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    WordPress Question

    I was hired as a remote marketing manager for a nonprofit whose website is in shambles. Instead of trying to fix it, I would like to create a new site for them from the ground up. Can I create my own WordPress account and build the site, then upload the pages to the nonprofit's account to...
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    Lube a Gateron Low Profile Switch?

    Has anyone successfully lubed these switches? They are on the Keychron K1 V4. Mine are not hot swappable. Unlike traditional switches, there's no accessible recessed area when the switch is depressed. It looks like I should be able to pop out the colored portion that sits on the spring, lube the...
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    Question for Doss Soundbox XL Owners

    I understand that a lot of folks use the Soundbox XL with their PC's. I'm using mine with a TV in our living room, but that's beside the point. Before buying, I made sure there was a way to disable the speaker's auto-off feature. This involved reaching out to Doss who sent me a file to update...
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    Logitech G815 G915 Alternative?

    As a writer who's always looking for a greater typing experience, I absolutely flipped over the new clicky variant of these keyboards. Since I've been away from mechanical boards for a bit and have been using the equivalent of Apple's Magic Keyboard, the low profile switches just felt heavenly...
  5. J

    Cooling with Noctua

    Corsair Carbide Air 240 ASRock 775M Core i5 2380 (no OC) w/ Freezer 7 Pro GTX 980 My rig is in a finished basement that stays fairly cool year round. I play games very infrequently, but use it quite often for music production. I’m also a writer and am planning to record my first audiobook. So...
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    Cannot connect NAS WD Red drive

    I purchased a 4TB WD MyCloud a couple of years ago and it recently failed. I read that the issue is likely with the enclosure, so I opened it, removed the drive and then connected it to my Windows 10 rig via a powered USB HD adapter. The HD is spinning as expected, but Windows will not...
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    'New Senders ' Folder in Outlook

    Back in March, our business experienced a server hiccup that resulted in it being reset. Ever since then, a 'New Senders' folder under each of my accounts has been catching every incoming email. These folders appear to be subfolders in each of my inboxes that I can't get rid of despite having...
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    Attn: Excel Gurus

    I have a list of items that I reference by number. Example below. I would like to type the number of an item into a cell and have the item name appear in its place. I type "3" and "Poplar" appears. This seems like it would be very simple, but I haven't found the formula. Any help would be...
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    Hyperlink Hell (Excel)

    At work, I have a spreadsheet stored in a folder on our shared drive with hyperlinks to PDF's in a subfolder. Periodically, I copy that whole folder to my computer for backup purposes. Last week our network went down for a few days, so I began making updates to the backup spreadsheet. I made...
  10. J

    Switch: The Re-Release Machine

    Just saw Forbes latest article, calling the Switch a "re-release machine." As much as I enjoy the console, I can see where the attitude is coming from. Amidst slews of 2D indie titles, big name games from western developers stand to be non-existent, save for their ability to cash in on last gen...
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    Nintendo Switch Audio Question

    How does the Switch determine what's on the end of an audio cable? I have a set of Bluetooth headphones that work great when connected with an audio cable. If I disconnect my headphones and plug in my JBL Flip speaker, there's no sound. I read that this works when docked only, but that's the...
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    Treatment for a sticky keycap?

    I have an X-Slim keyboard by i-Rocks and the B key has decided to start sticking. It pops back up on its own as if something sticky got underneath it. Are the keycaps easily removeable on these types of keyboards? If so, should I just try to clean underneath it? I don't want to pop it off...
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    Recommend a Mech. Keyboard w/ Blues?

    Looking for a nice keyboard with either Cherry or Kailh blue switches. Backlit is fine as long as it can display a single hue across the board (white preferred) but it's not required. I'm a writer more than I am a gamer, so something that doesn't look like its from outer space would be great...
  14. J

    Logitech Silent Mouse Lag

    Lately I've been enjoying the silence of mice and landed Logitech's new M330, whose build is identical to the Triathlon. Its form is close enough to perfect for my grip, but its lag issues are concerning. Unless you think otherwise, I'm chalking it up to a poor sensor. Either that of the hard...
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    Soundcard for speakers, HD Audio for headphones?

    Thanks to an electrical storm whose lightning found our deck attractive, the front panel audio on my Xonar card delivers sound with horrible static. The speaker output was unaffected. And so my limited knowledge tells me to just disconnect the HD Audio cable from the Xonar and connect it to...
  16. J

    SD Card to new tablet?

    I own a Galaxy Tab Pro and have purchased a Galaxy Tab S. Can I simply swap my SD card to the new tablet with all the apps installed on it, or is there a more rigorous process?
  17. J

    Verizon to Straight Talk?

    My wife's Verizon contract does not end until April. Her phone bit the dust and I am looking to replace it. When her contract ends, however, the plan is to move to Straight Talk prepaid service. If I get her a Samsung phone for Christmas, can she use it to finish out her contract and then...
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    Wii U Controller Question

    Considering getting a Wii U for my kids. What is an ideal second controller that is compatible with the most, if not all, retail games? From what I've been reading, it seems like Nintendo is giving people a fit when it comes to local co-op and multiplayer. I just want to play games with my...
  19. J

    Extend W8 Desktop to Tablet?

    Lately I'd been reading about the upcoming Mobile Touch Monitor from Lenovo and how you can extend W8 to use Metro on it while using the traditional desktop view on your monitor. Is there a way to achieve this with a Transformer Prime, for example, without the use of the streaming software...
  20. J

    VX Revolution w/ Windows 7, 8?

