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    Oculus to require a Facebook account

    I love the shit out of my Rift S but this pisses me off. Glad i never bought into the ecosystem outside of the hardware. Thankfully if im understanding it right i have until 2023 to upgrade away from oculus. I imagine by then there should be competition or VR will have died an ugly death.
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    Unifans are here!

    For the price though just shut the RGB off and call it good. Or just set them to a nice low white light. $69 for 3 fans with fancy new tech is pretty good assuming the fans themselves dont just plain suck.
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    Gabe Newell Would Prefer a Xbox Series X over the PlayStation 5

    Exactly what it is IMO. Gabe prefers the console that dont compete with his platform.
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    'NBA 2K21' Will Cost $70 USD for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Is this the new normal?

    But games are legitimately cheaper on steam than physical. When is the last time you saw anything even close to a steam sale in stores? We have seen the best deals consistently through digital stores on PC but people still keep saying games didnt get cheaper?!?! The MSRP may have stayed the...
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    Dell - 32" LED Curved QHD FreeSync 165Hz $379.99

    For a single dead pixel? I don't think so.
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    Apple ARM Based MacBooks and iMacs to come in 2021

    By several you mean twice?
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    This is Intel’s Top secret weapon against AMD

    The fuck? They are not even in decline as a company and you act like they are somehow dying? People here need a serious reality check. At the actual rate they are going they will be around long after you are dead... Intel is clearly stuck in terms of innovation but they are still leading the...
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    This is Intel’s Top secret weapon against AMD

    ITT: A ton of delusional folks that are greatly exaggerating Intels position. What reality do you live in if you actually believe intel is just dead? Because we dont exist in the same reality. They are not even really hurting as far as i can tell. They just hit a 5 year high in stock price in...
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    Epic Mega Sale ends June 11th

    It was free for like a week though.
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    [Epic Store] Sid Meiers Civilization Vi (Free till [DEAD])

    You can use the $10 off coupon on the platinum edition upgrade which im pretty sure gets you the expansion and all DLC for $29.99. I honestly dont know if its worth the price or not just seems like a decent enough deal. I already used my coupon anyway.
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    Crucial 500GB P1 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD $59.95

    I get that TLC should definitely Outlast QLC but at the same time you're talking 3 year vs 5 year warranty. The 500gb ones are the decent deals either way. $60/65 for an nvme drive with a 5 year warranty is pretty solid. Ideally you wouldn't use this as your os drive but at that price with...
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    Crucial 500GB P1 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD $59.95

    $5 more for the p2 direct from crucial.
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    Are the AMD drivers really that bad?

    Asgards wrath runs very well for me on my regular rx5700. Its honestly one of the better performing games i have played. You sure you don't have some other issue? I have only played a couple hours so far but no dips into reprojection at all with default settings, nice and smooth 80fps on my rift...
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    That's what I was thinking. The price difference right now isn't really that high. The good x470 boards I was looking at are like 150 to 165 and the x570 tuf was $175. Pcie4 does not interest me much but in 2 years I'll probably be glad I have it when fast ssds start getting cheaper. X570 will...
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    Aurus elite is perfect on paper but too many reviews about the board having quality control issues.
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    Looking at buying a ryzen 3600/mobo and 3200mhz ram trying to decide on a motherboard to go with it. All i keep reading is tons of folks on various forums, reddit and the like constantly suggesting b450/x470 boards instead of x570. I have been considering getting the MSI x570 gaming edge while...
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    Humble VR Bundle

    And if i buy a game on PS4 it should also come with the Xbox one version. Also, buying Skyrim should include all 43 versions on every single console forever. We all really wish that, its just completely unrealistic.
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    Humble VR Bundle

    Maybe if you're not paying enough to get moss and superhot.
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    Humble VR Bundle

    I'm pretty sure the bundles are tax free anyway.
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    Number of Switch vs. Wii games launched over first 3 years

    The switch has a shitload of shitty games on the eShop. A large amount of the main titles are from old systems. It's basically a dumping ground for ancient ports. I love my switch, it's awesome but the eShop is worse than the Android play store. Just a ton of really terrible cheap games...
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    Games that should be revived...

