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  1. lukx

    Noob kindly asks for help with custom loop (not sure what fittings I might need)

    I'm totally green regarding custom loops so I'm not sure especially about fitting I might need. Here's what I put together so far (I have Asus Zenith II and Threadripper 3970X in Lian pc-o11dynamic xl rog case. I want to cool only CPU with water. I want the best of the best so price doesn't...
  2. lukx

    AMD Threadripper 3970X temps

    I'm using NZXT Kraken 72 fro cooling AMD Threadripper 3970X. I'm not sure if the temperatures are okay or a bit too high and I should reapply TIM again (I did whole CPU surface thermal paste spread method). Basically when idle (or watching youtube) temps are fluctuating between 36 - 50C. Also...
  3. lukx

    why no 3600 cl-16-16-16 GSkill is compatible wity TRX40 ?

    Any idea why no 3600 CL16-16-16 memory is here compatible with Asus Zenith II ?§64GB (16GBx4),Tested_Speed§3600MHz, I though the B-Die F4-3600C16Q-64GTZR...
  4. lukx

    GSkill 128GB (16GBx8) is it the same as 64GB (16GBx4) x 2 ?

    I can't buy anywhere Gskill 128GB (16GBx8) kits but I can buy 64GB (16GBx4) kits. WIll it be the same if I buy two 64GB kits with the same name as 128GB ones ? Example: F4-3200C14Q2-128GTZR...
  5. lukx

    Phantex evolv x vs LianLi O11Dynamic XL ROG Certified for new Threadripper 3970x build (air cooled)?

    Phantex evolv x vs LianLi O11Dynamic XL ROG Certified for new Threadripper 3970x build (air cooled) ?
  6. lukx

    samsung or corsair ssd

    Not sure what to get for Threadripper 3970x build on ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme. Go with new gen 4 pci Corsair Force Series Gen.4 PCIe MP600 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD or Samsung 970 Pro NVMe M.2 1T. I was always using Samsungs as I'm all about reliability. Is it good idea to go corsair or better...
  7. lukx

    LG 27UK850-W 4k triple monitor setup...

    I'm using triple 25 inch dell 2k monitor setup and want to upgrade to 3 x LG 27UK850-W 4k monitors. Are there any problems with running 3x LG 27UK850-W setup on 2080Ti ? NO GAMING! just work (3d graphic, photgraphy) Can you daisy chain 3 monitors or only 2?
  8. lukx

    what's the best airflow quietness case

    I'm looking for the best on the market pc case that have the best airflow but also quietness ratio. Price doesn't matter.
  9. lukx

    triple monitor setup 25" or 27" (1440p)

    What would be more comfortable triple monitor setup for graphic work (3d, 2d - 3dsmax, photoshop, zbrush etc) I'm thinking about 25 inch (dell 2515h) or 27 (dell 2715h, 2717d). I'm not sure if 27 isn't going to be a bit harsh on head movement and maybe it's better to go after smaller ppi and...
  10. lukx

    can't start WMP Network Sharing Service (win8.1)

    I can;t start windows media player network sharing service. I'm getting error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start. I checked dependencies and there are two both are up and running so I have no idea how to fix this. I can't stream media because of this. I tried uninstalling and...
  11. lukx

    p9x79 ws and ramapge gene iv with i7-3930K my oc test differences and questions

    I got two builds both with i7-3930K CPU and 32 GB Ram G.SKill, Noctua nh-d14 cooler 1) -P9X79 WS mainboard - corsair obsidian 550 D case - evga GTX 680 FTW 4GB 2) -rampage Gene IV -fractal ARC MINI case - evga 610 Number one is my workstation number two is render farm so it...
  12. lukx

    when running LinX or Prime it's lowering voltage...

    'm using this settings for Oc'ing intel 3930K on Asus P9X79WS : I have 4.6 GHz with 1.325 V but when running LinX or Prime it's dropping below 1.3 when looking at CPU-Z at full load. I guess this is why I might get stability issues even when pumping...
  13. lukx

    changing Noctua NH-D14 stock fans to top of the line of Noctua?

