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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Entry! Thanks for the giveaway!
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    2016 CPU Progression Thread

    Thanks for the bump Dan_D! Sadly, my list hasn't changed from the last thread. Intel 386 DX 25MHz Intel Pentium 90MHz Intel Celeron 733MHz Athlon XP 2600+ @ Stock Athlon XP 3000+ @ Stock Athlon X2 4200+ @ Stock Intel Core2Duo e6300 @ 2.8GHz Intel Core2Duo e6400 @ 3.2GHz (It fried...
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    Your CPU progression

    Holy cow, this thread is still going?! I'm kind of feeling like a proud papa here :) With that, here's my updated list (updates in bold): Intel 386 DX 25MHz Intel Pentium 90MHz Intel Celeron 733MHz Athlon XP 2600+ @ Stock Athlon XP 3000+ @ Stock Athlon X2 4200+ @ Stock Intel Core2Duo e6300 @...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I'd love to win one of these
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    Decent processor for gaming

    If it's a Core 2 Duo, and under $100, get it. The C2D was a HUGE improvement over the P4. My friends still runs C2D's in his 5 gaming rigs (guest computers).
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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    I've been using Gigabyte boards for several years at this point, and actively recommend them to anyone who will listen. If I win, I'll build another computer with whichever board I get!
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    OCZ PSUs

    I've had 3 OCZ Gold PSU's and they have all sucked. For whatever reason, they work for about a week, then just stop functioning. PSU tester shows no issues, but they won't power any computer. Swapping out to a spare CoolerMaster psu proved the issue to be the OCZ psu's not the comptuers...
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    Sandy Bridge - Overclocking Bye-Bye?

    If AMD makes a competitive CPU to start with, then the ability to overclock will be significant.
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    Frame rate recorder

    And with a little work in Excel, you can make some awesome charts!
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    Frame rate recorder

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    How will the bulldozer be better then the i7?

    I guess I also missed where the AMD chip can outperform the i7980 or the i7 lineup as a whole.
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    Your CPU progression

    I've since purchased an Phenom II. Now my list looks like this:
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    10.6 Drivers... ouch

    I'm seeing crossfire broken in BFBC2 once I updated to 10.6. I'm in the process of rolling back now.
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    In to win? Not that I will though, lol.
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    Hexacore i7 970 hits retail... in UK

    I just don't get it I suppose. Why would they market this chip as a consumer (not enthusiast) chip, and sell it at $900. Intel is being extremely greedy in this latest offering, and that irks me.
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    Stripped screw heads badly in a Tivo HD

    I've used the power drill and extractors several times on stripped screws without issue. Try again. Use the cutting tip and switch over to the other side of the bit then extract.
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    Free Amazon Prime Membership for 1-year for Students w/ .edu email

    Remember to go to My Account and click "Manage Prime Membership" and disable auto-renew of this subscription. Don't want that $79 surprise exactly 1 year from now. Just a friendly tip from your resident Amazonian. :)
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    i7 930 build or i5 750 build?

    Aww man, now I'm going back to thinking of getting the i5 thanks to MissJ84's post. The only other feature the bigger socket offers is the triple-channel ram. My current rig is in my sig (hehe that rhymed) and I know the i5 750 is a better performer, especially when OC'd. I want to "go all out"...
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    i7 930 build or i5 750 build?

    I thought cards like the HD4870x2 and the GTX295 showed noticeable (don't read as significant) performance differences between 8x and 16x.
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    i7 930 build or i5 750 build?

    The advise given in this thread has been awesome, and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to add their 2 cents. After looking for combo deals I've settled on the i7 LGA 1366 and swapped out the WD black drive for the 1TB Samsung drive. Total price for the i5 was ~$1150 while the i7...
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    i7 930 build or i5 750 build?

    Great, thanks for the suggestions guys! I'm in Washington State, so no Microcenter here. Closest thing we have is a Best Buy, so it's all online shopping for me.
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    i7 930 build or i5 750 build?

    I'm trying to decide which build I'm going with. The only differences between the 2 builds will be if it's the LGA1156 or LGA1366. Here are the parts that won't change between the two: Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced Corsair 750TX 750Watt XFX Radeon HD 5870 Western Digital Black 750GB LG...
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    Which SSD do I get?

    I've really been him-hawing over all of this. I suppose it is worth the extra cash to just get the Intel. I've seen that it simply stomps the competition. I suppose it's a good thing I'm working all this overtime. Now I just need to sign up for some more.
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    The best Notebook cooler on the market

    I got the Cooler Master Notepal Infinite ( and love it. It's almost as thick as my laptop at the thickest part, but it is really good. Keeps my laptop cool, even without the fan on.
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    Which SSD do I get?

    I'm looking to get an SSD for my laptop to replace the 320GB 5200RPM drive that in it currently. I've been looking at several different drives and just can't decide. It's mostly just for the OS (Win7) and Civ4. I'll still have the 320GB drive for storage, but I want something faster for the...
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    Amazon Introducing New Kindle In August

    I don't understand why people complain $250 is too much for this. Do you all not realize how much you get for that $250? If there were a Kindle that just used Wi-fi and had no cell-wireless, then maybe. I have a Kindle2 and the ability to download books anywhere I go, is amazing. I was showing...
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    GTX 480 Spitfire Cooler - Wow!

    Can we get pics please? I really want to see this thing in action!
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    PM sent

    PM sent
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    Epic Says Piracy is Killing PC Gaming

    I find this annoying. Developers constantly complain that piracy is killing their PC market, or their sales, but never back any of this up with facts. In contrast, there was a study done which shows the exact opposite: Pirates are the gaming industries best customers.
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    WD Green 2TB 64MB - $129.00 after promo-code

    Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive $10 off w/ promo code EMCYRZS29, ends 4/21 I've got one on it's way right now :)
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    XFX Rma nightmare

    I had the most wonderful and smooth XFX RMA myself over the last couple weeks. They sent me a replacement 4890, identical to the one I'd sent in, save the last 2 digits of the serial number.
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    AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Benched

    Nevermind, after some more digging, I found that the quad athlon ii's did beat the low-end C2Q's in price and performance. Good for AMD!
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    AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Benched

    While the Athlon II line is decent in it's prices, when you look at the performance/price, I'd be surprised if you'd find more than a $5 difference.
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    AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Benched

    I'll have to disagree on the better price for performance bit. Take, for instance, the Phenom II 965 and 955 and the Intel i7 860 and i5 750. Lets sort them by price in decreasing order from left to right, then by performance below: Price: i7 860 > i5 750 > Phenom II 965 > Phenom II...
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    AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Benched

    I'm not sure how you can call it a win when you have to overclock a 6-core cpu to come out just barely faster than an existing 4-core. Sounds kinda like a massive lose to me.
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    U.S. Based Companies Sued For Heat Pipe CPU Coolers

    Sounds like a shake-down to me. Why go after just the little guys and leave out the huge companies like Intel, AMD, Newegg and even Amazon? Because they have massive legal teams that would fight this.
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    The realization of AMD FUSION......Bulldozer

    That seems to be AMD's MO. Match Intel's old crap instead of offering parts that compete with Intel's newest chips, in terms of performance.
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    Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Control - Refurbished $70

    Mine and the one I got for my Dad (he loves it) both had swelling batteries. Leaving it in the charger is bad. hl3395 has the right idea. Great remote despite bad battery design.