    Skies of arcadia.
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    GPU clock confusion

    That's all I really needed to know. Idk if I just worded it poorly in the OP or none of these guys are bothering to read it but all I have been trying to ask this whole time is if what I'm seeing is normal. I didn't ask for troubleshooting help but boy did I get plenty of it... What a...
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    GPU clock confusion

    That's 100% stock settings for you? It's clocking that high for you on it's own?
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    GPU clock confusion

    Yes, and then I did it again because the 19.2.2 drivers where giving me trouble which turned it to be an issue fixed in 19.2.3.
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    GPU clock confusion

    Thats after like 15 minutes in the witcher. Hit 1906mhz and 1.112v Third column is max readings.
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    GPU clock confusion

    Is afterburner playing nice with these cards now? That would really be nice, its what i have used for years. I uninstalled it after reading all the trouble people had with it in the early days. At no point have i asked for any troubleshooting help with my stability. All i have asked 3 times...
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    GPU clock confusion

    I already said im using adrenalin and gpuZ to monitor this and manually setting a clock speed reflects correctly on both programs. My PSU is fine. What do you mean something not happening at stock. To be 100% clear here i am NOT overclocking this thing intentionally. I just got it and it seems...
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    GPU clock confusion

    I am concerned about it, my system is pretty unstable since I bought it. Gpuz is showing the same clock speeds. I do not think it's reporting incorrectly, if I manually set the max boost clock speed to the advertised amounts that's what it shows. And my system is 100% stable. When I open up...
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    GPU clock confusion

    Xfx rx5700 dd ultra. Got it for $300 on Amazon. So it's normal? Its just overclocking itself with stock settings?
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    GPU clock confusion

    Got a new 5700 and its advertised at boost clock of 1750 but is very frequently going well over 1900 according to adrenaline and GPUZ. Is this just normal for these? I try to google it but just come up with a thousand threads about overclocking or flashing it to an XT.
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    Some Steam Themes eat CPU...

    You mean like big picture mode?
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    Anno 2205 doesnt support i9

    A ubisoft game has a bug, lets find the most clickbait title we can for this article!
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    W.H.O. will classify 'Gaming Disorder' as mental illness in 2018

    Yeah the "younger" generation. Not those guys that played ultima/everquest and runescape 17 hours a day. Definitely those youngins XD.
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    Comcast Is Accused of Signing Up Users for Deceptive Program without Consent

    This is pretty much par for the course these days. If you do not manually call down and throw a massive fit they will charge you a rental fee for a modem that does not exist. I hate to be the one to break this to you but spectrum AKA charter AKA Time warner is pretty much just as bad if not...
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    Bloatware-free Windows 10 at Major Geeks

    Speaking as a long time linux supporter calling linux a viable platform is a fucking joke and a half. It gets less than 1/4 of games released and the performance is a hot mess. Performance is never on par with windows and there are far too many random slow downs etc. Do a few side by side...
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    Cliff Bleszinski Warns That Triple-A Game Development Is "Nearly Unsustainable"

    Cliffy B... Just when you start to forget this asshat here he comes with another little gem.
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    Rift+Touch just dropped by $200

    I just hope either one platform wins quick or they agree on a shared platform. VR being split and expensive will probably kill it.
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    Rift+Touch just dropped by $200

    I read you can play rift games on the vive its just a bit of a process. Is this not true?
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Overclocking - Best Ryzen Processor?

    Without capturing the gaming market its not a come back at all. Intel will continue to soundly stomp them in sales. The PC gaming market has exploded in the last decade and AMD is still literally nowhere to be found outside of mid range bang for buck GPUs. This is just sad. Once Intel releases...
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    Nexus nerd picked up an iPhone 7 Plus

    It might be ironic if it wasnt only half way down the first page of the subforum. This Sub seems to have died pretty badly. First page has threads over 2 weeks old...