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    BIOS Flash

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    removal of zone alarm pro

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    Ripping DVD's

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    modem or router?

    delete me.
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    setting up wireless, maybe

    since there is yet to be a faq/how to here in [H] about wireless networking, im asking from what i researched. i want to set up a wireless network in my house, with the signal needing to travel less than 15 feet to reach the only other comptuer in the house. now i know wireless 'B' is good...
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    Quad Core AMD States by 2007

    saw this on yahoo a little while ago. interesting read. link
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    Ripping DVD's

    im looking to rip my DVD's onto my computer, but for some reason my lite on dvd burner refuses to do so. do i have to put the dvd's into a regular cd drive and rip em that way?
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    Fan Template

    i seem to have lost my copy of the fan template. the one with 80 92 and 120 mm templates on it. could someone post it up here?
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    A8N deluxe and twinx3200 pt?

    is it true that this board and the corsair memory arent compatible?
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    RMA'ing motherboard.

    i need to rma my mobo for another one. its the asus a8n sli delux. so i have to include all accessories that came in the origional box?
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    College rig wont even post

    ok, rest of my system came in naturally i built it up. however, it wont even post. i turn the thing on, and fans spin, but nothing else. i looked at asus's website, and found my RAM isn't on their qualified vendors list. the company is, but my model is not... dont know if that's...
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    College rig wont even post

    ok, rest of my system came in naturally i built it up. however, it wont even post. i turn the thing on, and fans spin, but nothing else. i looked at asus's website, and found my RAM isn't on their qualified vendors list. the company is, but my model is not... dont know if that's...
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    Digital Rebel XT $470

    i saw this on ebay, pretty nice package for $470 figured i'd be better here in photography than in hot deals or for sale. Linky Linky and no, it's not me selling that. i'm boredsarcasm over there too :cool:
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    riva tuner and 6600gt?

    i looked and found nada. does riva tuner work with 6600gt's?
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    3700+ SD or 3800+ NC?

    i know that one's 90nm while the newcastle's 13 micros. newcastle cores are older... the cache is different, and operating speeds differ by 200mhz. but other than that, what's the big difference for $40?
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    Building basic computer for cousin

    well, he wanted a laptop, i advised him otherwise. so im building him a new desktop. this is bare bones basic. comments needed. this'll be a net box, aim, homework, internet. he's a freshman in highschool, doesn't do a lot of gaming. all together this'll cost around 700 including shipping...
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    BIOS Flash

    is there anyway to flash my bios to the most "update" version even though i dont have DOS? by the way this is a socket 370, pentium 3 1.1 celeron...
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    Which cans to get?

    i'm looking for a pair of phones that are portable (ipod) and on the cheaper side, 100 or less. they'll be taken to college and used for LAN's and college. i like street style even though they leak sound like no other. im not looking to get an amp as im not that much of an audiophile. i...
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    Free Gmail 50 Invites

    If you want a Gmail account, i've got invites. Just post your e-mail.
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    switch or router?

    basic scenario is that my house runs SBC DSL through the 2wire configuration. the main hub only has one port for an ethernet cable, which runs to my dads computer. 2wire provides hardware that should connect my comptuer through a splitter via a phonejack, then usb into my computer. that is no...
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    newegg and windows xp

    did a little searching, came up with nada, so here i am. the windows xp that newegg sells, is it the upgrade or is it the full version? im assuming full since it's OEM and is for new systems, but i figured i'd make sure.
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    mcafee av 2005

    anyone have any experience with this one yet? got the iso's here, but im not sure if i should install the package. let me know experiences, opinons please.
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    'budget' sound card

    ok once college comes, i'll be needing a comp, and of course, i like games and music so...i need a decent sound card. price range from free - about 60. any help is appreciated.
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    two windows on one drive?

    this has been like this for a while now, and i have no idea how to fix it. anyway, when booting up, i come to an OS selection screen, between XP pro and XP pro, i know by habit that the second one works, and the first one doesn't. how do i get rid of that first OS without having to ghost or...
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    masking tape

    i know everyone uses and does this differently, but what are the best ways to mask up a case, and then cut out the desired design? i dont want to cut on the metal yet, so is there a way i could cut it before hand, then just lay it on the panel?
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    Maxtor 160g $80

    comp usa has a maxtor 160g drive 8mb cache for 80 bucks. $70 instant savings. EDIT: goes into effect 6-27
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    mobile 64?

    so what is everyone's expectation for the mobile 64 series? im planning on them oc'ing as well as the mobile bartons, hopefully. i know they're going to have that spiffey av that amd impliments into the chip, but does anyone else know of features or specs on these things yet? due date...
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    im in a situation

    gotta be quick. my dream amd64 system costs more than my dream intel system. it'll be used for gaming, and will be overclocked. should i go with the future amd's, or should i stay with the solid intels? :confused:
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    Circuit City 200g $99

    circuit city is running a promo for a wd 200g, 7200 rmp drive for only $99. granted you'll get those mail in reciptes, but it's worth it.
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    Abit Ic7-g Maxii Advance

    wonding if this is a good board to get. read reviews on the egg, and other places, they all say it's a good board. but i want to hear from someone here, is this board worth getting? good oc? stability?
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    when i finally get my upgrade, im getting a raptor, and im looking to put in a RAID array. i already have an 80 gig wd, and was hoping the 2 would go together. 1. would they be compatable 2. what is the best card to get for raid?
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    BIOS update

    running the good old asus tusl2-c, and im finally deciding to update the bios. question is, how do i do it. i tried the asus read me on their web site and it was no use. little help, thanks.
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    a little oc with prime 95

    alright, pushed the celeron 1.1 :rolleyes: to 1.32 and ran prime 95. after an hour i had 100 warnings, and no errors. i read through the readme.txt and found nothing that helped out. so im wondering, should i lower the oc or leave it as is?
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    removal of zone alarm pro

    ok im getting tired of zone alarm, and need to get it uninstalled. but when i try to, an error comes up saying im missing a .dll file in various locations. i look and the .dll file is there, what to do?
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    p4p800 owners

    ok im sure it fits, but i need the opinion of owners of this board. the thermalright 947u, how well does it fit on this board, and what kind of overclock did you reach with this asus?
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    2.4b 2.4c

    whats the big difference between the two? googled it and found nothing useful...
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    vga cooling

    enlighten me, vga means what? and are these compatible with northbridge coolers?