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    Ryzen 5000 with ddr4 3000 on x470

    I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this real quick. I won a newegg lottery and now have a 5600x to replace my 2700x. It is going into a x470 with a 500 capable BIOS. I have DDR4 3000 RAM in the system and didnt want to swap for 3600 since prices really suck right now. I couldnt find...
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    FCC net neutrality comments needed Kyle, if you see this, can you please post this on the main page if you haven't already. The FCC public comment period for Net Neutrality has been extended until Friday. Be polite but give them an ear full. Click the link for "Protecting and Promoting the Open...
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    Kindle Fire as wifi repeater?

    Has anyone ever tried to use a kindle Fire as a wifi repeater? If it can be done it would be awesome and double the value of the device to me. Thanks!
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    Need network round robin software for a call center

    I am trying to setup a triage group in a call center so that they can tell what engineers have already been assigned cases. Ideally I would have a simple network app that they click each time they assign a case and then the next name is displayed. It needs to be networked as the triage group...
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    Photo hosting appliance or software

    I currently utilize phanfare for hosting about 20GB of images online. The site serves to both provide solid backups of my original photos and also to host them on the web with compressed and original quality photos easily available for download. There are also nice security controls. The...
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    SSD RAID 0 build

    I used to be a gamer but now I am mostly a boring engineer and I have been out of touch with recent SSD tech. For my work I heavily utilize virtual machines that I have been running off of a pair of raptor 10K rpm drives that have served me well but are starting to show their age. I am looking...
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    Bandwith monitor in a virtualized environment

    I run many Virtual Machines and connect to many different VPNs at the same time from within them and I need a way to monitor total bandwidth usage for all Virtual Machines and the host server. Ideally I would be able to install one program on the host server to accomplish this as the Virtual...
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    COD4 MP trash in the wind

    I had a hard time thinking of an accurate title for this thread. In COD4 multiplayer there is lots of debris on most maps that looks like paper flying around in the wind. Most of the time I don't notice it but often it can trick my eye into thinking that I saw player motion. Since this game...
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    Laptop won't use speedstep after XP SP2

    I have a Dell 5150 and it has XP SP2 on it. It has a 3.2GHz P4 that runs like a toaster full of wool. I downloaded the speedstep drivers from Intel's website but when I run the installer it says that it is not compatible with my OS. The description for the patch say WinXP SP1. I don't have...
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    $34 AR CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800

    CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 For $34 after $40 MIR and free shipping. I have always gotten my corsair MIRs back quickly.
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    X-Fi xtremegamer mic and Digital out

    I got a new X-fi extremegamer and now I can't seem to figure out how to use an analogue mic and digital output to a 2.1 speaker system at the same time. Even if I got that thing I don't see how I could use the mic. Even my 8...
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    a-Si TFT is what?

    I just bought a Samsung 204B-BK 20.1" LCD and I noticed that I didn't verify what the pannel was. It says it is an a-Si TFT, but I googled that and didn't find anything useful. Is that like a s-ips or TN pannel? The TFT guide in the sticky needs to be updated.
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    Crap intel stock cooler retention mechanism?

    Has anyone else had a bad experience attaching a stock intel HSF that comes with the core2 chips? My e6420 came with a HSF that would not clip into my DS3. I push in one side, and the opposite side pops out. When I finally get all sides in, one eventually pops off and my temp alarm goes off...
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    Help me choose a gaming display. 19-22"

    I am going to be replacing my trusty 17" Sony trinitron with an LCD soon, but I can't take much of a step down in image quallity. I want something with great color, contrast, viewing angle, and response time. Can this all be had in an LCD? I am thinking I will get a 19" non WS because these...
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    Anyone else get an e6420 yet?

    I got my e6420 yesterday and I wanted to know if anyone else have gotten theirs yet? I won't OC it until I test the stock setting for stability and run memtest for a while so no numbers to report on that front yet. 4MB of L2 for the price of 2MB is very nice :)
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    Zalman 7000-CU or Intel retail HSF for e6420

    My E6420 is on the way and I plan on OC'ing it to at least 3GHz and I wanted to know if I would be better off with either: Retail Intel Boxed Cooler or Zalman CNPS-7000-CU (90mm fan flower HSF, all copper) I already have the Zalman so don't suggest newer models. I will be using AS5...
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    Lesser of Two evils

    Which sound option would be better for a gamer. I use good 2.1 speakers with digital output. The soundblaster live in my sig or The integraded 8-channel sound card on a Gigabyte DS3 motherboard? Both use spdif output to my digital speakers.
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    Are all 73GB 16mb raptors the same for raid?

    Quick question: I have a 73GB raptor (the one in my sig) and I want to set it up in raid 0 with an as yet unpurchased drive. Will any 73GB raptor with 16MB of cache do or does the MFG date, batch #, etc matter?
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    EA BF games Crash on LCD TV

    Not sure if this is the right forum or not, so please feel free to move me :) I have a very large LCD TV that I connect to a desktop over VGA to play games. All games work except for EA games. Specifically, BF2 and BF1942. The video card is in my sig. To clarify what happens, I can...
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    NS: Natural Selection

    Does anyone still play the natural selection for HL1? I want to play it again but I don't know if it is worth getting a new key for HL1 (i lost my old one). Is the community still alive and are there still servers?
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    Buying tonight: x1650XT or 7900GT?

    Like the title says I need to buy tonight. I am leaning towards the ATI card because I found it about $70 cheaper. I am open to any cards you have FS BTW. Also, any web links would be appreciated. I want to keep it under $200. Each day I don't have this system up costs me almost the...
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    Buying tonight: x1650XT or 7900GT?

