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    Ryzen 3000 series how to undervolt/offset properly?

    Any guides out there to set your vcore properly? I have gigabyte aorus x570 pro wifi and There's only auto/normal then some voltages. Setting it to 1.125 and 1.17v (1.225 is auto) produced lower performance as well as higher voltage when the CPU boosts.
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    Best x570 for budget $250 and $300 builds?

    Been trying to find a board for my new Ryzen build what would you guys recommend? I have looked at the pros and cons of x470 vs. x570 as well as sub $200 boards but not many are fulfilling, what would you guys recommend? My requirements are: At least 2 m.2 onboard At least 6 sata and not...
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    Need Upgrade/Tips

    Hi, been stalking this forum for awhile now. Anyways I need some tips in improving my water cooling system. Here's what I got: ----------------------------------------------- What I have: AMD FX 8350 Corsair 750D Asus 7970 (air cooled) Watercool HT 4 (140mmx3) XSPC 750 kit (XSPC AMD...