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    MSI 790FX-GD70 and ACC

    thanks for the info guys! even after being away for a few years the [H] never fails! I will give those a try and see what happens
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    MSI 790FX-GD70 and ACC

    I've been out of the loop for a while and i just put together this new system, shown in my signature. I found out after i purchased everything that the AMD 550 can often times have the 3rd and 4th cores unlocked. I realize now that one of the Gigabyte boards would have been a better option if...
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    PC TECHS! What software tools do you run to fix a persons computer?

    I've seen it on here a few times, but it's worth repeating. Ultimate Boot CD is amazing. I actually had to use it to recover my own system a few months back. I was in the process of swapping files to one HD to clear another and somehow lost the partition for my main drive. I thought all was...
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    display profiles

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    light audio recording

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    solderless breadboard??

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    2800+ vs. 2500+

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    64 bit windows install trouble

    still no luck anyone have any more suggestions
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    64 bit windows install trouble

    sorry it took so long to get back. my cable modem took a dump. i'm in lima, so i don't need the floppy disk to install the drivers?? i'm confused. i thought that was the only way to see the sata drive. i'll give it a shot. drivers aren't specifically 64 bit but they are updated and the board...
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    64 bit windows install trouble

    i'm trying to install the windows 64 bit sp1 and when i try to install the drivers for my sata hd it tells me the files on my floppy drive are corrupted. i tried updated drivers on a different floppy disk and i tried a different floppy drive but all to no avail. any help would be great
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    vivo question

    i realize all of that. i know how it works, but do i need software or something to make it work? if i plug everyhting in and turn the vcr on and push play i don't get any video, all i get is sound.
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    vivo question

    is it possible to watch movies through a vcr with vivo?? i have a radeon 9250 with vivo that i use at my church for a projector and we want to watch a movie that we can only find on vhs. so if it's possible how do i make it work?
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    network won't stay networked

    i typed in the ip address in the address bar and now it works! thank you much. by the way just to answer your question i'm using norton firewall, and filesharing was turned on
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    network won't stay networked

    already tried it. still nothing.
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    network won't stay networked

    correct i get an error message when i do that. says it cannot find it and to check spelling i just discovered that i can see the workgroup and both computers on my computer, but not on the other one in my network. i still cannot access the files or printer though.
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    network won't stay networked

    i've already pinged each computer and get responses back. when i say can't see each other i mean that if you open up my network places or my workgroup nothing shows up. no printer, no folders, no computer.
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    win2k and dorm room security

    i'm not sure if they make one for any computer, but my mobo came with the Secure IDE thing and you can actually use a "key" (looks like a firwire/jumpdrive mixed) to protect your hard drive. it basically uses hardware encryption. it is very difficult to bypass. you have to have the key to do...
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    network won't stay networked

    i have two winxp pro sp2 computers hooked to a router. i have gone through all the setup and stuff to get them networked to share files and printer. it will work right after i go through the setup but if i restart or wait very long they can no longer see each other on the network. what am i...
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    XP network trouble

    looks as though i have it fixed. i just kept playing with settings and it finally worked. seems to me this is how networking always goes with me!!!
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    XP network trouble

    yes. i just went in to network settings and used the home/small office network setup wizard
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    XP network trouble

    trying to hook up my two computers (both XP pro SP2) through a router. if i go to view my workgroup the computers show up but i can't access the information on the other computer in my network. how can i fix this? i have norton internet security (firewall) and have set access for the ip addys...
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    need pda reccomendations

    good luck finding one for that price. and like mentione the only thing you can do with an OS is go backwards or there are a ew linux OSes for pda if you can find them. i assume that you knw this though?? my suggestions is get the dell axim x30 with the 312mhz proc insted of the 624. its not...
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    Whats a good place to buy LEDs?

    i got 50 good blue LEDs and 50 resistors for $10 shipped on ebay. there is a company that sells them so you should find an equally good deal--all 5mm LEDs
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    Project: "Huge Big Tower Thing"

    if you're worried about cooling you could just buy a smaller window A/C unit and cut a whole in the side of the case and there you have it!! ;) :D j/k but it would be super funny and probably considered super [H]! LOL
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    Stealthed my drives... u like?

    actually you do suck when you lose a million (i think it was like 22 actually) to ZERO against the Indians on YOUR OWN FIELD!!!! sorry i couldn't resist :D
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    First rocker switch mod (Little mod,Novice,pic)

    i believe he means that it is centered between the top and bottom of the bay. i had to do a double take myself
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    My mom did a Dell Demension 4100 mod!

    is there a [H]ardness of the month award or something we can give this girl??? that is awesome lol!!!:D i hope you don't mind but that quote must be in my sig! Also to mom... nice work keep it up!!! once you take her to a LAN and she kicks ass i will bow down!!
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    First rocker switch mod (Little mod,Novice,pic)

    don't worry most people should know what that is.;) especially if they consider themselves a modder! nice job for your first mod. a little advice, make sure that you check out the case mod FAQ ( and you will save yourself a lot of time and...
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    i'm trying to find a guide or something to help me figure out how to use ffdshow. i've done some googling and checked the video guide on the forum here. i've also checked and so i was wandering if anyone knew of somewhere that i could find out more about ffdshow??
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    Someone Stole My X800 Xt Pe

    $200!!!! :eek: i'm sorry,but ARE YA DUMB?!?!?!? $200 could buy a whole lot of nice stuff!!!! and you you could still have your new video card!!! you could buy a freakin awesome hard drive, a new mobo, new proc, new psu, new case, save it for your next upgrade. any number of things. but NOT for...
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    Help me pick a new case color!

    Chevy orange. that's the only way to go. my next case will probably be that color, and i'm painting my truck that color also. if you're gonna get orange (which you should) chevy orange is the only way to go. girl modders are awesome
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    little bit of trouble with files and new HD

    just reinstalled divx codec and now it works. thanks for the help!
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    little bit of trouble with files and new HD

    no i haven't tried reinstalling divx. i will get to that and see if it works. i hadn't really thought of it before, but it is dumb of me to have my PATA as slave since the SATA drive automatically boots anyways. i will fix that. thanks!
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    little bit of trouble with files and new HD

    i installed a new SATA drive and am going to use it for my OS. i have a bunch of movies on my other HD which is my slave drive. if i try to view them this way i get sound but no picture. if i disable my SATA drive and go back to my other HD (which still has windows-same versions also SP2) the...
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    Upgrade guide for your computer to Athlon 64 for as little as 440 shipped

    i would definetely consider a better video card for that kind of upgrade
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    wierd problems

    tired all of that even with only my combo drive and regular hd installed the light on the drive is still on and it won't show up in bios or windows. i also tried to update the firmware but because it isn't showing up in windows it won't let me upgrade it. i tired the lite on troubleshoot and faq...
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    wierd problems

    i try my best to explain in detail but i never sem to do very well. so here goes. again. right now i'm not even running my SATA HD because i don't have it completely setup yet. it is installed but not in use. that is the ONLY thing that has changed. the cdrom drives and the 60 gig hd are all...
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    wierd problems

    all of the sudden my two cdrom drives are going screwy. i installed a new hd and everything was working fine now all of the sudden my cd-rw dvd drive has an orange light on but it doesn't show up in my computer or in the bios. my other cdrom shows up really strange. in my computer it says iATARI...
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    need new SATA help

    nevermind got it fixed