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    MSI 790FX-GD70 and ACC

    I've been out of the loop for a while and i just put together this new system, shown in my signature. I found out after i purchased everything that the AMD 550 can often times have the 3rd and 4th cores unlocked. I realize now that one of the Gigabyte boards would have been a better option if...
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    display profiles

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    light audio recording

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    solderless breadboard??

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    2800+ vs. 2500+

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    64 bit windows install trouble

    i'm trying to install the windows 64 bit sp1 and when i try to install the drivers for my sata hd it tells me the files on my floppy drive are corrupted. i tried updated drivers on a different floppy disk and i tried a different floppy drive but all to no avail. any help would be great
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    vivo question

    is it possible to watch movies through a vcr with vivo?? i have a radeon 9250 with vivo that i use at my church for a projector and we want to watch a movie that we can only find on vhs. so if it's possible how do i make it work?
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    network won't stay networked

    i have two winxp pro sp2 computers hooked to a router. i have gone through all the setup and stuff to get them networked to share files and printer. it will work right after i go through the setup but if i restart or wait very long they can no longer see each other on the network. what am i...
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    XP network trouble

    trying to hook up my two computers (both XP pro SP2) through a router. if i go to view my workgroup the computers show up but i can't access the information on the other computer in my network. how can i fix this? i have norton internet security (firewall) and have set access for the ip addys...
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    i'm trying to find a guide or something to help me figure out how to use ffdshow. i've done some googling and checked the video guide on the forum here. i've also checked and so i was wandering if anyone knew of somewhere that i could find out more about ffdshow??
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    little bit of trouble with files and new HD

    i installed a new SATA drive and am going to use it for my OS. i have a bunch of movies on my other HD which is my slave drive. if i try to view them this way i get sound but no picture. if i disable my SATA drive and go back to my other HD (which still has windows-same versions also SP2) the...
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    wierd problems

    all of the sudden my two cdrom drives are going screwy. i installed a new hd and everything was working fine now all of the sudden my cd-rw dvd drive has an orange light on but it doesn't show up in my computer or in the bios. my other cdrom shows up really strange. in my computer it says iATARI...
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    need new SATA help

    i just got my new oem maxtor 200gb sata hd. for some reason i can't get it to show up in my bios or in windows setup. if i use MaxBlast 3 it shows up and i even formatted and partitioned the drive. it also shows up after the POST screen. but when i try to install windows xp it says that it can't...
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    best agp card

    i'd like to have an x700 or a 6600 when the come out, but they are both pci-x so my quesiton is what is the best agp card? is it still the 9800xt or what is? btw i'm not looking for an aruging match about what is better, just personal opinion or plain fact BASED ON REVIEWS
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    just a simple question that may have been answered before... will pci-express video cards work in an agp slot?
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    the big question: is it worth upgrading to SP2?

    so my question is obviously posed in the subject. is it worth going to sp2 now or is it better to wait untill some of the bugs have been worked out? so far i haven't seen a whole lot of good come out of sp2, but i haven't done much reading. so what is the recomendation?
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    having trouble watching movies

    whenever i try to watch a movie it will play but the video sputters and the audio plays normally. i have never had this problem and can't figure out what is causing it to happen. i've tried with WMP 9 and Power DVD deluxe 5. same problem with both programs. i have tried: defrag all drivers are...
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    simple IE help

    i somehow lost my status bar (on the bottom) in IE and would like to get it back on the screen, but i can't remember how to do it. the computer area of my brain has cobwebs. once ya get busy it's hard to do the things you enjoy:( so anyways can someone help me with my IE problem
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    need some help with dell inspiron

    my friend brought over his dell inspiron 1100 series lappy b/c it won't turn on. i haven't been able to figure out the problem. the power light displays green but then nothing happens. no post screen no activity whatsoever. i tired looking for the cmos battery to reset it but i can't find it...
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    not your average memory question

