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    MSI RMA Service - negative experience

    I just wanted to share a negative experience RMAing my MSI GTX1080 AERO OC. I requested a fan replacement since it was making annoying sounds at low speeds. Sent the card in, of course, they sit on it for as long as they can and send it back. Low and behold, get the card back and there is a...
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    Dell Outlet - S2716DG refurbished - $354 shipped with tax

    I found it on slickdeals. The monitor is currently out of stock but it may come back again. Use the coupon "Wo35%Monitor" for any display that is in stock.
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    Hardforum App removed from Google Store

    Hey, I have just upgraded my phone and do not see the app in Google store. I really enjoy reading forums while on the train. You may want to move the thread if is the wrong forum.
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    Dell U3011 - I need a base stand.

    I am currently using an Ergon arm with my monitor but I decided to go back to using a regular sound. I bought the monitor without a stand so I need to get something compatible. Is there anything out there?:)
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    Swan M50W or Beresford TC-7520 DAC + speakers

    As stated above. I need a new set of speakers. My priories are movies, music and occasional gaming. I will be using Creative H-FI Titanium HD. I may consider Swan M1 to go with the amp but that would set me back $1000 (still did not convince my wife).;):rolleyes: I am not a pro when it comes to...
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    GTx260 SLI Worth it?

    Hi! I am thinking about grabbing another GTX 260 Core 126 for $156 and doing the SLI. I am going to have to mod my drivers since I am running Asus P5Q Deluxe. Do you think it would be too much hassle? I may also add Q9550 soon. I am a casual gamer (too much work) but when I play I want to...
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    EVGA GTX260 216 - No 2d mode (dual display)

    Hi! I have just noticed that my GTX260 216 does not go into 2d mode. )-: I have been using dual setup for quite some time. It idles at 55 Celsius with fan set to 50 percent. Once I disable one of the displays it down clocks itself beautifully at idles below 49 Celsius. I tried different...