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    Google Acquires BumpTop

    Google has purchased BumpTop, which was just released to the public January of this year. Would be a pretty cool feature for Android OS. :cool:
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    Lead OGG Dev Responds to Jobs

    Gregory Maxwell, lead dev of the OGG container and Theora and Vorbis, has responded to Steve Jobs' patent infringement threat.
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    Bluetooth Enabled Watches

    Citizen Japan has launched bluetooth enabled watches that can control your cellphone. James Bond laughs, but applauds their efforts.
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    Video-Game Summer Camp

    The University of British Columbia is offering a summer camp program that combines traditional summertime fun along with video games. I don't really get what else they mean by summertime fun, though. All I ever did was play video games :confused:
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    Youtube Store Not Doing Well

    Consumers still are not warming up to the idea of paying to stream movies from Youtube. Hopefully Hulu has better results.
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    New CPU Cooler Boasts Huge Energy Savings

    NEC has developed a new system cooler that uses 80% less energy than a typical stock fan setup, and 60% less than a water-cooled setup.
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    Apple Shutting Down Lala Music Service

    Lala, a cloud-based music service has announced it will cease operations on May 31, 2010
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    Kindle getting Twitter and Facebook Access

    Amazon has stated that the Kindle is getting access to Facebook and Twitter, along with several other enhancements.
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    Google’s AMob Purchase Opposed by FTC Staff

    The United State’s Federal Trade Commission staff is said to be urging the five-member commission to file an antitrust suit challenging Google’s $750 million acquisition of AdMob.
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    Ten Things You Didn’t Know Google Maps Could Do

    Lifehacker put together a list of some pretty neat features that most people don’t know about. I could see this one being a real life saver for some people:
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    Google TV to be Announced in May

    There are rumors that Google is to announce a software package that will help bring the idea of a “connected TV” into reality. Thanks goes out to my grandpa Oldie for the link.
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    16% of US Homes Eligible for Fiber

    Eighteen million US homes are now eligible for fiber, with almost all of that development being in the past seven years. The bad news is that development is now slowing.
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    Nexus One Teardown

    These guys have torn apart a Nexus One and posted some pretty cool step-by-step pictures. A very noteworthy part is that it is capable of Wireless N.
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    Achieving Fiber-Optic Speeds Over Copper Lines

    A networking trick called “phantom mode”, invented in 1886, could dramatically increase the speeds of data communication over copper lines.
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    First Free Software Blu-ray Encoder

    The x264 project has released an entirely free Blu-ray encoder. It even comes with a torrent containing free content for you to view just incase you didn’t believe them ;)
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    IPv4’s Last Days

    We've long heard of the inevitable end to IPv4, but it is now closer than previously thought. The American Registry for Internet Numbers has speculated that sometime between the middle and end of next year they will run out of IPv4 addresses.
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    Don't Talk to Aliens

    Stephen Hawking believes there are aliens . He also believes these aliens are very likely to be nomadic and will raid our planet for resources. I think what Dr. Hawking is trying to say is that our first encounter will not be like Star Trek with the Vulcans, but like Stargate and the evil...
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    Brain-Like Memristors Could Revolutionize Memory

    H.P. has developed brain-like transistors that could shrink chips down to the atomic level. They’re not quite ready to make artificial brains yet, but H.P. researchers believe that by 2013 this could be a serious challenger to flash memory. Thanks to Archer1212 for the linkage!
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    Scientists Transform T-Shirts Into Body Armor

    Scientists have discovered a way to create body armor that is both as flexible and lightweight as an ordinary shirt. This sounds like a great alternative to me carrying around a jacket with 18 hard drives in it!
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    Google Voice releases Do Not Disturb

    Google Voice now makes it easier to ignore people. Hooray, Google Voice can send calls straight to voicemail. I only wish it was possible to activate it based on certain phone numbers ;)
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    How to Build a Multi-Touch Surface

    Instructables has a pretty nifty how-to on building a multi-touch surface. I'm not really sure what I'd ever use one for, but I still want one nonetheless!
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    Russia to Build a Silicon Valley

    The Russian government has granted $340 million to build, from scratch, a Silicon Valley-esque innovation centre in an attempt to prevent the exodus of scientists and engineers that has been happening since the 1990s.
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    ISPs Against Broadband Stimulus

    Some internet providers are complaining that the funding meant to bring high-speed internet to rural areas is instead funding new networks in places they already offer connectivity. Fearing they will not be able to compete with these stimulus-funded companies, the ISPs are stating it could...
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    Et tu, Twitter?

