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    iPhone Pre-order

    So what does pre-ordering actually do? Does it guarantee a phone when they are released from your Carrier?
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    Apache Reverse Proxy and Custom Error Documents

    I currently have a reverse proxy setup in front of multiple web servers. I'm wanting to set custom error pages but am having issues. I am setting the errordocument at the reverse proxy. Is this the correct location top set it or do I set it on the server behind the reverse proxy? conf on...
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    Lian Li PC-Q08 Black Aluminum Mini-ITX Case $60 starting bid. $80 BIN.
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    Dell Latitude D630 Laptop w Dock- 2.0GHz C2D, 4GB RAM, 80GB HDD Auction. Ends July 9th 2014.
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    TD Canada: 240GB M500 240GB SSD - $95 + tax. Free Shipping. 240GB Crucial M500 240GB SSD. Came out to $105 with free shipping for me.
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    Home Lab HA For Free?

    Besides Hyper-V (which needs AD which I don't really want to wetup) is there any other hypervisor that can do it for free? I really like ESXi and am currently using it. OpenStack seems a bit too complicated for home use.
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    Mixing DDR3 ECC Reg DIMM Sizes

    I have a server here that currently has 12x1GB PC3-10600R DIMMs. It has 18 slots. Can I add 6x4GB DIMMs to it? Can you mix and match rank with ECC? Am I fine as long as the rank matches within the same channel?
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    iPhone/Web App Idea

    I'm looking to either make or find someone to create an app or even database for me. I'm not looking for something super fancy, just something that can easily check-in and check-out kids and keep track of their monthly hours. Are any of you guys interested or know of where I can go for...
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    2.5 to 3.5 adapter. Proper SATA location.

    So I have a couple SSDs to put in a server but they are 3.5" trays. While a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter works, the SATA and power connectors are in the middle of the tray opposed to where they should be, off to the right side. The adapters work fine in a desktop but since these use trays and a...
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    Raritan IP KVM

    I'm interested in getting a IP KVM and am currently looking at Raritan. Specifically a Dominion KX. I had tried an Avocent in the past but found you needed special software to remote and it cost money. Are the Raritans able to be remote controlled via regular browser with no special software...
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    Cisco 7960/7960G IP Phones - Lot of 4 - $125 BIN Ends Dec 14th. $125 BIN or Best Offer.
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    IPv6 Discussion

    Been reading off and on about IPv6. Having difficulty getting it to "click." So the ISPs take up the first 64 bits on their end and the customer is left with the last 64 bits of the subnet. Does your WAN facing interface use one of your IPs? So your ISP would give you...
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    Dell C1100 Server HDD support.

    I've heard rumors that Dell has made it so that you can only use their drives in some of the PowerEdge models, does anyone know if this is true of the C1100?
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    Linux VM Backup ESXi

    I've just recently moved a bunch of stuff over to linux from windows due to technet expiring, a few of them being webservers. They are all VMs on esxi. I'm trying to figure out a good way to back them up. I have a synology NAS to backup to. I am currently using rsync and backing up the www...
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    Cisco ASA 5505 Security Plus Unlimited Hosts - 1GB RAM, 2GB Flash

    Selling used, but great condition Cisco ASA5505. RAM has been maxed out and the flash card upgraded.
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    Allied Telesys

    Does anyone have access to latest firmware from Allied Telesis? You need an account but I can't create one without a partnership. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Fibre Questions

    I currently am using SM LC SFPs on 9/125 SM Fibre. It's working great. I'm wanting to move to MM LC SFPs due to some hardware incompatibilities. Can you use MM SFPs on SM fiber? I didn't really find an answer by googling. I don't want to run new fiber as it's between my house and garage and it...
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    Static WAN IP Questions

    I'm having trouble understanding this. It's just not clicking. When you get static IPs from the ISP, how do they only allow you to use them? I understand the setups where they give you say a /30 and the assign the modem an IP and route it that way, but my ISP doesn't do it this way. I've...
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    Linux VPS Backup

    I'm a Windows guy but have been forcing myself to use Linux to get to know it so bare with me here for my noob questions. I have a VPS setup currently that I want to backup. Is there a way to make a "full backup"? Say my VPS crashes, is there an easy way to reinstall the VPS and reupload the...
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    3COM 4200G Firmware

    Does anyone have the latest firmware (V3.02.07s168) for this switch or are able to get it for me? Thanks.
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    Mobile Theme

    Anyone else having issues with the mobile theme? Mines all inverted colour wise.
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    What Subnet Do You Use At Home?

