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  1. piscian18

    USB 3.0 header cables can seriously go to hell

    Im working on a Lian-Li PC-011D and its got one of those stupid giant 3.0 headers blocking my fan install. Does anyone have any recommended adapters for 3.0 header management? Im seeing a few L brackets and extenders online just curious if anyone has one they like.
  2. piscian18

    What DLC expansions are totally worth playing?

    Its funny from steam sales and other nonsense I have a library full of DLC stuff that I've never played. I'm just curious has anyone played through a DLC expansion they thought was just the bees knees? I of course don't mean DLC that just adds skins, but something with an actual campaign of some...
  3. piscian18

    colorful sells barebones no cooler rtx2080ti Please delete if this is a dup. I was just thinking about doing a watercooling build and thought this was neat.
  4. piscian18

    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ventus 8G Video Card + Anthem & Battlefield V - $633 after $15 rebate card $632

    Still not my price range for those on the look out MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ventus 8G Video Card + Anthem & Battlefield V - $633 after $15 rebate card...
  5. piscian18

    SPEC build for a $400 budget MB/RAM/CPU.[solved]

    I'm doing a gaming build as a present for a Friend. My budget is $400 or less. The goal is playable Battlefield V on 1080P. No OC ever needed. Videocard is GTX1060. He'll never do dual card. Basically I'm a little out of date but from what Ive read the AMD 2600 is the best value right now, but...
  6. piscian18

    What was your justification for RTX 2080 ti?

    No judgement here, I'm just curious to hear justifications for it. I'm one of the unfortunate GTX1080 owners who is in exactly the middle of the pack. If I had a GTX980 I could talk myself into it or definitively say no if I had a GTX1080 ti 11gb. Luckly 4k 120hz ultrawide IPS isn't out. If the...
  7. piscian18

    Case and Fan filter Material? (solved)

    I've got a HAF Lan XB that didn't come with any filter material whats so ever. I would like to put a thin filter over the side screens and fans. I'm using RGB lighting on everything and I dont want to black it out. Any specific filter recommendations? /figured it out its the thin wire screen...
  8. piscian18

    How is COD multiplayer these days? Honestly?

    Speaking strictly PC, are any of them any good these days? Why? I mainly play CSGO, Killing Floor 2 and BF these days. While Killing Floor is the same as its ever been CSGO and BFV are in a weird "Meh" place. How is the COD scene, WWII and BO4? I used to play the hacked COD1 that was all user...
  9. piscian18

    120mm fan bracket for Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO?

    I have one of those tall cpu tower heatsinks than can fit a 120mm fan on either side for push pull airflow. Anyone know the exact of those brackets that clamp on either side? Trying to get a replacement.
  10. piscian18

    worth upgrading - GTX960 2GB?

    So heres the story, I'm donating one of my old gaming rigs to a kid in need and I'm trying to decide if it's worth putting anymore money into. Specs i5-760 -OC 3.2ghz MSI P55 GD-80 16gb generic CL9 1333hz(timing is all 9s) Corsair Force 256GB SSD Solid 700w PSU(its good mid-level, I trust it...
  11. piscian18

    Bought a Acer X34P had to turn off G-SYNC for Source games

    Just a little PSA since I couldn't find this fix online. I'm migrating off 3xASUS PB278Q to a single screen ACER Predator X34P as of last night. I originally gave the Acer Predator XB1 a go(realized I don't like tall monitors). In the case of both monitors I had massive stuttering and ghosting...
  12. piscian18

    Transparent Cases?

    I was wondering if anybody has seen any cool transparent retail cases? I was looking at the Corsair Tempered Glass Crystal Series 460X and was wondering if anybody has seen any other sweet looking ones? I don't really have the time, skill or means to build one from scratch.
  13. piscian18

    AMD Ryzen 1700x $379 Monoprice through ebay

    Just going to link slickdeals for proper credit.
  14. piscian18

    What's been the most relaxing game you've played of late?

