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    Suggest a new Monitor for me

    Currently running a LG Electronics UM95 34UM95 with a 2080. I'm looking to upgrade to the same size monitor that supports HDR and Gsync in the $800-1000 range....any suggestions?
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    Looking for Monitor mount for tablet/small monitor

    I currently have a swing arm mount (attached to my foundation) attached to my 29in monitor in the basement-I just picked up 13inch LCD to use as a secondary monitor and I'm trying to figure out a way to attach to the 29in monitor. I ordered this with it...
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    32-34" 1440p HDR GSYNC Monitors?

    I'm looking to replace my LG monitor some time next year (building a I7-9700 and 2080 system in the next couple weeks) with something roughly equilivent to it, but with HDR and GSYNC. Saw a couple 4K monitors that are basically a mortgage payment-looking for something in the $800 range.
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    Thermaltake point of contact for the USA?

    I bought a Thermaltake VT20 case and I want to get another standoff glass panel (the one on top) to use on the side due to the way I'm installing the radiators in it. I sent an email to support, but I haven't heard anything back from them yet-is there another way of contacting them?
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    Replacement for Intel Core i7-4770K?

    Been running this system for about 5 years now and I'm looking at replacing it maybe next year. Its been running fabulously for the most part, but recently I've noticed some minor performance niggles that might be from the hardware level bugs recently discovered. Anyways, I was looking at...
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    Network Internet download speed slow downs caused by Router or switch?

    I had some internet issues last month with my ISP (issues with disconnects..was something at the "pole") and I upgraded to the 200Mbit tier they offer I did a network upgrade to a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite ERLITE-3 Desktop Router (Black) and Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO...
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    Home Wi-fi systems

    Been looking at Wi-fi systems to replace the router that my cable company provides. I've been looking at Google Wi-Fi, Amplifi HD, and Erro. I have about 1800+ Sq ft house with three levels (basement, first and second levels) and the router the cable company provide decent wi-fi coverage, but...
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    Security/Surveillance Cameras-Need Suggestions

    I'm looking to get a camera setup outside my front door. I've been looking at various solutions on Amazon, but I'm turned off by the subscription model some companies are I really don't need to be able to see it on my mobile devices when I'm not home. What I'm looking for...
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    MSI GTX1080 Seahawk and DisplayPort cable issue?

    I finally got my office set back up along with my desktop...and my 1080 I bought nearly two months ago. Anyways, I'm having problems with DisplayPort Cables not working with the card and my LG 95UM monitor. I have no display what so ever...monitor goes blank and then shuts off. I previously had...
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    GTX 960M max resolution on secondary display?

    Been digging around to find information on this can't find anything...I have a Dell i7559 with a GTX 960M video card and I want to setup a 27-30in monitor via HDMI (mostly for distance issues) to it.
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    DisplayPort vs HDMI distance question

    Question on max length...I know DisplayPort is limited to about 3 meters (~9 feet), whereas HDMI can reach much further than that. I'm looking to reach about 15-20 feet (setting up either my Surface Pro 3 (DisplayPort) or my Dell Laptop (HDMI)) on a work bench behind me to feed a 27-30 inch...
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    GTX 1080 and R9 295x2 SLI?

    I got my GTX 1080 Sea Hawk X in a week or two ago, but the issue is my desktop system is in storage at my parents house till I close on my house (in two weeks)....I'm planning on selling my R9 295x2 when I finally get everything setup...but do you think I can throw in the GTX 1080 with it...
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    Home Theater setup questions

    I'm about to move into my new house and I want to replace my current Netgear NAS with a QNAP TS-451+. I was planning on using the TS-451 as a file/media server. I'd like to be able to play back ripped movies to smartTV or my Xbox one connected to my TV in my living room. I don't think I'd need...
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    Any suggestions for a Windows Tablet supporting AD environment?

    Anyone out there using a tablet to support an Active Directory environment as a supplemental device? I'm trying to talk my company into possibly getting some Windows Tablets to support our system, so I don't have to RDP or walk back to my office to do simple stuff like account resets etc...
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    Chrome hanging in Windows 10 Home edition

    I keep getting beset by Chrome not responding errors on my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 laptop. I've uninstalled/reinstalled 32 and 64 bit versions, disabled my extensions, reset chrome and its still hanging at times. I use the same Chrome on my Surface Pro, Desktop and even my work Laptop (which has...
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    How temporarily disable an .exe?

    Here's the deal...I have a server that is running ncomputing boxes (dumb terminals) on a production floor. We are using MS access as the interface for the work people are doing. The Access database we have gets updated regularly (because I think the programmer who made it see it as a way to keep...
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    Does Uplay suck security wise?

    Had something strange happen to me last night when I logged into The Division to play...I come to find out that someone created another character using my account (used it for all about 4 minutes) and my character was leveled up from 14 to 18 and my Dark Zone rank went up also! My play time...
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    TOSLINK vs USB for DAC

    Is there really any major difference in using a TOSLINK cable or just using a USB Cable to connect to my Schiit MODI 2 Uber DAC?
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    Need some powershell help

    I'm looking to create a powershell script that will force copy a file to multiple folders. I can get the file to copy over to the folder, but I'm struggling with the commands to make that file get copied over to subfolders. For example: File (call it tempfile.accdb) gets copied to...
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    "Cheap" gaming headset for laptop under $50

    I'm looking for a set of decent Gaming headphones/headset for my Laptop for under $50. Preferably with a single connector for speaker and mic input. I don't need anything super special since I have a set of Sennheiser PC 350 at home and this set will prob wind up collecting dust in a few...
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    Windows 10 reinstall

    Has only done a Windows 10 reinstall from a PC that was originally a Win8.1 machine? Can you just install Windows 10 straight from an ISO and log into your MS account to activate it or do you need to upgrade from 8.1? I'm planning on doing a fresh install at the end of the month, so just...
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    Secure NTP configuration for Windows Server 2008R2?

