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  1. NoxTek

    Original AdLib ISA Sound Card (1987)

    Good lord, I remember the PAS16 (Pro Audio Spectrum 16). As I recall it was a pretty decent card with Sound Blaster Pro compatability - so basic 8-bit stereo for most games unless they directly supported the PAS16. Those truly were the golden years for us old fart PC enthusiasts. I'd love to...
  2. NoxTek

    Oculus Rift 2017, Best VR games?

    And for those curious, I eventually plan to get the Rift S (no need for room sensors on that if I understand correctly) but I've hesitated because I remember reading that the original Rift uses AMOLED and has a higher refresh rate.
  3. NoxTek

    Oculus Rift 2017, Best VR games?

    This is the kit I got, I think based on the name it comes with the touch controllers. Don't know about room sensors though... Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System
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    Oculus Rift 2017, Best VR games?

    So I've had a 2017 era Rift kit sitting unopened in the box for over a year now. This is the version immediately previous to the Rift S and Quest releases. What games or apps are must haves or must experience in your opinion? Keep in kind that I can't do S or Quest exclusive titles - they...
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    ASUS ROG STRIX B360-I Gaming Motherboard Review @ [H]

    You guys got this backwards. In actuality both M.2 ports support PCIE x4 - not just one. (That's how come you can put Optane on port 2) However port 2 doesn't support SATA mode. Also I believe you can do RAID on the regular SATA ports - just not on the M.2 ports. I found that out the hard...
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    Would you buy open box?

    It totally depends.... example: I'm more apt to buy something like a CPU or an SSD because chances are damage to those is readily apparent. Motherboards? No way. Hard Drives (spinners)? VERY unlikely It's important that I'm speaking as a customer shopping retail. Hardly any of the above...
  7. NoxTek

    Nvidia 417.71 drivers up.

    1. I'm able to enable G-Sync on my LG 34UC80-B ultrawide curved monitor. It appears to be working, but never having seen G-sync or Freesync work in person I can't be sure. If anyone knows a sure fire test I'd be happy to try it out. Running the pendulum demo, ticking G-sync, and setting...
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    R.I.P. Billy "Wicked" Wilson - Dead at 33 :-(

    Thing is, VoodooExtreme and Billy's unique style were part of what made the scene great back in the day. These days (with the notable exceptions) gaming / tech news websites are bland and corporate on a good day and an absolute bore fest at their worst. Between everyone being scared they're...
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    Last Starfighter bluray $5.99 Amazon

    ".... YOUR MICKEY MOUSE IS ONE.... BIG... DOPE!!!" :D
  10. NoxTek

    Last Starfighter bluray $5.99 Amazon

    This movie and 'Explorers' are such underrated movies... ohhh my childhood! <3
  11. NoxTek

    HAWT: Micca MB42X-C Speaker (Refurb) $49.99 each

    I will, as soon as you show me where I can buy the MB42X-C brand new at the same price. As was said above - the MB42X-C have a hardware crossover whereas the non X versions have a simple capacitor inline.
  12. NoxTek

    HAWT: Micca MB42X-C Speaker (Refurb) $49.99 each Amazon has a limited quantity of certified refurbished Micca MB42X-C speakers for $50 each with free shipping. These go in and out of stock periodically -...
  13. NoxTek

    Aptoyu dual driver (stereo) bluetooth speaker $9.89 @ Amazon

    UPDATE After listening to it for what must be over 20 hours total, I am down to one 'dot' on the battery indicator... it might actually make the rated '24 hours of listening" listed in the features, which honestly surprises me. Being a cheap chinese speaker I figured the battery rating was...
  14. NoxTek

    Aptoyu dual driver (stereo) bluetooth speaker $9.89 @ Amazon

    They arrive in a nearly completely discharged state and will not power on straight out of the box. You'll need to give them a full charge when you first unbox them, using any microUSB cable (one is included, but I put it away and use a higher quality one out of my Monoprice stash). Also...
  15. NoxTek

    Aptoyu dual driver (stereo) bluetooth speaker $9.89 @ Amazon

    Update on my first unit: Listened for most of the day today (1PM to about 10PM) and still had 2 "bars" of battery left. Good stuff!
  16. NoxTek

    PSA: Amazon Raising Prime Annual Price to $119

    You've gotta be fucking kidding me... didn't they just raise the price from $79 to $99 like e year ago? Damn!
  17. NoxTek

    Aptoyu dual driver (stereo) bluetooth speaker $9.89 @ Amazon

    Added a video to the OP, go easy guys... I did it on the fly. Just kinda wanted to give those looking at buying one an idea of the look of it and how it sounds, although the dinky mics on my Canon 110 HS don't really do it much justice.
  18. NoxTek

    Aptoyu dual driver (stereo) bluetooth speaker $9.89 @ Amazon

    I don't want to paint TOO rosy of a picture, but I was fairly impressed by the sound especially given the price. I strapped it to my bike and it sounds pretty damn fantastic for $10. I actually bought three more. One as a backup, and two to throw in our family Christmas gift auction at the...
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    Half-Life 2 Looks Great in Unreal Engine 4

    You know, it really doesn't look all that different to me than the original (now almost 15 year old) Source engine. Apart from some softer shadows, a few glass reflections, and that all-too-popular motion blur it really looks the same. I remember being floored at how 'realistic' Half-Life 2...
  20. NoxTek

    Aptoyu dual driver (stereo) bluetooth speaker $9.89 @ Amazon (Note, image isn't mine... just found a decent one on GIS) Click the 'Applicable promotion' under the $16.99 listed price or use promo code N5AAKWNX at checkout to knock the price down to...
  21. NoxTek

    A 1080TI that will make you laugh --- or shudder...

