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    Looking for wireless headphones with some specific characteristics

    So what I am looking for are some wireless headphones that have a charging cradle. Oh yes, I'm sure there are many with a charging cradel..but I am looking for a pair that will disconnect when resting on the charger and send the audio back to the computer speakers. Then when I want to use the...
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    Think this PSU will be big enough?

    Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core, GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V - System Build - PCPartPicker i have already purchased the PSU on this list but haven't started building the machine yet.. just wanting to get some other opinions on whether or not it will be big enough. the only other things that...
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    Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5 Question

    howdy...been a LONG time since i've built anything and i've picked up an i7 6700k cpu and the gigabyte gaming 5 mobo. i'm planning on doing a mild overclock on the build. what ram would you suggest? i'm wanting to get 2x8gb for now. seems that gskill is the ram most people recommend these...
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    question re: this intel vs..... amd that was suggested to me as a much better processor. i've always built intel, so i have zero experience with amd. i know this is the intel forum, but i thought maybe some of you could give a un-biased opinion. vs...
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    looking for opinions on this build

    putting together a build for a friend budget of 550. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc gaming (WoW mostly), general computer use, browsing. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? 550 tax/ship included. 3) Where do you live...
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    Need some opinions on best upgrade.

    My current specs are: Asus p5k e6600 c2d Conroe stock speeds stock air cooler 2gigs of crucial ballistix ddr2 800 8800gts 320meg 500 watt ps. Can't remember the brand but it wasn't shitty. =) As far as upgrades go, what would be my biggest bang for buck? I'm still running xp 32 bit so...
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    how big of an upgrade would this be?

    i currently have how much of an upgrade would this be?
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    so which card out of these two? v.old and crusty

    so i'm building a new machine and i'm giving my old one to a friend who has an even OLDER computer and is a total pos... the two cards are 9800pro 128meg and x1300 256meg both are agp. seems like i remember putting in that x1300 awhile back and it didn't seem much different, so i just kept the...
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    finally pulled the list inside.

    already ordered, so can't make any changes...i think i did enough research though. just wanted to get some final impressions before it arrives. high midrange pc for some games and general but heavy use. not overclocking at this time btw. motherboard (asus p5k)...
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    RAM suggestions for a P5K board

    needing some suggestions for a P5K non-deluxe board... these are what i'm looking at right now. any reason why these would be a problem or anyone have some other suggestions in the same price range? thanks in advance. :D
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    P5K non-deluxe for 139.99 good deal?

    title says it all.. :D
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    Need some mobo suggestions (parts listed)

    hey there... i'm looking for some motherboard suggestions for my new build. i don't need a super fancy board: no sli, don't necessarily need firewire...etc. i'm looking for one for a max price of 100-ish. will be overclocking slightly, looking to go up to 2.8 possibly 3.0ghz. parts are...
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    stock hsf for e6600?

    i'm putting together a new machine and will be getting a e6600. i don't want to overclock a whole lot, but was wondering if the stock hsf will suffice for 3ghz? won't be going any higher than that. or should i just go ahead and get a better cooling solution?
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    upgrading after 4 years...opinions needed.

    so it's finally time to put my p4 2.4c, 9800pro 128meg machine to rest. i've been doing some research here on the forums and have pretty much decided on this card.. can you all recommend anything else at the same general price point? doesn't have to be ati, i'm just looking for the best bang...
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    semi-budget PSU choices

    going to be building my wife and i new machines here pretty soon...i won't be needing a giant psu for these things as they are only going to be: e6600 pata dvd burner 1-2 hard drives ati x1950pro so i would really just like to spend less than 100 bucks for the psu. can you guys give me...
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    Recommend me a case for ~60 bucks.

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    quick question for you mac guys....

    do macintosh use a different type of ram? or can you just put regular old pc2700 ddr in there? i don't know jack about them... :(
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    what is that website with the really cheap used computers?

    was posted in the hot deals forum a couple times... i searched but couldn't find it. anyone remember what it was? :D
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    looking for a "decent" extreme budget card...

    and i use the term decent very loosely... :D anyway, here's the deal... friend of mine has a old computer (i'm pretty sure it's a athlon 2400, has a agp slot, 512megs pc2700, 300watt ps, not sure on the mobo) and his brother is getting him a new video card for christmas and asked for my...
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    So is the ASUS A8N32-SLI...

    the only board that runs dual 16x pci-e when used in SLI??
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    ATTN: Opteron 165 and 170 owners...

