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    I am abandoning this project

    Something Star Wars themed. Anyone else currently doing a Star Wars mod or planning to start one real soon?
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    Good guides

    I am thinking about getting into water-cooling. Any good guides or You Tubers to watch?
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    New build - specs okay?

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    Nerdy Ninjas Build Log: ROGamine

    This will be my main gaming rig that I bring to PDXLAN 27 in Feb 2016. Specs: Chassis: Red Harbinger Dopamine V2.0 (prototype - only one in existence I think as of today) GPUS: 4-way SLI NVIDIA TitanX CPU: Intel 5960x Mobo: ASUS Rampage V Extreme RAM: 64 Gigs Crucial Elite DDR 4 SSDS...
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    upgrade time

    Out with the Titans in with TitanXs, out with 980s in with 980Tis all will have sexy new Swiftech blocks
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    DarthBeavis Project: Look At The Flowers

    Planned specs: NVIDIA TitanZ GPU Intel 5960x Processor 32 Gigs or Crucial Elite DDR4 ASROCK X99 MITX mobo Not sure on PSU yet Two Crucial 1 T SSDS in RAID 0 My theme is related to . . . .hmmm, let's let you guess based on the project name and this first shot of what will adorn the...
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    NVIDIA'sMOD24 . . . .sign up to watch
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    New EK Supremacy EVO blocks

    Few shots of new EK Supremacy EVG block with matching EK block for TitanZ and EK Red Harbinger block.
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    NVIDIA wall mount PC for Maker Faire

    Wish I had a better name. First, I want to think the many guys out there who already did insane wall mount PCS. My number one inspiration was this build called the Recoil Machine: Anyways, NVIDIA wanted a custom...
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    Vanilla Ice Project

    We (Thomas Nunn - CEO of Red Harbinger, Travis Jank, Shawn from Red Harbinger, and UFC legend Jens Pulver) are going to be on the Vanilla Ice Project in Spring. We filmed the one episode and fly to be in two more next month. Here are pix from the first trip. This is the Red Harbinger desk...
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    Happy TurduckenDay

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    Laptop in progress

    Origin 17" laptop with NVIDIA 680m - My air-brusher, Steve Nunez. finished the paint. Now I have to make a backlit logo piece (with my 3d printer):
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    Cooler Master Mod Contest 2013

    If you make beautiful sexy time explosion mods . . .sign up and enter for great prizes and fame
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    New LAN build - no project name yet

    Since my Queen of Blades rig is a little too large to haul to LANS - I decided to build a dedicated PDXLAN rig . . Specs: Case - Custom Parvum Systems Mobo: ASUS Gryphon 787 with armor that I will airbrush CPU: Intel 4770k GPUS - Dual NVIDIA Titans RAM - 32 gigs of Crucial Tracer HDD...
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    Finished loop with Rigid tubing

    Primochill Rigid tubing This shows what will visible with door closed (HDDS not visible)
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    DarthBeavis: Quick build

    Needed a build for PDXLAN - had four 680s lying around so gonna do a Danger Den tribute build: Specs: Intel 3770k, Gigabyte Sniper 3 mobo, 32 gigs Tactical Tracer, four Crucial 256 SSDS in RAID 0, Danger Den horizontal double-wide case, Danger Den nickle CPU block, Heatkiller 680 blocks, three...
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    OMG what did EK do?

    Look at the ugly designs they added to their entire lineup Circles everywhere . . .wow. They had such sexy products before
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    What would you like to see WIDELY available for sleeving

    Size Color Flexibility Heat treated or Non-heat treated Coverage (Full, moderate How about kits such as tools, connectors, pins, etc?
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    680 waterblocks

    Nekkid 680s thermal pads Contact side of Heatkiller blocks Installed front view back view on ASUS Rampage IV Extreme with Heatkiller CPU block and MIPS mobo block Will have Heatkiller SLI fittings (two of them connected Bitspower D plugs) and ram will also have blocks...
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    Project: Queen of Blades

    Case arrived (Case Labs STH10): They do amazing packing Well-labeled Have my day cut out for me tomorrow - have to assemble then send to Steve Nunez in NY
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    Modders Unite

    I urge everyone to email CPU Magazine to ask that they put the Mad Reader Mod rig back on the FULL front cover!!!!!!!!
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    Project: Koprulu Sector

