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    AIO Coolers with an Air cooling design / foot print

    AIO coolers are awesome. They have revolutionized cooling for Mainstream PCs. How come no one has designed an AIO with the footprint of an Air cooler? I realize that AIOs need cool air from the outside, however this is an easy issue to fix with an additional side fan or good ducting. With all...
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    FS Alienware M18X R1 I7 - 2860QM -16Gig Ram - 1TB SSD Samsung - 2x780m 1100 obo

    Selling my Mint Condition Alienware M18X R1. I7 - 2860QM 16 Gigs of DDR3 1TB of Solid State Storage 2 x Nvidia 780M 4gig VRAM each Asking $1100 or best offer. 1 Owner Shipping anywhere in the U.S.A.
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    FS 2 x Galaxy Tech HOF Nvidia 780s $200 each

    FS 2 x Galaxy Tech HOF Nvidia 780s $200 each. I decided I was going to go this route after reading Hardocp's awesome review on this card. Bought both of these from Newegg. First one I purchased was 9/4/2013 and I picked up a...
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    Tips for building your Nvidia Surround 55 inch TV setup - Lag Free!

    I have posted some info on this in the past on my previous builds. Recently I have finally perfected my 55 inch TV Nvidia Surround gaming build and I thought I would post some info and tips about it. Maybe even a picture. 1 - Make sure you pick out a low latency TVs. I found a wonderful...
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    Haier LE55B1381 input lag and replacement?

    I recently decided to puchase 2 Haier LE55B1381 to use for my Nvidia Surround Display setup. Turns out it was a mistake. It appears the TVs have some input lag which is driving me Crazy. I've posted this in the Nvidia card section but I wanted to repost here in the Display section and see...
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    55 Inches x 3 Nvidia Surround Gaming

    (UPDATE) The tvs are in. I have uploaded the pictures here I also want to say that there is a little input lag with the Haier tvs. None with the Samsung. There doesn't appear to be any video lag though using them as the extra monitors. So 98 out of 10 i guess. not perfect due to a little...
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    How do I use the onboard sound on the Maximus IV Formula?

    Hello HOCP'ers I realize various versions of this question have been asked however i'm still a little confused :confused: I just purchased a new Asus Maximus IV Formula and a i7 3770K :) haven't had a chance to overclock it yet sadly. However my question today is about the onboard sound...
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    Free (after mail in rebate) Samsung WEP460 Over-The-ear Bluetooth Headset from Newegg

    Free (after mail in rebate) Samsung WEP460 Over-The-ear Bluetooth Headset from Newegg. N82E16875982357 May not be gaming related but who doesn't like free stuff. :D
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    Where are all the handles!

    I don't know about yall but I Lan Game at least 2 times a month which means that im carrying my case around quite a bit. There are no real good lightweight Microatx solutions with handles. I will be using the NZXT Vulcan but its older and needs a new revision already. Theres quite a bit they...
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    Interest in the "2 USB 3.0 Female A header to 20 pin motherboard CABLE."

    I am buying the new Asus Maximus Gene-Z and I found that the Lian Li UC-01 adapter will be too large to use with a video card in the first PCI-e slot. You will have to use a cable in order to use the onboard usb header and bring the female A type USB ports into the case for front USB ports. A...
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    Asus Rampage III SupremeFX Xfi-2 Question for people with AV recievers

    To anyone out there running this motherboard. How is the onboard sound? How do you connect it to your AV reciever? Do you use the optical jack (toslink)? Or do you just use the HDMI port on your video card to pass through sound? If you connect it through HDMI is the sound card doing the...
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    Building a SFF on a Maximus IV GENE-Z & NXZT Vulcan

    Hey gang, I am going to build a new system on the Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z in a Vulcan NXZT case. I chose the case because I lan game often and need a SFF case with a handle. If anyone else has a SFF case with a handle with decent airflow suggestions please post here. Else I just wanted to...
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    3 46 inch TVs and nvidia surround