    Like the title says I need to buy tonight. I am leaning towards the ATI card because I found it about $70 cheaper. I am open to any cards you have FS BTW. Also, any web links would be appreciated. PCI-E btw. This system is for gaming and work. The card will be 256MB and will not be used in...
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    E6300 or E6400 for use with DDR2-800 for OC

    I am leaning towards an E6300 due to cost, but I will want to hit at least 3GHz with OCZ DDR2-800 ram. I assume I will be doing straight FSB overclocking to get to that point. I am considering a Gigabyte DS3, but the cold boot issues are scaring me off. Anyone have any better alternatives...
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    Thermal paste on bottom of CPU?!?

    I just bought a s754 venice from the forums here and (long story, terrible seller) the CPU came with thermal paste all over the bottom pins. I did my best to get it off but several of the pins were already bent and I didn't want to risk fatiguing them further. My question is more of a...
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    WD Raptor warranties

    I wanted to know WD's policy on transferring warranties. I am considering buying a new used hard drive and I want to know if WD will help me out if it died in 4 years but was still under warranty. Any input?
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    3700+ mobile on ECS NF3?

    I want to run an Athlon 64 Mobile (with a newark core :) ) on this ECS NF3 Motherboard. Is this possible? I know how to mount the HSF and my FSB should let me reach at least 3GHz, but I can't tell if this mobo will support this chip at all or not. I dread getting the chip and having it not...
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    Requesting more buying advice

    I haven't had much luck looking for one or two 1GB sticks of DDR1 PC3200 CL2 RAM in the forum so I am going to buy retail. I can't choose between the following. G.SKILL from the Egg or Patriot from Monarch Prices are equal in my eyes so go just on the merrits of the RAM. I am...
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    Quick price question

    I figured I would post this here since it isn't allowed in the FS/FT forum. I have two sticks (256x2) of DDR3200 CL2 3 3 6 Corsair XMS ram with black heat spreaders. It has been up to 208MHz at those timmings for the fun of it, but thats as high as I have tested. I want to sell it and I was...
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    Where is my ceiling?

    If I got THIS CPU from TD what would my OC ceiling be with decent air? I have a 250HT limit on my motherboard and the CPU is .13 mircon with SOI, 2.2GHz stock, 1MB or 512 Cache (I can't tell).
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    EFS brute force? Need to recover 2nd HD.

    Long story short, my co-worker had two partitions and encrypted one with EFS. The OS partition was wiped and he reinstalled now he can't access the other partition. He doesn't have any of the public or private keys and needs to know how to try to brute force into the existing data on his 2nd...
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    Viewsonic LCD HDTVs

    I just bought a viewsonic 37" LCD HDTV for a great price ($1200 AR shipped) and I posted it in the Hot deals forum. I have read some reviews and studdied the specs online and it seems to be a very good monitor, but I wanted the opinion of true display experts. If this TV has any flaw that...
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    Viewsonic 37" LCD HDTV $1305 AR shipped

    I have had my eye on this great LCD TV for a while. It only goes up to 1080i but that is still very good to HDTV and limited computer use. I know there are newer Westinghouse models that can do 1080p, but this one is like $700 cheaper. Similar 37" HDTVs sell at BestBuy for about $1999...
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    Dictating net conections for each program?

    I have DSL and cable. I want my server to use the dedicated IP from the DSL, but I want to use my cable for gaming. This is all on the same rig running winXP. Currently I just turn off one or the other by disabling them in Network Connections, however I want to use both simultaneously...
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    Cheap SATA PCI controller.

    I need a good but cheap SATA PCI controller. I want to add to my 80GB of storage but I see no point in buying an IDE drive and my system doesn't support SATA on the mobo so I will need a PCI card. Does any one have and links to good deals? I fond lots on the net but I dont know how good those...
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    Integrated NIC vs 3COM PCI NIC

    My trusty 6 year old 3COM NIC finally died due to a lightning strike. Oddly my router and modem survived but that is besides the point. I am now using my onboard LAN provided from my NNIDIA NForce 2 chipset and I don't like the idea of using any more onboard components than I have to. Would...
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    Voices missing from F.E.A.R demo

    I can not hear in game voices when playing the F.E.A.R demo. I turned on subtitles and that helped a little but it is really taking away from the game. Has anyone had this issue? Also I have a popping sound comming through my sound card but that is just my SoundBlaster Live acting up. No I...
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    USB NIC + USB Printer = Networked Printer?

    I don't think this would work at all, but my boss seems to think otherwise. If I took a USB printer and plugged a USB Network Interface Card into it (/w A/B adapter of course) would I be able to connect to the printer with our print server? I dont't think this would work because the printer...
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    Newegg filtering Reviews?

    I posted a negative review on this product back towards the end of 2004 and at the time there weren't many reviews. Now newegg has a special on the product and there are a 50+ reviews and they all alarmingly positive. I know that this product has firmware issues and this was confirmed to me...
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    Ghosting Laptops with USB HD

    I have 10 or so laptops that will be "checked out" to users in our enterprise. We have a Microsoft site liscence so all of our computers use the same product key so liscensing isn't an issue. These laptops will need to be completely reloaded when they are returned from being checked out. We...
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    RIS on Server2K3 not compatible with Broadcom?

    I have a Server2003 machine setup with many images for our Enterprise's different types of computers and it works great. However, recent machine purchases have included NIC chips from Broadcom and it looks like Server2003 does not support RIS with these chips although they are listed as...