    Being as it's flu season and all I of course, got sick last week. It was especially painful because I didn't really have a game I could relax and enjoy without it being too high stakes, too brainpower heavily or too intense. I could only sit there and be miserable. I think a lot of indie games...
  15. piscian18

    EVGA Extended Warranty Experience?

    I'm curious if anyone has purchased and used EVGAs Extended Warranty? The over 3 years warranty? Did they put you through a hassle or what did they do for you?
  16. piscian18

    You can move your steam game install folders in-app now *Beta Update*

    I may need to be called crazy because I can't find the information on steam any where, but I just got a client update notice that you can now move game folders around in app. I went and looked and sure enough you can. Feel free to ignore if I'm stupid and this isn't news. Oop its Beta update...
  17. piscian18

    Simple, must have GTA IV graphical mods?

    I don't wanna spend hours and hours trying and troubleshooting mods. I just gonna go beat GTA IV and I was wondering what the must have graphical mods are that aren't like a giant pain in the ass to get working? I'm thinking something along the lines of Stalker Complete. Hoping there's...
  18. piscian18

    Shadow Warrior runs like garbage on my PC?

    Seeing a kind of bizarre issue with Shadow Warrior and I'm kind of curious if anyone has seen something similar. It's stuttering insanely bad, ingame and in menu's. Even weirder after I close it my PC stutters for a couple minutes then finally calms down. I even turned it down in medium...
  19. piscian18

    Genuinely Enjoying the new FFXV(Not a JRPGer)

    I thought this was worth posting since I'm not in the JRPG club. I would go as far as to say I'm probably one of the more picky and cynical gamer's in general on H. My favorite games range more in the quality of development then what genre the game fits in. I like tight, consistent, balanced...
  20. piscian18

    Good New 3DSxl games?

    I got talked into buying a 3DSxl a couple weeks ago. I bought a few random games for it but I was wondering if anyone had any personal favorites to recommend? Mostly I'm really Enjoying New Super Mario Bros 2. It feels really well designed with mobility in mind. Like I can play a fast level and...
  21. piscian18

    Virtual home arcade frontend Launcher

    About a million years ago I was sort beta testing and assisting with a frontend someone had made that allowed you to build a 3D model building you could furnish and walk around in. Then within that you'd build an arcade you could walk around in and assign launchers to. So you could in theory...
  22. piscian18

    Games close to LIMBO or INSIDE?

    Beat INSIDE but still craving is there anything out there that comes close in terms quality and tone?
  23. piscian18

    Help me find the video scaler converter thread please

    We had a thread a while back talking about emulation and options for people that have the originals but run emulation purely because you get filters, scaling, scan lines and a lack of equipment for converting old video out. Lot of folks chimed in who were running ancient gear but had highend...
  24. piscian18

    Can I just play Witcher 3 or am I missing a lot by not playing 1 or 2?

    I just can't bring myself to play Witcher 1 I played like 5 minutes the combat was too painful to live. I've never played 2, is it super dated now or should I give it a shot before I run 3?
  25. piscian18

    From Software and their ridiculous mind games.

    So I'm a huge Dark souls fan and I swear I'm not an idiot, but goddamn dude. I loved DS2 so much and was left wanting more after beating DS3 so I bought Scholar Of The First Sin. I fucking should have known something was up when I launched SOTFS and the DLC didn't pop up. I'm like fuck it...
  26. piscian18

    Remote control power/strips?

    Not sure where to stick this, outside of rewiring into a light switch has anyone used a remotely controlled power setup? I wanna be able to shut off my monitors remotely. The most common thing I've found is a Belkin made Remote strip but its got some pretty frightening reviews.
  27. piscian18

    Star Wars Galaxy in Turmoil coming Free to Steam (Battlefront 3 fan mod)

    So take everything with a grain of Salt but apparently some devs got together and made a Battlefront game based on the originals, in Unreal 4. It's going to be Free and so far seems to have passed through the IP protection stages and looks pretty beta but impressive. Frontwire Studios - Coming...
  28. piscian18

    Favorite games you've never actually beaten?