    OK so I have a question. Currently I have a 55 inch 3D samsung 8000 model from 2010. I'm running 2 nvidia 480 GTXs. I was thinking about buying two 47 inch septre TVs to do the nvidia surround stuff. Is it worth it? Will the size difference in the TVs make a difference in how they match up? Is...
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    WTB evga 480 gtx 230 shipped

    WTB 480 gtx evga to go in my sli rig. If you looking for some upgrade money, please pm.
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    Trying to Grasp 7.1 digital Home Theather gaming

    Hi Gang, The ultimate goal would be to have a game that used all 7.1 speakers that I have hooked up to my reciever in descrete channels. Currently all I can manage is 5.1 via DDL. My current setup is a 46 inch TV hooked up to my reciever, an Onkyo 706 via HDMI. My PC is hooked up to the...
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    FS: 1 Visontek 2gb 4870x2 $225 shipped

    Sold - TurK-FX Hey gang, I have been lurking around the forums for some time. I'm going to buy a new Radeon Eyefinity 6 edition card and want to sell my 4870 x2 I bought off of Matrix563. The card is in good condition, the fan has only hit full speed when gaming or it is running at 25 to 35...
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    10.5 inch ati 5970?

    Anyone know of a company thats working on a 10.5 inch 5970? I'm replacing 2 ati 4870 x2s but my case will only hold a 10.5 inch card.
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    Post your overclocking MSI P55-GD65 GD80 860 1156 experiences here

    Well I have been fooling around with my new GD65 for the past couple of days trying to get any kind of an overclock without using the OC genie button. So far I haven't found any OC settings that will let me obtain any stability. The OC genie button is a strait overlock and I would love to set up...
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    My Storm Scout P55 setup

    Here it is guys interested in looking at some Storm Scout Pictures , These are pretty [-]ARD :) This is my new ring.
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    Any good guides to overclocking the i7 860?

    Anyone out there seen any decent material about how to overclock an i7 860? I tried a few things and actually got into windows at 4.2 (200bclock x 21@ 1.4 volts temps were idle 40C) but had some sever stability issues. at 4.0 (20blockx 200@ 1.4 volts) I got into windows and I could see some...
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    AS5 Curing times and overclocking question.

    Should I wait until my AS5 is cured the 200 hours before I try to overclock my i7 860?
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    My new rig - Needs Overclocking

    Hey gang, Heres some a gallery of my new rig I just got finished building. However atm everything is still stock. Its running at 3.4 in Turbo mode. Should I just go for a full out 4ghz overclock and no Turbo...
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    Prolima Mega or Mega Shadow on MSI P55 board?

    Anyone have any pictures of your Prolima Mega mounted on one of the new MSI P55 boards?
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    New / Old monitor for 5870

    I want one of these for a 5870, only redesigned with LCD panels at a higher resolution.
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    I7 860 MSI P55-GD65 Turbo boost problem

    Ill take any help I can get here people, can't believe I got a only a single reply on this thread. Am I missing something in my configuration? Shouldn't the multiplier jump to 24 etc to hit thie 3.6 when in a single threaded app and then go down from there if all the cores are used? I got...
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    Coolermaster V10 too Big to be Practical?

    Hey Gang, I just ordered the 1156 bolt through kit for the coolermaster heatsinks. I can use it on a V8 or a V10. Does anyone have any experience with the V10? Does it weigh too much to be practical? I lan game about every 2 weeks so I will be moving the case a bit. Should I just stick with...
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    MSI -P55 GD65 turbo boost?

    Well I just got my new setup in. MSI-P55-GD65 and an i7 860. Board seems to run fine at stock speeds. built it up yesterday and had to go to go to work. I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with it. I did see it underclock all 4 cores to 2.4 ghz when it was running prime 95, but I have been...
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    Need a new case for I7 with or without a handle for Lan Gaming

    Im looking for suggestions here. I need a lightweight case (preferably something less than 20lbs & and it needs to be deep so I can mount a T.R.U.E.). I don't mind adding the handle myself. only 4 things it has to have. 1 No front door. Those damn things drive me crazy. 2 needs to have...
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    LIAN LI Lancool PC-K56W with Handle Mod?

