pc power and cooling BEFORE ocz bought them, several models of corsair power supplies, xfx power supplies and other. seasonic psu hardware is the only thing I use both for my personal...
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    Looking for advice...

    ultra is basically a tiger direct house brand like best buy's dynex or neweggs rosewill, they are not a known player in psu's and certainly not a tier one company for psu's
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    Power Supply - confused

    ocz owns pc power and cooling not seasonic, since ocz took over at pc power and cooling their power supplies have not lived up to their former reputation and ocz uses a little know great wall.......chinese company I do not recommend either ocz or pc power and cooling anymore. seasonic is NO...
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    Power Supply - confused

    I have the corsair ax850, no coil whine issues, I swear some people need a psychologist for all their technology related OCD, screen sparkles, coil whine, fans making noise, lcd's hot as ovens, phones heavy as bricks etc. seasonic makes the corsair AX and HX line, seasonic is number one in...
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    With next gen consoles using AMD GPU's and being right around the corner...

    its a shame that ivy bridge cpu's cannot use their integrated graphics for other computing tasks by the cpu there is no reason to switch just for the sake of switching although if I were building an amd system I would probably lean towards an ATI card
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    Now What should I do Since there will be no new AMD cards for a while?

    unless you run multi monitor there really isnt much reason to have more than one good video card he could get a pair of 7950's more reasonably than 7870's, he could also look at the nvidia 660 ti's which are a really good value right now.
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    Now What should I do Since there will be no new AMD cards for a while?

    Yeah but he is running THREE monitors, one card wont cut it.
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    I am bored

    16:9 displays are a ripoff, his 22 inch is a 16:10.
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    I am bored

    Here's a novel idea for all you parents out there, how about YOU occupy your childs time instead of pawning them off to an ipad??? Your child can read a book at the dr's office and learn to be disciplined and quiet. An Ipad is not a nanny or a parent. Astonished when people pride themselves...
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    Upgrade my PSU for 3x 670's?

    lol just looked at your sig, 3 cards would be plenty, if it were me I would bump up to 850 psu corsairs HX series is good, the tx v2's are also good and seasonics the impotant thing to know is how many amps 2/3/4 of those video cards will pull off the 12v rail and preferably a power supply...