    I'm curious since I'm changing my home subnet to a /24 range due to having some issues when using the VPN on clients that had the same old subnet as me ( /24) Curious as to which subnet you guys use. and why.
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    Currently watching a Meraki webinar and I am very impressed with what I am seeing so far. They are showing a demo of the interfaces for their APs, Switches, and Routers. They look very easy to manage and configure. I really want to try out some of their gear. Anyone else have any experience with...
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    ISP Gear Questions

    Having only dealt with "internal" network gear, how would an ISPs network setup look like? Do the DSLAMs do any routing or do they act like a switch almost? Is each "interface" like a switch port or what? Is the routing done back at the CO or right there at the DSLAMs? I'm thinking they act more...
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    Windows 7 MAK Issues

    I know this is more of an OS question, but to be honest, the OS sub-section seems... lacking sometimes. So we are deploying Windows 7 and are using WDS to do it. I created an image, sysprepped it, and set it up to activate the licenses upon first logon. That all works great, no issues...
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    Cisco Router Replacement Fan

    I have a noisy fan on my Cisco 2801 that I want to replace. I see some fans on eBay but they are like $25 and I'm not paying that much for a stupid dinky little fan. Do you guys know of any place to get cheap ones?
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    Cisco IOS NAT Issues

    I originally had this setup great on my ASA, but I'm switching over to a 881 ISR. So, I have two static IPs from my ISP. I assigned one to the WAN interface and left the other one as is. I want all my internal traffic to go out the IP assigned to the interface, and that works great, but I also...
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    New Ubiquiti Routers

    Ubiquiti finally announced their new routers this morning. There has been lots of talk about it, but they finally officially annoouned it. Availability is yet to be determined. They look pretty decent. They'll definitely give Mikrotik a run for it's money as well as consumer-grade routers...
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    HP Procurve 1400-24G - Until Sold - Auction starts: $150, BIN: $200

    Unmanaged rackmount gigabit switch for sale. Solid switch. Auction starts at $150, BIN at $200.
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    Cisco 881 ISR - Until Sold - BIN - $250, Auction starts at $215

    Used Cisco 881 Integrated Services Router. Great router for small business/home use. Auction starts at $215. BIN at $250.
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    D-Link DNS-323 - Sep. 15 2012 - BIN - $55, Starting at $40

    Used D-Link DNS-323 for sale. Auction starts at $40 with BIN at $55. SOLD
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    Windows Server 2012 Technet

    Links are live people. Start downloading your copies of Server 2012!
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    Windows Server Core

    So does removing the "GUI" from a Windows server disable all the features that are in the full version but not the Core? I'm asking because I want SMTP services and I want a Core server, but flat-out Core doesn't support SMTP in IIS. Does converting it remove the extra features?
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    Backing Up Linux Server

    So I have a little experience with Linux, but not like I do with Windows. I'm playing around with CentOS here and I'm wondering how can I back the server up so that it's easy to restore? Restoring a Windows server from a backup is simple. Say my hard drive in my linux server completely fails...
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    IIS Virtual Directory

    Hey guys, first time post in this subsection. I usually hang out in Networking. So I run IIS8 on my home webserver and I'm wanting to allow public downloads of a subfolder. I have a physical folder on the server with directory browsing on and it works great for letting others download files...
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    IPv6 Books

    Anyone know of any good books on IPv6? I checked Amazon and they have some on there. I was wondering if any of you guys have any recommendations on any.
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    Cisco ASA

    Can anyone confirm this? Can I use the VPN features of an ASA by having it behind a firewall and just forwarding port 443 to it? It wouldn't be doing any routing features apart from the VPN routing and stuff.
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    Genmay Disappeared?

    Anyone else not seeing Genmay anymore? I cleared my cookies, tried a different browser. It just disappeared...
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    House to Garage Fiber Worklog

    Project: Run fiber between my house and my garage. So I've been wanting to do this since we bought the house (last September). and it's finally warm enough to start. I may put my servers in the garage, I'm not sure yet. I'll be running 2 20 meter LC-LC SingleMode patch cables through conduit...
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    Hyper-V Exchange Server

    Weird thing here. So I got home tonight and opened up Outlook to check my mail. Here it won't connect to my Exchange server. Oh great. I remote into the Hyper-V server and open up the Exchange VM. Here Exchange isn't even installed on there. There's no registry settings, no program folders, no...