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  1. J

    It's cold outside, better throw a big log on the fire

    I considered an alternate title: When people outside say "brr", the GPUs inside go "BRRRRRRRRRR"
  2. J

    Are we sure CPUs don't bottleneck GPUs in FAH?

    I'm watching my GTX 1080 completely consume a core of my Ryzen 5 3600, and I'm thinking, I've been seeing this same behavior for years. It seems like every GPU has always taken 100% of a full CPU core of every CPU I've owned. Has anybody benchmarked CPU speed to see if CPU speed could bottleneck...
  3. J

    $50 + shipping: 48 Core Opteron 4P rig

    It hasn't crunched in quite a while, but I don't know any reason why it wouldn't. 4X Opteron 6172 (2.1Ghz, 12 core) Tyan S8812 motherboard 16x1GB DDR3 Motherboard benching tray from Spotswood 4X Noctua CPU coolers (quiet) 32GB SSD Basically, this will have everything you need minus a...
  4. J

    Somebody's serving up Coronas?

    I like mine with a lime please I heard about the availability of the COVID19 WUs and figured I'd toss a couple boxen at the problem. It's been too long since I've heard the whir of the fans spinning up other than gaming. Edit. My GPUs are idle. I guess the well of WUs is dry at the moment.
  5. J

    Slow real world NVME SSD performance

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming with an i5 and a Toshiba XG5 256GB NVME SSD. The PC is basically new, and out of the box, performance is sluggish. It seems to hang at odd times (5 seconds to open Chrome, for example), but it's erratic (at other times, Chrome loads instantly). To me...
  6. J

    It’s getting cold, time to fire up the GTX1080

    Hey guys. Been a while. I loaded up the Windows FAH client and I’m getting around 500-600k PPD. Is that an optimized production level? Are there other projects I should be supporting instead? I also have the old opteron 48 core beast in the basement. Is there anything worth doing with...
  7. J

    It's that time of year....

    The house was getting a little cool so I figured it would be a good time to throw a few rigs at F@H again. It won't be much, but probably enough to put me in the top 15 or so PPD wise. So, what have I missed? Who's this grandma I'm looking up at?!? That's embarrassing. What's this I hear...
  8. J

    GTX 980 PPD

    I have a GTX 980 that seems to be alternating between 80,000 PPD and 275,000 PPD. Is this WU dependent? I have tried rebooting, the GPU clock seems to be consistent, it's putting out a lot of heat. So, everything seems good except for the PPD...
  9. J

    Cloud & Heat - Put a server in your home

    Although, I think they might only be shipping to Germany at this point.... The idea is to put server lockers in people's homes and businesses. From what I understand, the property owner would pay to have the server installed in the home/business, but then the company would pay for the ongoing...
  10. J

    DC on Android - Apps available

    Apparently this is old news but if it has been discussed here before I missed it. Has anybody tried this? I found an app made by HTC but supports a wide range of modern Android devices. It supports a variety of familiar DC projects including WCG...
  11. J

    Any DC projects for Xeon Phi? They're $150 now Lots of highly specialized power for $150 there. Do any DC projects support it?
  12. J

    Fan & CPU cooler for Silverstone GD09

    I'm planning to move my existing HTPC into a Silverstone GD09: I need some recommendations for quiet fans that will basically max out the cooling...
  13. J

    EVGA Overtake

    Looks like losing many of our heavy hitters is catching up with us.
  14. J

    FS: SR2, GPUs, more

    Folders take a discount off the prices posted below. EVGA SR2 bundle with 2x Intel Xeon L5640 - $550 (sold) ASUS GTX 460 1GB ENGTX460 DirectCU 2DI 1GD5 - $79 ASUS GTX 470 - $99...
  15. J

    Free "Test Drive" of Nvidia's new Tesla cards

    NVIDIA released a new Tesla card based on the full GK110 GPU with all 2880 cores enabled. In the article, they posted a link to NVIDIA's GPU test drive site, which apparently can run scientific code on...
  16. J

    Back on the list

    Nothing really to see here. I just wanted to do a quick happy dance to celebrate my (likely brief) return to the top 20 PPD list. It's been a long time since I've been here....too many high powered mowers around here these days.
  17. J

    nvidia GPU + virtualbox CPU client fighting CPU affinity

    I'm running bigadv folding within virtualbox on my sr2. It works pretty well…I get about 150k ppd from dual hex cores at 3.5ghz. However, the problem comes because I'm trying to also fold on a gtx 580 using the v7 fahcontrol client. Even though, for some reason, virtualbox is only able to use...
  18. J

    FYI: loads of dual 2011 boards up for trade
  19. J

    bioshock infinite stuttering - SLI GTX 470

    I'm running at 1900x1200 with all options on ultra. Msi afterburner reports my framerste is basically locked at 60 fps, but mouse movement is incredibly jittery. Running in a straight direction is totally smooth, but moving the mouse creates nausea-inducing stutter. Ive tried with vsync on...
  20. J

    How to set up GPU folding for the new QRB GPU cores/WUs

    So, I'm using the v7 client, and I have the "client-type" set to "beta" for two GTX470 GPU slots. The problem is, I'm trying to fold on the 2600K as well, but I think it's preventing the GPU cores from getting the CPU time they need. I've heard some people mention setting some...
  21. J

    what is the current state of gpu folding?