    LOL, reminds me of my old thermonuclear GTX 280 "Hovercraft Edition".... I still have the beast in a drawer somewhere... I should see if it still works. :D Except I don't have any boards around with a legacy / non UEFI BIOS....
  22. NoxTek

    Current state of PhysX? Is it well and truly dead?

    I've come to a point where I'm fortunate enough to have several 'back up' GPUs at my disposal should my Asus Strix GTX1080 fail at a time when crypto miners have run the prices up to astronomical levels. I've got a couple of GTX 660s, a GTX 770, a GTX 780, a GTX 980, and I think even a lowly...
  23. NoxTek

    Why do manufacturers release so many motherboards?

    Why does Ford produce so many cars? Why doesn't Kellogs make only one kind of corn flakes? Why does Coca-Cola make Sprite, Minute Maid, Mr. Pibb, Fanta, and Barq's?
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    Samsung 960 PRO 512gb nvme Amazon Warehouse

    That should be included with the motherboard....
  25. NoxTek

    Core i3-8100T vs Core i3-8100

    Exactly. (As I've come to understand it) The T and S parts have lower TDP (and clock speed / multiplier) versus the regular parts. K = unlocked multiplier for balls to the wall performance () = mainstream non unlocked but still relatively high turbo multiplier S = Slightly lower clocks but...
  26. NoxTek

    Screw current GPU pricing... bring on the old-school Quad GPU setups!

    Meh... SLI / Crossfire are pretty much dying technologies. You'll notice that Nvidia has all but abandoned SLI and AMD doesn't really make a big deal of Crossfire anymore. Two 295s in SLI might look wicked as hell, but they're just going to chew through electricity doing what would be done...
  27. NoxTek

    You Get ADAM Assets! And You Get ADAM Assets! And You Get....

    So I'm not much of a Machinima person, but I just watched all three episodes of Adam and I'm blown away. Not necessarily by the graphics which honestly seem "meh", but the story had me hooked from the very beginning. I WANT MOAR!!!!
  28. NoxTek

    Humble REBundle: VEGAS Pro

    Again with the Vegas Pro 14.... All they did was take the buggy mess that Sony left with 13, and plaster the MAGIX brand all over it and called it Vegas Pro 14. Hard to argue for the price, but Vegas 15 is where the real innovation started again.
  29. NoxTek

    Is there any way to use Win7/8 keys for Windows 10?

    Install Windows 7 (or 8) with the legitimate key and ensure it shows activated on the main system properties page. Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, run it, and let it do an IN PLACE UPGRADE from your activated Windows 7 install. (I usually select 'Keep all files and settings' when...
  30. NoxTek

    Coffee Lake i7-8700K modded to work on Z170

    I wouldn't get too excited though.... I bet you anything Intel will have Microsoft patch it out in a soft-microcode update. They did the same thing with the Pentium G3258 when people were overclocking them on H97 boards. One fateful Windows update comes along and suddenly your Asrock H97M...
  31. NoxTek


    The copper IHS makes me drool, but not enough to warrant another $20 spent. From everything I've seen it MIGHT knock off a degree or two under load versus the stock IHS....
  32. NoxTek

    To replace thermal paste or not

    Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut? Yes. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut (Liquid Metal)? I wouldn't.
  33. NoxTek

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    TY Squishy!!! <3
  34. NoxTek

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 33 120mm CPU cooler $16.40 AC @NE

    Well that was fast, both yellow and green (the colors that had the promo code) are showing OOS now. :(
  35. NoxTek

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 33 120mm CPU cooler $16.40 AC @NE

    Wow, I like the black heatsink... sharp looking!
  36. NoxTek

    Does ASUS have any plans to release microcode bios updates for Z77?

    As much as we hate to admit it, Ivy Bridge is seven years old now. There has to be a cutoff point somewhere... I'd think the microcode updates will get rolled into Windows as software level patches at some point if they haven't been already. It's not quite as good or permanent as a BIOS...
  37. NoxTek

    Is an nvme ssd worth it on this motherboard?

    ROFL, yes... 10 GB/s is 10,240MB/s. That 10GB/s maximum is a theoretical limit, it's the limit of the 4x PCIE lanes that the NVME drive uses. Remember, an m.2 (the PCIE type, anyway) SSD essentially is a direct connection to the PCIE bus. Long story short, the fastest NVME drives today...
  38. NoxTek

    $30 CM Lite 120 AIO (w/$5 rebate+promo)

    My apologiews to Neapolitan6th, it definitely wasn't my intention to cause this thread to spiral into bickering. I've deleted my posts.
  39. NoxTek

    Is an nvme ssd worth it on this motherboard?

    It will take full advantage of whatever NVME SSD you want to drop in there just fine, that's why the slot is there.