    I bought NH-D14 2011 Cooler and I was wondering if changing NF-P14 to NF-A15 PWM and NF-P12 to NF-F12 PWM might give lower temps ? What do you guys think, is it worth it?
  14. lukx

    140mm 1200 vs 120mm 1300 fan

    Ok I'm thinking about changing 120mm fans in my case to 140mm I want to buy Noctuas but not sure if it's worth it. Does 140mm 1200RPM will push more air and be quieter than 120mm 1300RPM? I have Obsidian 550D case and there are those dust filters with small holes in them so I need the power to...
  15. lukx

    strange round spots on 3930K CPU after cleaning with Arcticlean 1

    After I cleaned my CPU with arcticlean nr1 ( I noticed strange round spots in those places: . They disappear when it's getting dry. Is it coming form fabrication process?
  16. lukx

    bought already OC'ed 3930K ... problem

    I found shop which is selling already OC'ed i7 3930K, basically guy is testing chips that will be able to get for example 4.6 Ghz with some reasonable Vcore. I've been waiting quite long for the chip from him and finally received one. I'm just not sure if it's worth waiting or I could basically...
  17. lukx

    4600 MHz and only around 50 degrees when stressed?

    I have no ide how is it possible but maybe I got some awesome CPU :) Mainboard Asus p9X79 WS Cooling Noctua NH-D14
  18. lukx

    microATX case that will fit crosair Hydro H100

    I'm looking for some solution to put together render node pc. Here are specs that will be inside : Core i7 3930K 6x 3.20GHz So.2011 OC 4,6ghz Rampage IV GENE Intel 2.5'' SSD/320 MLC 80 GB Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H100 (CWCH100) Seasonic 700 Watt PSU I just have no idea what case...
  19. lukx

    Corsair H100

    I want to buy H100 but I need to use it in my microATX case so I won't be able to fit radiator inside. I don't have any experience in water cooling so my question might be stupid. Is it okay to have radiator outside the case? Or maybe can you give advice what woudl be good microAtx case that...
  20. lukx

    Asus P9X79 WS + corsair 32 GB memory... but which one

    There is so many different ones that I have hard times choosing the best bang for buck. I'm not planning of doing some EXTREME overclocking. Some yes but nothing that air cooling wouldn't handle. I'm doing 3d work so speed for rendering is the most important so also RELIABILITY. I really don;t...
  21. lukx

    realible ssd - intel 520 good choice?

    I'm looking for most reliable SSD will Intel 520 180GB be a good choice ? 3d graphic work, lot of saving and loading.
  22. lukx

    cases with side window = more noise ?

    Ok might be stupid question but you guys now better so I will ask. I'm planning on buying this big case for evga sr-x mobo and I'm thinking to go with window or windowless option. My main concern is noise... so does window have any effect on it? Or it doesn't matter? Let's not forget there...
  23. lukx

    560Ti 2GB - EVGA or MSI

    I really can't make up my mind.... this: or this: I've always had evga cards... but isn't cooling on msi quieter and...
  24. lukx

    Silverstone TJ09 owner what's new best case money can buy for new build.

    At a time I bought the best case there was :) Silverstone TJ09... but time is passing... I'm planning to build new system on 2011 socked and looking for upgrading old papa case :) SO what's the best nowadays regarding airflow, cable management, quietness? I read very good opinions about...
  25. lukx

    Seasonic M12 and new geforce 580 GTX (cable problems)

    Ok I got Seasonic M12 700W ... but it oryginaly came with 2x 6p pci-e cables. Now I'm planning on buying new assu gtx580 and it neews 2x 8p cables. My PSU has basically output for 2 6p cables so my question is do I have to buy new PSU also or for now I can buy some 6p to 8p cables and be fine...
  26. lukx

    best input devices for gamer...