    Excluding certain MMO's that didn't come with finite endings, do you have games that you occasionally go back to that you've never beaten? I've owned Mario Brothers 3 for the majority of my life ( I think I was 5 when my cousins got it.) but I only beat it a few years ago. I just glanced over...
  29. piscian18

    Noticed a possible bug, who should I PM?

    I wanted report something, but I don't want post it openly who should I PM these days?
  30. piscian18

    Doom for PS4, Xbox one and PC (Pre-order) + $25 Dell Egift Card - $60 + free shipping

    Doom for PS4, Xbox one and PC (Pre-order) + $25 Dell Egift Card - $60 + free shipping Dell gift card gets added when you check out No date release yet PS4...
  31. piscian18

    You ever have a game completely crush your soul?

    I have this really really terrible gaming habit. If its in my shitpile of games and I paid money for it I have to give it a couple hours of my time until I can safety determine I got burned and walk away from it. Have I played Quake 4? Weirdly no. Am I going to? Its on the list. I played and...
  32. piscian18

    Stalker clear sky choppy stuttering

    All the threads I found online were really out of date, has anyone played Clear Sky recently and had choppy stuttering? its completely random like its constantly loading textures or something but my FPS is smooth according to the rs_stats Playing on my sig and I turned it down to 1920x1080 and...
  33. piscian18

    When is resolution going to stop mattering?

    Ive been blowing through backlog stuff and I hit on an unreal 3 engine game. It occurred to me after a while that the game looked good. Its not incredibly old 9/2010 Alien Breed not important. I know in my brain I have personal requirements for the way games and movies look, not necessarily at...
  34. piscian18

    Anyone ever heard of the "Cartridge Arcade" on Etsy?

    No Im not spamming, infact the opposite So Ive been watching this guy Adam Koralik on youtube that does these pretty amusing console retrospectives. Anyway he brought these guys up, their main site is though most of...
  35. piscian18

    What are your favorite sad games?

    I'm in a shitty mood just winter blues, working on ye'ol backlog and whiskey eggnogs. What are some broody games you like? Not necessarily Kylo whiny bitch games(yeah spoiler its Wednesday get over it.)but just games that arent upbeat or even tongue in cheek, like silent hill or Last of Us for...
  36. piscian18

    What are you guys running for surround/eyefinity monitor setups?

    I'm kinda stuck, So Im running 3x27" Acers G27s. I'm happy with it but I had a friend offer me a couple hundred bucks for a couple of them and I want to keep one for my studio rig. So the drawback of these is I have to use adapters since they are DVI/Vga only and they're only 60hz though I...
  37. piscian18

    I beat Dishonored today, great game, does not warrant a sequel

    Sorry for the spam I try to keep my threads minimal. I beat Dishonored today. In adult time it took me about a week. I have to admit I enjoyed it 100% of the way through I completely understand the reasons why people might not like it. After the mental beating I took slogging through Fallout 3...
  38. piscian18

    Nvidia Shield at 149.99 (+ free remote) is live on Newegg Flash Site

    Via slickdeals Nvidia Shield at 149.99 (+ free remote) is live on Newegg Flash Site (no tax for many) - Maybe cheaper? Have at it...
  39. piscian18

    Fallout 3 sucks. There I said it.

    No I'm not trolling, I spent the weekend trying to finish this stupid game and god I can not wait for it to end. On top of all this I'm gonna be an even bigger asshole and say Stalker:SOC is the exact same game only better in every respect. *spoilers* The thing that strikes me as the most...
  40. piscian18

    Games that could have been amazing!...buuut sucked?

    Dying Light is on sale today and it occurs to me that game could have been easily game of the year, in my heart anyway, if they had just tweaked a few things like giving you more interesting weapons or not browning the shit out of everything. The Story was weak at best but with this kind of game...