    What mobo and ram did you choose? I'm going to be getting a 170, and I just wanted to see what you guys were running. I'm also looking for a SLI board. I've read that some boards don't like certain brands of ram, that's why I'm asking about that.. :D
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    512 stick of ocz pc2700 for $56.00, shipped, rebate available.. 8 dollar rebate available...but it's a good deal as it is imo. if you want pc2700 that is... :o
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    quick question about mixing ram...

    i've got a stick of plain crucial pc2700 in my wife's computer right now... do you guys think i would have any problems adding this ? they are both 2700, but would them being different brands...
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    CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (1x1024MB) DDR2 4200 *$64.24 shipped AR*

    *THIS IS DDR2* rebate link
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    Which do you think is better? Onboard audio or a old SB Live?

    I've just been using the onboard audio...but i have a old SB Live in the closet. Do you guys think that it would be better than the onboard audio? and no, i'm not going to buy a new card. so don't even suggest it. :p
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    non-gaming 19" LCD under $350...suggestions?

    it's for my mother in law... she's wanting a 19" (preferrably silver) lcd. no games will be played on this monitor. =) any suggestions?
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    LCD on 24x7...

    do you guys keep your lcd's on 24x7? is this bad to do? i know they don't suffer from burn-in, but would this decrease the lifespan of the backlight? have you or anyone you know had a lcd backlight go out? this is my first lcd, and i've always kept my crts on 24x7. do i need to get out...
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    Looking for some suggestions on 19" LCDs

    I've been looking at the VP191 and it seems to fit the bill. Regular computer use/some gaming. And the price is right as well... ~$450.00. Any other suggestions for great all around 19" monitors so I can do some more research? I know you guys have got to have some other suggestions. :D
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    some questions about LCDs

    I can't seem to get a straight answer about this... I currently have a 19" CRT that is going out. So I'm in the market for a new monitor. I'd like to get a LCD, but I have some concerns about gaming in particular. I've been looking at the 2001fp and 1600x1200 native res is fine for...
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    how much do you think i could get on ebay?

    for a 2gig jaz drive and 3, 2gig carts? 50 bucks?
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    Dell Dimension 4700 P4-2.8GHz Desktop w/ 19" LCD for $449 Dell Small Business has the Dimension 4700 P4-2.8GHz Desktop w/ 19" LCD for $449 after $100MIR. Free shipping. Intel Pentium 4 Processor 520 w/HT Technology (2.80GHz, 800FSB) Microsoft Windows...
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    Recommend me a case for ~60 bucks.

    I'm looking for an inexpensive case... needs good airflow, not too concerned about looks. would like it to be from newegg, but not totally necessary. don't need a power supply either. if it comes with one, that's cool though. any suggestions? :)
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    Need [H]'s opinion...

    i know, i know... you all see about 50 of these a day, but could you all take a look at the stuff i've picked out for a new box? how's it look? thanks in advance. :)
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    need some help chosing a motherboard

    which one of these would you all pick? also, do they both support dual channel mem? and any other suggestions would be cool too...
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    Onkyo HT-S760 @ Fry's $329

    this is at the dallas location (plano actually) so ymmv... awesome price though. an average price online is about $449.00 :eek: here's a link to a description of it...
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    Suggestions on a computer problem

    okay, let me know what you all think about this... my box locked mouse, no keys...nothin. turned off the power. turned it back on...blank screen. monitor led just keeps blinking like when the pc is off. so i think maybe my video card took a shit... swapped with another card. same...
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    quick question about a possible upgrade..

    in your opinion, do you think it would be worth me upgrading from my sapphire radeon 9500pro to this? yeah, i know it's a faster card... but real world performance wise, do you all think it'd be worth it? my specs are P4 2.4B, abit it7 max2 ver. 2.0, 512megs of pc2700. thanks in advance. :D
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    System RAM question...

    what is the difference in these two? ONE TWO only difference i can see is one says 8T and the other says 16T. also, the 16T is 2.5v and the 8T is 2.6v. what would be the significance of this? thanks in advance! :D
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    XP for this box?

    what do you think about running xp on this box: PIII 500, 320megs of ram and a radeon 7500 64meg card. so in your opinion, do you think xp would run okay, or is it too old?