    i have the Abit KV8-MAX3 board and it has a bunch of memory settings that i have no idea what they do. really the main thing i want to know is: if i change them will it change my performance??? so if you can help me out i would appreciate it! the settings that i'm unsure about are: Row...
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    centronics diagram

    can anyone tell me or direct me to a place where i can find a diagram for a 36 pin centronics connection? i need to know what color wire goes to which pin. btw: i tried to do a google but couldn't find what i wanted.
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    will this work? LCD

    i found this LCD on eBay and would like to use it in my computer. is there anywhere that someone could point me so i can figure out what to do? the papers provided aren't very helpful to me. i know what pins plug to where but that's about it.
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    LCD backlighting

    is it possible to backlight an LCD that is not backlit? it is just a 20x4 text LCD. is it possible to use LEDs or something to make it shine? i don't have it yet so i can't try it out but i was just wondering if anyone knew?
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    DVD encoding

    what do you use for DVD encoding? is it free? is it easy to use? where can i get it? i'm using DVDx right now but i'm not sure that i'm real impressed with the quality. course it could be cuz i don't know a lot about it!
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    so i got a can i use it?

    i just got a cheapo hub today that i ordered off of ebay. it's a 24 port bay networks baystack 150 10base-t hub. i have a cable connection and a router, 2 computers, and 1 that i intend to use as a server maybe. how can i connect them all up to make it work right? i tried plugging stuff in but i...
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    quick DOS command question

    what does the command FORMAT D:/U do?? this would be on a HD with D being a second partition
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    A64 OC Stories

    i just got my new A64 setup on monday and i OCed it to 2.2Ghz 220x10. i'm using an SLK-948U and a Vantec Stealth 92mm fan. it's a nice combo even OCed it's runs at a decent 38-40C. although when i was encoding a DVD it topped out around 53C :eek: i only used the thermal paste that comes with the...
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    windows server 2003

    where can i find a GOOD key gen for server 03??
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    LCD projector info

    does anyone know where i could find some info on how LCD projectors work? i've checked and i've done some google searching. i'm doing it for a research project so i need a little more info than what i have. thanks for your help
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    need some help

    this is what i want to do: set up a file/print server this is what i have: cable modem into 4 port router into 2 computers can i setup another computer to be my print file srever with my current equipment? (i have another comp to use for the server) or do i need other stuff? like a...
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    probably a dumb question....

    what is the purpose of having 2 NICs on a Mobo??
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    need help with this error

    when i start my computer it goes through POST then i get GRUB Hard Drive Error. WTH?!?!?! what's the deal? btw: it's XP Pro
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    anybody know when these will be popping up?
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    KV8-MAX3 What is this??

    what is all this stuff and what is it used for?? i tried abit's site but i didn't find any info. well they had some on the secure IDE but not the other stuff??
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    i feel like a dummy!

    what is encoding/decoding??? also i have a DVD player... can i rip DVDs?? and if yes how?
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    extending my Z640s

    now i probably just missed this in the sticky so if i did just point me to that! but i want to extend the wire on my rear speakers of my Z640s. what's the best way to do that without losing quality etc.?
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    fans and electrical stuff

    is it possible to run 8 fans with and LED and switch hooked to each fan with ONE 12v line from my computer? or will i need to use multiple lines?
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    need help with partitions

    i have two partitions one is ntfs with XP installed. the other is just a raw partition. is there a way that i can just delete the second partition and add it to the first partition without using any partition software? i have no partition magic or the like. can i do it through XP without...
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    64-bit or not?

    i am planning to upgrade towards the end of this month. my original plan was to get an NF7-S, 2500+ w/SLK-947, and Corsair PC3200 512MBx2. but i read somewhere that the NF7-S is beginning to be on the outs. not that it isn't still a good mobo, but that it's not as great compared to the new...
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    3200 latency vs. 3700 latency

    if you look at Corsair's PC3200 the latency is 2-3-3-6, but if you look at thePC3700 it's latency is 3-4-4-8. so which one is better? will the difference in the speed make up for the slower timings of the 3700?