    I've read of people claiming that the mouse has consistency issues with Windows 7. I've head nothing about its performance with W8, which leads me to believe that people aren't using it. Can anyone vouch for the VX Revolution's performance with the W7 & 8? Thanks! FiSH
  21. J

    Spray paint for case interior

    Working on a project that calls for painting my Arc Mini case. I plan to have the exterior panels painted professionally, but have chosen to paint the interior myself. I did this with my current LIan Li case (image below) after simply cleaning the unpainted aluminum surface and spraying with a...
  22. J

    Corsair SP120: fan blades removed

    Today I found out fairly quickly that the new Corsair fans do not utilize an o-ring to hold the fan blades in place. When i removed the sticker on the back, I saw that there was a plastic piece blocking my access. I used my X-acto to remove this piece only to see the fan pin exposed. It...
  23. J

    Asrock Z77M

    Looks like the Z77 version of the H77M. It's listed as a new product, yet it doesn't appear to be on the market yet. It's the only m-atx board in the Z77 series with PCI slots. I use an Asus Xonar DG, so it's needed. It'd be nice to see a PCIe slot as well, but you can't have it all I...
  24. J

    Replacement GPU cover?

    I'm considering a particular these for my next build - one that calls for color that my GTX 680 does not have. I'd have the plastic shroud painted when I get my panels done, but I'm afraid doing so would kill its resale value on down the road. That said, has anyone ever ordered/received a...
  25. J

    Mobo Modding?

    Quick question. Do people go so far as to replace the RAM and PCIe slots with different colored ones? Can you even buy replacement slots? If not, are they easy to remove and replace? I'm looking to create a specific theme for my next build and the existing mobo colors all clash big time...
  26. J

    Can't boot into BIOS - P8Z68V-Pro

    Until this evening, I had been running my rig using one of the EZ mode settings in UEFI. Tonight, I thought I'd try disabling speedstep in an attempt to have my 2500K run at stock speed and allow Turbo to go from there. Upon rebooting, I am unable to access BIOS. I get the ASUS screens that...
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    Shortcut Help

    A girl who used to work at my organization used to store phone numbers for her various accounts using some type of macro. She typed a code then hit enter and the corresponding phone number appeared in its place. She did this without auto hot key or any other app. Anyone know how this is done...
  28. J

    Amplified Subwoofer serve as amp for Passive Speakers?

    While browsing audio gear I came across Sony's SA-W2500, a desk size amplified subwoofer. Looking a the back of it, you can see where your speakers can be connected. Does this mean that the sub would serve as an amp to passive speakers, or would I still need a separate amp to use bookshelf...
  29. J

    Passive Speakers & Amp vs. Powered w/ PC

    I'm debating on ditching my 2.1 desktop speakers for a couple of passive Polk Audio bookshelf speakers with an amp and sub. Naturally, the speakers will be much better quality. I guess I'm just wondering if people prefer this setup versus using a boxed 2.1 set of Logitechs, for example...
  30. J

    Removeable Device Not Recognized

    Whenever I connect my camera or phone to my computer, W7 gives that little audible notification that the device is connected. It had been a while since I connected my MS KIN phone to add music to its Zune software and now it's not recognized. The phone knows its connected but W7 doesn't...
  31. J

    Desktop Travel Bags?

    I fly from TN to OH for a LAN party each year. My cases have been too big to bring with me, so I've always used a loner. The case I'm using now (Lian Li A05FNB) meets carry-on standards, so I aim to bring it next time and stow it away on the plane. I just don't know what the hell to put it...
  32. J

    Krator Speakers?

    Just happened along these Neso 02 2.1's from Krator on Amazon. The only review I could find points toward them being pretty decent. Anyone have any experience with these or with Krator's gear in general?
  33. J

    560 ti SC ---> 570 Classified . . . Worthy?

    Right now, the EVGA GTX 570 Classified's are $349 after rebate. Arkham City is free with the purchase. Using a GTX 560 ti SC at the moment. Would this be a good move? Thanks!
  34. J

    Bulldozer: Priced to sell rather than compete

    That's the theme of ExtremeTech's latest article on the FX series' final pricing, which has dropped once again. The FX-8150 is now priced at $230; a far cry from the $320 powerhouse AMD originally planned.
  35. J

    FX-8150 Reviewed by Dutch Site

    Dutch site reviews the FX-8150 with Turbo disabled by AMD. Running at stock 3.6GHz, the 8150 shows significant performance gains over Sandy Bridge in terms of raw computing. In games, however, the cpu barely surpasses the Phenom II X4 980 and fights to match the performance of the X6 1100T...
  36. J

    Any truth to this?

    Prepping for a Bulldozer build and received this message from a friend. Just an FYI.. that Sabertooth 990FX is the board I want to get too.. a buddy of mine I used to work with at AMD said they are using them in test right now and they are having to manually update several chips on the...
  37. J

    More AM3+ boards on the way?

    I sit staring my empty Lian Li case, knowing that I can go ahead and grab the Sabertooth 990FX board that I've had my eyes on for a while. I've been hesitant though as I've been under the impression that we'll see a number of boards hit around the Bulldozer launch. Does anyone anticipate...
  38. J

    Laptop for the wife?

    Looking for something around $500. 4GB RAM, W7 HP, multicore 2.1GHz +. She'll be using it for print media apps mostly, including Adobe InDesign and some light Photoshop CS5 use. The one I was looking at is the ASUS A53E-XA1. Looks like it could hold down the fort ok, but I'd like to hear...
  39. J

    Custom Window Appliques?

    Can anyone recommend a site that does these without charging and arm and a leg? Anyone here in the forums make them?
  40. J

    Worthy upgrade?

    i7 930 @ 4ghz ----> i7 2600k ASUS Rampage Formula III ----> P8P67 Pro 6GB G. Skill PI DDR3 1600 ----> 8GB G. Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600 I'll be sticking with my EVGA GTX 560ti SC. Yay? Nay?