    I am apparently out of the loop. Word on the street is that qrb is back in public beta. What is the ppd? I also heard AMD cards are viable again. I would love to switch back. Tell me everything.
  22. J

    E5520/Rampage 2 Gene combo, AM3+ mobo, hardware data security

    ASUS GTX 460 ENGTX460 DirectCU 2DI 1GD5 - $69 ASUS GTX 470 - $89 EVGA GTX470 012-P3-1470-AR - $89 Also seen in pic above...
  23. J

    how much difference does hyperthreading make?

    On sandy bridge/ivy bridge, what kind of ppd difference does HT make? Anybody done any clock for clock comparisons recently? Microcenter only has mobo combo deals with the 3570k right now, not the 3770k, so the 3570 end up being drastically cheaper.
  24. J

    kendrak, you're in for trouble Your reign of terror is going to come to an abrupt end when you come face to face with these mower blades. Now that the weather turned cold in the Midwest (as you well know) I'm in all-out folding mode for a few months...
  25. J

    it might be time to consider SB-E

    I noticed today that the Xeon E5 2660 is selling for $350-$400 apiece if you buy a spicy variant or scoop up a good deal on an ebay auction. This cpu is an 8 core, 16 thread, 2.2ghz nominal, 3ghz max turbo, 20M cache, 95W CPU. I also noticed that Supermicro dual 2011 boards can be found as low...
  26. J

    Folding on an 'overclocked' IVB laptop using Throttlestop

    I was running into an issue on my new HP Envy 15 with an i7 3720QM (2.6ghz up to 3.6ghz turbo). When I was folding, I was only getting 5-10k PPD. I noticed the clock speed was dropping all the way down to 1.8ghz when folding according to CPUz. Then I found a recommendation to use...
  27. J

    Maximizing Core i7 4C/8T PPD

    I just got an Ivy Bridge laptop with a quad core i7. It folds most of the time around 3.3ghz. I installed the v7 client and pushed start, and it looks like I'm getting between 5k and 10k PPD depending on the WU. Is there a way to increase PPD beyond those numbers? Stick a Linux VM on there?
  28. J

    Make offer on my hardware data security USB keys

    Hey guys, I can't sell these. I'm asking $99 for them. They sell for $199. But I can't sell them. So, make me an offer and you won't likely be refused. Goldkey USB Data Security Keys Combo Pack - $99 shipped I received this as payment, but I don't have the ability to take...
  29. J

    hp envy with 7750m or vizio with 640m le? They're both about the same price with similar specs and similar design. I just don't know which gpu would be better, or which overall design would...
  30. J

    FX 8120, ASUS M5A99X EVO, headphones, camera, laptop, data encryption hardware

    This is just a cross post of my FS/T post in the main forums. I give discounts for Team 33 members. I might even give a discount for a folder for another team, if I like you :) Send me an offer and we'll talk. AMD FX 8120 Bulldozer AM3+ CPU $125 shipped No heatsink. Bare CPU only. It's a...
  31. J

    what are sprint 4G users going to do?

    I have an EVO 3D that is honestly fine, its just not cool anymore. I use 4G/Wimax on a regular basis. With the new phones being all LTE, if i upgraded today I would lose 4G for a period of time. I'm in St. Louis, and I have not heard about when the LTE rollout is scheduled to occur. I...
  32. J

    Batman Arkham City download $14.99 @ Gamestop This game is a no-brainer at this price. Highly recommended.
  33. J

    $37.99 xbox wireless controller for windows + FS @ Egg With promo code: EMCNFJA38 I've used many gamepads over the years, and this is far and away the best option for PC IMHO
  34. J

    evga sr-x Msrp: $650 I'm still unclear exactly what overclocking capabilities this platform will have.
  35. J

    FS: Goldkey USB Data Security solution

    It's listed here for $175 It sells for $199 If you have a need for it, make me an offer.
  36. J

    File_IO errors on quad g34/ubuntu/kraken

    I deleted the work folder (and the 6903 that I had completed.....400k+ points down the tube), the queue, the cores, and re-wrapped with the kraken. Still no luck. Any ideas? Arguments: -smp -bigbeta [20:16:22] - Ask before connecting: No [20:16:22] - User name: jebo_4jc (Team 33) [20:16:22]...
  37. J

    Wireless Xbox Controller for PC $44.99 (discontinued, while it lasts) This has, unfortunately, been discontinued by MS, who seem intent to kill PC gaming. So, get it on sale for $10 off while it lasts. I've used many gamepads over the years, and this is pretty clearly the best controller for PC IMHO.
  38. J

    Phoronix: new Linux compiler = 30% boost in Bulldozer performance

    For Linux noobs like me: Tobit educated me a little on this. A compiler optimization isn't the same as a patch. In order to take advantage of a compiler optimization, we need to have the source code for the app, then compile the app using the new compiler. In other words, compiler optimization...
  39. J

    XB360 Wireless Speed Wheel for PC games?

    This wheel seems to be really well done, and seems like everyone who uses it really likes it. So, I'm wondering how it will work for PC. In my googling I did find one guy who says he tried it, and F1 2010 worked well but Dirt 3 wasn't totally compatible...
  40. J

    Corsair 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Voyage - $24.99 shipped AMIR

    Edit.....see the post below mine for a deal with no rebate. was: $39.99 $34.99 save: $5.00 $24.99 after mail-in rebate...