    Hey Guys, I am building a new I7 Rig and I do quite a bit of lan gaming. I was seraching the net and came across a really neat case mod to add a recessed handle to a case. You can find the link here. I wanted a case that had a solid top and front mounted USB ports, although I would have...
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    MUX-120 mounting bracket on T.R.U.E 120?

    I know its a silly question, but does anyone know if its even a remote possiblity that the 2 heatsinks are enough alike that the MUX-120 mounting bracket would work for a T.R.U.E 120 on an 1156 motherboard?
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    Guess My Sig will be changing soon

    I just found this awsome combo deal on newegg to replace my c2duo 6850. Im guessing ill be quite a bit of difference in speed. 1 x ($19.99) CPU COOLER CM| RR-910-HTX3-GP R - Retail $19.99 1 x ($159.99) MB MSI P55-GD65 1156 RT - Retail $159.99 1 x ($299.99) CPU INTEL|CORE I7 860 2.8G R -...
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    Time to Upgrade to a 9650?

    Here are my system specs, My specs are Gigabyte ga-p35-DQ6 motherboard rev 1.0 Intel core 2 duo 6850 overlocked to 3.6 - using TRUE and panflow 100 CFM fan @ 1.42v 8 gigs patriot DDR2 800 MHZ 5-5-5-12 2volt memory Sound Blaster X-fi titanium pro 2 harddrives - 2 1TB western digital...
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    Bad PSU? Best 1000W Power Supply Replacement?

    Well I think I have a bad powersupply, every couple of hours I hear one of my haddrives click for one second and the sound of it powering down, It was causeing reboots when I had my system overclocked but I took it back down to the stock 3ghz and now it just keeps going (/cringe) when it makes...
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    4870 x2 random lockups and reboots

    Hey guys I just purchased a new 4870x2. I upgraded from my old 8800 GTX Ultra. My specs are Gigabyte ga-p35-DQ6 motherboard intel core 2 duo 6850 overlocked to 3.6 - using TRUE and panflow 100 CFM fan 8 gigs patriot DDR2 800 MHZ 5-5-5-12 4 harddrives - 2 500 gig seagate 7200.10 in raid 0...
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    ATI - 4870X2 - Asus - EAH4870X2/HTDI/2G/A

    Has anyone had any experiance (good or bad) with this paticular 4870 X2?
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    ATI 4870 X2 or Nvidia 295

    I JUST ordered my 4870 X2, I found it in Whitebox on newegg for 360 bucks! Then I saw they just had an Nvidia 295 at 350 bucks. Did I make a mistake, should I have bought the 295 instead? Lol Anyway I guess my video card has allready shipped. Can't wait for it to get here.
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    PICTURES of my 2200 dollar build! ( Warning 56k Users! Hi rez Content )

    I know it needs some better Cable Management. Any suggestions are welcome. I have overclocked it to 3.6ghz at 1.42vcore and the video card is overclocked to 625 1000. 2 Open Box: Seagate Barracuda ES ST3500630NS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM Item #...
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    overclockig my 6850 vcore?

    well I have been working on gettng a nice stabe overclock I ran the fsb up to 400mhz to give me an overclock to 3.6ghz ddr 800 at stock vcore 1.35 prime 95 faulted in 1 min so I jumped back in and raised the voltage to 1.4v system ran prime 95 for 4 hours and faulted so I jumped...
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    stock idle and full load speeds

    I just build my massive system, im working on getting a camera to take some pics. Its truely sweet I have a 6850 with an Ultra 120 Extreme on it. My idel temps are at 10 to 11 degrees idle and full load with prime 95 ----- 26 to 28 degrees This is at the stock 3ghz Are these...
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    My 2200 dollar build

    Well here it is my 2200 dollar build. I wanted to wait till november to build it but due to extinating circumstances I was forced to build it now. I've allready ordered the parts but one can never have enough critique when building a new computer. All thoughts good are bad are welcome. 2...