    I have a Windows Server 2008R2 box in a Non-active directory setup that is acting as a NTP server for other server boxes on my network. As part of the security configuration that is required, I need to have a secure external NTP server that it can reach, I have this information and the MD5 keys...
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    Asus Maxiums VI Formula USB Problems

    Came home from work today and tried getting on my go. Rebooted the PC, get to the Windows 8.1 log in and nothing happens when I use my keyboard or mouse. I swap out the keyboard with another one, same result. Both keyboards work fine in the BIOS with no problems. While doing a...
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    Computer/Office Chairs?

    Anyone have suggestions for a good Computer/Office Chair? I'm tired of the $100-150 jobbies from Office Depot or Staples that fall apart or wear out after a year or two. I've seen a couple on Amazon for $600 that look good, but that's bit of a change for something I've never sat in before buying it.
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    Corsair AX1200i and Radeon R9 295x2

    I'm the in process of getting my parts for my new PC build and I was reading the review of the R9 295x2 and its power requirements it needs. With that being said, which ports on the Corsair AX1200i should I plug the PCIe power connectors to? I did a quick look through the directions...
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    Can't reach

    I'm trying to get drivers for my Sound Card, but for whatever reason I can't access from my home network...I've tried different web browsers and even different devices with no luck. I checked the site at work (comes up fine) and with they can get to the website...
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    Windows Sudo like command?

    I know about runas command, but is there a true sudo command in the windows command prompt that you can run that would give you temp admin rights (if you enter the admin password) if your logged into a standard windows account?
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    Worthwhile temporary video card upgrade?

    I'm looking at doing a full system upgrade in the next six months, but was kicking around the idea of replacing my current video card in my system (a MSI R5770 Hawk Radeon HD 5770 1GB) card with a R270X based card or the like, but given my CPU specs, a Intel Core i7-875K running at 3.4Ghz, would...
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    SMTP experts, question?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here goes: I'm going to do an email migration from POP3 server to an Office 365 Exchange Hosted email server. Our POP3 host is Network Solutions, who also has our domain. The owner of the company wants to keep our current email addresses...
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    Killed an Intel 320 SSD...

    A few weeks back my Intel SSD was acting all jacked up...couldn't read from it etc. I got an new drive from Intel back the middle of last month, was running good till I went try and transfer over 12GB of data over to it to from my Primary SSD in the got about half way through it...
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    Are Intel SSDs....

    Shitting the bed lately? I had a Intel 160GB SSD for a while with no issues...over the summer, I added a 250GB SSD to use as my primary drive and then after I upgraded to Windows 8 at the end of last month...the drive started acting flaky...couldn't copy info it it I ran the Intel...
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    Touchscreen Monitors?

    Anyone have any experience with Touch Screen Monitors that are larger then 24 inches and are good/decent for gaming? With the introduction of Windows 8, and seeing it in action in the Windows Store the other night, I'm interested in a Touch Screen monitor to replace my current Dell 24in Monitor...
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    Temps rising?

    I've been running a Koolance Exos-LT system on my Computer for a few years now and over the past couple weeks, I've seen an increase in the avg temps during use. I used to run about 30C, but now its right around 35C mark all the time with it getting as warm as 39C, depending on if I'm gaming and...
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    Swan Speakers?

    Anyone have any links where I can find them in stock? I'd like to get a set of the Swan M50W speakers and I've only found a few sites and only one so far with them in stock.
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    Replacement for Dell 2405FP LCD?

    I've had mine since 2005-06 and I was thinking about replacing it. I really like the media hub in it, so I'd like to find a similar monitor with it and keep it same size or larger....
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    Quick Networking and Power question

    Getting ready to settle on my house and I want to run a Cat5E or 6 network in the house. Anyways, I was planning on putting my switch and patch panel downstairs near the Circuit breaker box. since thats where cable for the cable modem is run. I know that unshielded wire can have issues with...
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    Windows 7 USB Install question

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    Stupid Windows 7 version DVD Question

    Curious about this, say you have a Windows 7 Home Professional (or whatever its called) DVD and you have a keycode for say a Ultimate Windows 7 installation, would the Windows 7 Home Professional be able to install Ultimate? Reason I ask is I have a laptop that has a Windows 7 product key...
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    Is a Macbook Air a decent gaming laptop?

    I'm currently running a 2007 Macbook Pro 15 inch Laptop and I love how small and light the 13 inch Macbook Air is. However, I'm bit gun-shy about getting it since I'm not sure how well it will perform vs my current Macbook when it comes to Windows Gaming. I've been mostly playing The World of...
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    Windows XP Logon and hard drive issues

    I'm stumped on this one, I have a user that has a WinXP was running out of HHD space before (only a 40GB HHD) and I copied the data over to a 150GB HHD using the tools that Western Digital gives you to do so. Anyways, he was just telling me that he was logged using the local user account...