    This build will be my new LAN rig. Version 1 will be air-cooled - version 2 will add liquid-cooling (using custom external rad box) and will have a Starcraft 2 battle diorama inside the case Specs thus far: ASUS Maximus 4 Gene Z moboIntel 2500k, 16 gigs Crucial Ballitix ram, either couple...
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    Kewl new nerdtastic SC 2 music video

    From my buddy HuskyStarCraft (Mike): YouTube - ‪NERD ALERT - Void Rays - (Rebecca Black - Friday Parody) ft KurtHugoSchneider / HuskyStarcraft‬‏
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    Modding tips article

    Starts on page 60
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    Project Log: Hail to the King

    This project was commissioned by NVIDIA as a gift to Gearbox for the launch of Duke Nukem Forever. Partners in this project include: NVIDIA - Financed the project, project manager was Kris Rey, Community Manager from NVIDIA. Special thanks also go out to Eric Liu, Leslie Pirritano, and Mike...
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    Project Hail to the King

    Flying home from launch party in Dallas. Was amazing event. I will post full worklog when I get home
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    My first air-brush projectThis is my first air-brushed project. Material is 1/8" clea

    This is my first air-brushed project. Material is 1/8" clear acrylic. These are back plates for NVIDIA 580s going in my Holocron build at NVIDIA booth at PAX East Design was laser cut by DD - I painted the back and logo white then used Createx Opaque blue on the logo, while paint was wet...
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    Need raid card/SAS expander suggestion

    I have 25 HDDs already wired up with uber clean wire management including SATA data cables. I need a raid solution (least expensive = better) that can use the existing SATA cables (meaning I do not want to use those SAS to SATA cables as I already have cables installed). Any suggestions?
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    Project: Dragon Ball Z

    My Son wanted a LAN rig so I decided to do a build based on Danger Dens 450 case. The case is designed to be air-cooled but I decided I wanted to fit some real H20 inside (not one of those self-enclosed kits). The build will be upgraded to ASUS' mini-ITX Sandybridge mobo when it is released. GPU...
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    PDXLAN 16.5 Nov 5-7th

    The ".5" LANS are really awesome as we have food drives in addition to the gaming. Please come support the food drive and have fun and frag hard!!!
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    AirBrushed Origin EON15 3D laptop

    Painted by Art of Steve Nunez based on Luis Royo artwork
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    DarthBeavis Project: Holocron (Windows Home Server build)

    Specs: Intel i5 655 processor ASUS P7P55 LX motherboard (used because it has 3 PCI slots for the 3 eight-port raid cards) 4-8 gigs of Crucial Ballistix Tracer ram 25 two terabyte hard drives Custom-painted Danger Den Double-wide tower by Silverstone Zeus 1200 M PSU GPU...
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    Sale at Danger Den
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    The rads, PSU housing, NAS Box, and pump (courtesy of Koolance) Had a few days home between trips so I got started . . .still waiting for four 480s and an Asus R3E . . . First, I get my fittings sponsored and I do not want to shell out cash for those nice black ones so . . . Ghetto...
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    case air-brusher sneak peek

    This is one of the side panels from a Danger Den Double-wide I will be building. The rest of it is still being painted. Air-brusher = rig will be Asus Rampage II - Quad SLI 295s (at least until Nvidia gets me Fermis) and modest i7 920. 12 Gigs of Crucial Ballistix Tracers...
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    CES builds

    Sadly I will not be at CES (Nvidia wanted me to staff the gaming booth but I have to be at school on that Friday and Saturday . . .the ONE time a month my class meets have to be that weekend). Here are pics of the Nvidia one (not perfect but ok for a quick assembly): Before you...
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    CES builds

    holy double poast
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    Check out front page of CPU Magazine

    Jan 2010 issue write up on page 38 This is digital version of the magazine
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    Install Mac OS on Win 7

    Got a client who wants a pimp arse water-cooled Mac. I would like to use normal DIY hardware and install the MAC OS - probably boot camp or parallels Windows. I am a pretty decent DIY builder (www.outoftheboxmods) but have not messed with a custom Mac build before. thanks in advance for any...
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    Off to see the wizard

    Charity build Nvidia has the website up . . . Had to swap out the guts of one psu to the other which required soldering . . .but it works. Now for a shower and out the door for the all-day drive to Nvidia. I will try to get...