    Ok I'm looking for buying the best input devices for gaming so far I have choose as follows: mice: CYBORG RAT 9 Flight stick: CH FIGHTERSTICK now the problem is keyboard... What would you recommend that is the best of the best?
  27. lukx

    crucial or corsair for new build?

    I'm planing on building new system on i7 2600k. I was for years loyal crucial memory fan. But I'm not sure how it is nowadays regarding reliability is Crucial still the best company? Or better to go with Corsair. I don;t care so much about performance. RELIABILITY is the most important for me.
  28. lukx

    linksys wrt610n (how to make it work with ipv6...)?

    I need to use ipv6 protocol but I can't make it work somehow... I got Linksys wrt610N router and Linksys WUSB600N wifi card. When I turn off TCP/IPv4 in network adapter settings it can not connect with Linksys router. Only when ipv4 is on it can connect. How I can make ipv6 work... pretty...
  29. lukx

    Intel HD graphic vs ATI Radeon 5145 vs Nvidia 310M ?

    I'm looking to buy Sony Vaio but I'm not sure which model to choose based on graphic card it has inside. Basically I need enough graphic power for processing photographs in adobe photoshop. I'm not gonna do any hardcore gaming etc. I guess Intel HD would suck the most. But I'm not sure if there...
  30. lukx

    what mianboard for new 2x Xeons 5430? ASUS, Supermicro, Tyan?

    What Mainboard would you recommend for 2 Xeons 5430 ? Is Supermicro X7DWE ATX better than asus Z7S WS? Or maybe TYAN but as I can see only Tempest i5400XT (S5396) supports windows and quad and I think it doesn't look like standard ATX...
  31. lukx

    new xeon 5500 chipset when?

    Does anyone have nay info when new motherboards for xeon 5500 lineup might hit the stores?
  32. lukx

    sudden crashes, restarting after few times, bad bios checksum, arc boot conf problem

    I'm begging for help. I tried everything and for the first time in my life with computers I have no idea what the problem is with my pc. I didn't have any problems till few days ago, when my pc restarted bu itself and got me this error before loading windows "Boot block compatible version...
  33. lukx

    i7 will be dual cpu system ready?

    I really need at least 8 cores (3d rendering) so I was thinking about getting Asus Z7S WS with two Xeons. But now when i7 is around the corner maybe I should wait 2 months? But will there be soon also i7 dual cpu option?
  34. lukx

    g-tech eS or Drobo for backup?

    WHat would you recommend? G-Tech eS in Raid 1 ( or Drobo ( With g-tech I'm buying extra drive already in safe enclosures and have system in Raid one so drives even when out are readable from all the pcs. Drobo is using it's...
  35. lukx

    fastest remote software?

    I'm looking for the fastetst remote software that will give me the smoothest playback view when playing movies on madia player on other pc that is connected to my tv. I tried remote administartor, tem viewer, real VNC and the fastest so far was remote admin, vnc didn't give me any preview of...
  36. lukx

    Wake On Lan for example Air Conditioner?

    Strange question...Is there any device that would allow me to start up for example Air Condictioner using wake on lan thingy?
  37. lukx

    does new 280GTX come with 8P cable?

    I got seasonic M12 700W PSU I hope it will be enough for new geforce 280 GTX but I got only 6P cables. Do I have to buy new PSU just because of that or the new geforce come with 8P cable or come converter?
  38. lukx

    what's the smallest (black) case mATX with that can take 12cm Fans?

    I(', looking for mATX case that can use 12cm fans.
  39. lukx

    how to share folder in lan but not for everyone in winxp?

    Is there anyway to share folder on LAN so only one computer in network could see it and change it? I'm using windows xp professional on both machines.
  40. lukx

    anyone using 8GB RAM with ASUS P5W DH Deluxe?

    Is anyone her using 8GB RAM with ASUS P5W DH Deluxe? If so, what memory you're using?