    With Twitter's recent decision to launch proprietary BlackBerry and iPhone apps, third party developers everywhere are screaming out as if they were betrayed. Twitter co-founded Evan Williams explained that this was a strategic decision intended to fuel growth.
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    Smell Like Kirk

    I just had to post this, easily the geekiest thing I have seen all weekend.The amazing part is that it's out of stock! I thought about getting a bottle, but then I remembered that episode with the Klingon "babes". :eek:
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    Father of Java Leaves Oracle

    The Co-Creator of Java is leaving Oracle just after a few months of their acquisition of his longtime employer Sun Microsystems. This is also not too long after the former CEO's resignition.
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    NASA Awards Contracts to 5 Firms

    In an effort to cut back on costs, NASA has looked towards the private sector to develop tech. Many people are voicing their opinions against it, but there are just as many stating we need the drive and motivation of these private firms to really further space technology. Either way I’m...
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    Microsoft Accounts for 13.6% of Washington Economy

    It has long been known Microsoft has a strong influence in Washington state. How influential you ask? Well, a new study from the University of Washington shows that Microsoft accounts of 13.6 percent of the gross state product in 2008.
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    Cross-Network Commenting Protocol

    A new open source protocol called Salmon allows comments to be sent to, and from, one social network to another. Is this the future of social networking, the downfall of Facebook? I like the idea, but I have a feeling it will stay off in the shadows and not gain any true momentum – like...
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    Opera Still Not Happy, No One Surprised.

    Opera has alerted the EU over another Windows browser choice issue. They fear that users will click through a (unlikely) popup and won’t bother to look at the next browser selection screen.
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    Bionic Eye Attempts to Restore Vision

    Bionic Vision Australia has developed a Bionic Eye that aims to give people back enough vision so that they can avoid obstacles and regain some of that lost mobility. They also have a second-generation version they are working on which will allow people to recognize faces and even read large print!
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    Intel Delaying New Ultra-Thin CPUs until Q3

    With Acer halting the production of its ultra-thin notebook line to turn to production of a new Calpella-based notebook, Intel has decided to hold off on the launch of their new ultra-thin notebook CPUs.
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    Website to Monitor App Security

    Internet security experts from Stanford University have launched a website that reviews how these applications protect users’ privacy. A great tool just in time for the iPad launch as well!
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    On Easter, Even Video Cards Rise Again

    This is an epic tale of what [H]ardness, ingenuity, and apparently lots of beer can accomplish. Forum Member Aaron_ATX has revived a dead video card by overheating it. If you guys haven’t seen the older Baking Method, it’s a goldmine as well.
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    Toshiba to Test Sub-25nm NAND Flash

    What happens when you break the 25nm barrier? Someone has to come and one-up you by stating they’re working on sub-25nm! Best of luck to them both, let’s all cross our fingers for bigger, cheaper, SSDs.
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    64% of MS Vulnerabilities Caused by Running with Admin Rights

    Most of us here on [H] should know this already, but we need to spread the gospel of this and UAC to all of our friends and families so we don’t keep getting woken up early in the morning with tech support calls!
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    How Virtualization is Changing the Shape of Your PC

    Will cloud computing and server hosted VMs be the future of computing?
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    How Google Wants to Change Telecommunications.

    Network World has an interesting article on what exactly it is that Google is trying to accomplish with their telecom plans.
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    10 Chrome Extensions For Boosting Productivity

    Here is a fantastic list of some pretty nifty extensions for Google Chrome. Hopefully they can offset my excessive [H]ard|Forum browsing! Ok, not likely, but still some pretty cool ones in there. Here's one I'm sure to use:
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    Google Buys Episodic To Beef Up Youtube

    Google has recently purchased Episodic with hopes of turning Youtube into a profitable machine.